Yanagisawa A880 Professional Alto Excellent Condition Overhauled! 137398

$ 3,650

This Yanagisawa A880 is really nice and clean and original. It’s getting a full overhaul done now with all new pads and everything. (An overhaul is a big job and means lots of skilled labor hours setting up the horn to play its very best in every way. It needs to be done on this horn only because the original pads are now about 40 years old, so it’s time to replace them.)

The A-880 is my favorite Yanagisawa alto for tone. They have a warmer, more complex tone than the later Yanagisawa saxophones, but they still have plenty of projection and good intonation. If you want a really great pro alto that is totally ready to go and in excellent condition with all new pads, but that isn’t too expensive, the Yanagisawa A880 might be just the thing. I don’t think you’d go wrong with it. Against a Yamaha 82z or a 62 or Yanagisawa AWO1 (all excellent saxophones!) the 880 has just a little extra warmth and a pleasant, lyrical tone that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Only one available!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 10 in


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