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  • Sold Out

    Conn ‘Transitional’ Art Deco-engraved Alto Original Silver, Overhauled!

    $ 1,750

    1930’s transitional Conns deserve their reputation as quintessentially loud, warm, projecting lead altos for jazz and beyond. This one is beautiful, already restored, and ready to go.

  • Conn 26M Alto Connqueror from 1937 Near Mint NY Neck Warranty Card!

    $ 4,250

    This is the nicest 26M that I have ever had for sale, It is the most desirable version with the very rare 30M-style neck. Original lacquer, no past repairs, no damage, original pads, original warranty card! For the Conn-enthusiast (and I am one big time) this horn gets those dopamine receptors firing at full strength.

  • Conn Virtuoso Deluxe Alto Full Pearls Gold Plate Super Rare

    $ 4,250

    This alto is Conn’s top-top of the line, spare-no-expense model with triple gold plate, extensive engraving, and pearls on every key. These horns were special orders, and they are very very rare. Priced low for a great deal for someone.

  • Echobrass Alto BB Screws Brilhart 3-Band Ligature Echo Brass

    $ 165

    This ligature is a true reproduction of the Brilhart 3-Band Ligature: from the alloy of brass to the feel of the screws, it is exactly the same as the vintage Brilhart ligature. Same dimensions, same weight, same feel, same playing response. It’s like going back in time to buy one when they were first made! So for those of you who have always wanted this time-tested style of ligature, but have found them prohibitively expensive, now perhaps getting one is within reach.

  • EchoBrass Alto Brilhart 3-band Ligature Reproduction Echo Brass

    $ 165

    There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. Thankfully, the Echobrass company has stepped in to answer this demand.

  • Leblanc System Alto Original Lacquer Rare!

    $ 950

    This is an original lacquer, original pads Leblanc System alto. These are some of the loudest, most in-tune, most modern altos ever made. This horn needs an overhaul of course. Pads are super old. But it’s one of the best deals there is in terms of quality for the money. This is a pro horn, made in France that was too expensive to keep manufacturing. These Leblanc System saxophones are seriously undervalued right now for how rare they are and for how great. The engraving is also deluxe. Includes a new ProTec Pro Pack contoured alto case as well that cost around $150.

  • Martin Committee II Alto Lion and Crown 130xxx

    $ 1,350

    This is a great first vintage alto. It’s in good playing condition, sounds GREAT, feels good under the fingers, tunes well, is beautifully engraved and made extremely well. Great deal for the price. You get way more for your money that you possibly could buying a modern horn, even used. Get this now and start enjoying the beautiful craftsmanship and sound of a top-quality vintage American-made saxophone for very little money.

  • Martin Master Typewriter Alto Gold Plate Portait Engraving

    $ 2,750

    The Martin Typewriter has a unified design concept that makes it a harmonious whole like no other horn. This rare example is in near mint condition with virtually no wear at all and nearly 100% original gold plate intact.

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Radio Improved Alto Original Silver Plate Beautiful

    It doesn’t get much better than this rare silver Radio Improved alto.

  • Selmer Series II Alto Excellent Condition 550xxx

    $ 3,750

    This is a beautiful Selmer Series II (Model 52) Alto Saxophone in excellent condition. It has no past repairs and comes in good playing condition. Includes the nice original case.

  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series 1 Alto 334xxx

    $ 3,150

  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series 1 Alto Nice!

    $ 2,799

    Great Deal on a Selmer Paris Alto that has a warm, dark, round tone and is in good structural condition.


  • Sold Out

    Ted Klum Acoustimax Alto Mouthpiece – Like a good Meyer

    $ 265

    This is a mouthpiece that for the price is very hard to beat. It plays like a vintage Meyer Bros with a lot of punch, and is great for jazz, lead alto, or other sorts of playing where you want a warm, full tone that has a reasonable amount of projection. The quality control on these is very good – worlds better than your modern Meyer made by Babbitt. You can just buy one of these and it will play great, as opposed to buying ten modern Meyers and maybe finding one good one.

  • Ted Klum New York Model ‘GS Special’ Alto Mouthpiece

    $ 599

    Exclusive to, this is a “GetASax Special” (GS Special) facing and baffle that Ted Klum and I collaborated to produce. This mouthpiece is the product of taking Ted’s amazing  “New York Model” (based on his favorite NY Meyer Bros ‘fat boy’ alto piece) and making it play just like my favorite NY Meyer Bros alto piece in my collection of Meyer Bros mouthpieces.

  • The Martin Alto Committee III Excellent Original Condition Low Price

    $ 1,450

    This nice, clean The Martin Alto is all original, including lacquer, pads, original neck and case all in excellent condition. When these are setup correctly, they are really a joy to play, and have a dry, powerful, jazzy tone. Great value on a 100% pro sax!