Alto Saxophones For Sale including Selmer Mark VI

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  • Alto Meyer Hard Rubber BB Screws Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Saxophone Selmer Vandoren

    $ 165

    For hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces like Meyer Bros, GS New York, Selmer Soloist, Vandoren Jumbo Java and all Brilharts. This ligature is a true reproduction of the Brilhart 3-Band Ligature: from the alloy of brass to the feel of the screws, it is exactly the same as the vintage Brilhart ligature. Same dimensions, same weight, same feel, same playing response. It’s like going back in time to buy one when they were first made! So for those of you who have always wanted this time-tested style of ligature, but have found them prohibitively expensive, now perhaps getting one is within reach.

  • Alto Meyer Hard Rubber Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Saxophone Selmer Vandoren

    $ 165

    This ligature fits almost all hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces, like Meyer Bros, GS New York, Selmer Soloist, Vandoren Jumbo Java, all brands of Meyer copies, Ted Klum Acoustimax and New York model, all Brilharts etc. There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. Thankfully, there is now a high-quality, hand made reproduction available to meet this demand. These are made by a small company in South Korea that cares about getting saxophone equipment right. These ligatures get rave reviews by the people who buy them. I don’t want to make huge claims for a ligature, but I will say that people tend to LOVE them. They’re beautiful, simple, and easy to use, and they sound great.

  • Buescher Aristocrat / Bundy Alto Saxophone 527378 Needs Overhaul

    $ 450
  • Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition

    $ 950

    Great deal on a clean, original lacquer, original pads Buescher 140 alto saxophone. This horn has its original snaps and spuds intact, and is a repad shy of being a VERY good player. Minimal wear, minimal past repairs, neck in good shape. This is a clean one that will be an easy repad job for someone. These are among the most undervalued vintage horns right now!

  • Buescher Selmer Bundy Alto Good Student Horn Older Pads 668568

    $ 150
  • Buescher Super 400 Alto Original Lacquer Overhauled 588166

    $ 1,750
  • Buescher-Made (Selmer) Bundy Alto 408990 Good Student Alto Older Pads

    $ 350

    Older pads Buescher Made Selmer Bundy Alto that is better built than any student alto you can buy today and also cheaper and tunes great too. This will need money spent when you get it on replacing at least some of the pads, so plan on a total cost of the horn plus maybe $250-300 to get it playing pretty well. Or you could completely overhaul it, but I don’t know whether you’d really need to on this one.

  • Buffet Super Dynaction Alto 16883 Original Lacquer Good Condition Old Pads

    $ 1,250

    Buffet Super Dynaction alto saxophone with original lacquer. This alto came from a collector who favored Buffet saxophones, and it is priced to sell, in good condition. It has had some dings removed, and the pads are old, but you’ll get an excellent pro alto for a bargain price if you get this and get it overhauled. It has the ‘sparkle’ lacquer that the earlier serial Buffet Super Dynaction saxophones have. The earlier ones like this also play darker, and look great too. The original case comes with it. They’re one of the few saxophones along with the Mark VI and the Couf Superba 1 that have a complex, interesting, vintage tone, but keywork that feels more or less modern under the fingers. Intonation is also typically quite good, as you might expect from Buffet Crampon Paris.

  • Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Original ‘Sparkle’ Lacquer Overhauled 13945

    $ 2,950

    Completely overhauled original ‘sparkle’ lacquer Buffet Super Dynaction alto that also comes in a desirable vintage case that is among the nicest vintage cases ever. The overhaul on this horn is quite nice, and it feels great under the fingers. The original lacquer is nearly all intact. The tone is big, wide, medium between bright and dark and ‘operatic’ with a ton of power. The intonation is excellent as well. If you want to get a Buffet Super Dynaction that is as nice as they come, this is the one to get. They are still priced amazingly affordably. Try buying one this nice and getting it overhauled well for less money, and it will be very hard to do.



  • Sold Out

    Chateau CAS-20 Student Alto Saxophone Very Good Condition Solid Choice 1412

    $ 600
  • Conn 26M Early Connqueror Alto Original Lacquer Overhauled Rare Version 267962

    $ 4,350
  • Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer New York Neck! 275123

    $ 2,450

    This is a beautiful original lacquer pre-war Conn 6M Alto saxophone in excellent condition with the rare and desirable ‘NY’ Neck. I’m not sure why it is called that, but this means the neck without microtuner and with the octave key going over the top and around the tenon in a large loop. This is only the second one I have seen that still had its ‘sombrero’ shaped neck octave key protecting tool in the case. This goes in the neck tenon to keep the loop of the octave key in perfect shape. This 6M has original pads from 1938 and needs an overhaul, but it is priced very low for what you get. These are among the best playing alto saxophones of all time. I play a Conn very much like this myself, and it blows the walls down while also tuning better than almost any other saxophone at the same time. It’s fantastic.

    Only one available!

  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Amazing Condition NY Neck Incredible! 277546

    $ 3,450
  • Conn New Wonder II Alto Rare Orig Gold and Silver Finish Good Pads! 192328

    $ 2,500
  • Conn New Wonder II Transitional Alto Original Silver Plate 235206

    $ 1,100
  • Conn New Wonder II Transitional Alto Saxophone Original Silver Old Pads 237954

    $ 800

    This late Conn New Wonder II alto sax is in very good original condition, and just needs a quality overhaul to be an excellent player. It’s original silver plate, and it will shine up and look amazing with a cleaning and polishing job put into it. These late New Wonder II’s start to be called transitional when they get their first 6M-anticipating feature: the raised side E key touch. Besides that, this is pretty much a New Wonder II, though Conn also starts to experiment with the neck around this serial, to improve intonation and give slightly more focus to the sound (still very wide and spread). When overhauled nicely, these altos are unmatched for the amount that they feel alive in your hands. They vibrate and respond so amazingly well. I never want to put the horn down!

    Only one available!

  • Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire Series 1 Alto Original Lacquer Old Pads

    $ 1,000
  • Couf Superba 1 Alto Early Serial with Ultra Rare High G Original Lacquer 51363

    $ 5,500
  • GS NEW YORK Alto

    GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – The Best Meyer

    $ 199

    GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Meyer Bros NY Replica

    A great New York Meyer alto mouthpiece just sparkles. The response is clean, warm, and effortlessly free blowing, but centered and with an elusive extra magic to it – even compared to any other version of Meyer.

    The GS NEW YORK is an extremely precise copy of what I think is the best Meyer Bros NY I’ve played. I’ve been collecting NY Meyer alto pieces since I started GetASax, and I just LOVE this particular one.

    I loved it so much, that I spent about a year figuring out how to make an extremely precise copy of it that played with the same magic in each tip opening.

    The GS New York delivers on that goal! People just love to play this mouthpiece. The reviews and emails I receive have been so encouraging to keep this going long-term.

    How does it play? It’s slightly brighter than some NY Meyers, and a little warmer than a NYUSA. Balanced and easy low register and altissimo. Compared to a typical modern Meyer the GS NY will be much more free blowing, less resistant, and will have better projection and sparkle. You can get a Cannonball / Phil Woods vibe going with less effort than on a typical modern Meyer for sure.

    You won’t pick a bad tip opening. They’re all great. People buy the 5 (.072″) , 6 (.076″), and 7 (.080″) tips about equally often.

    People getting their first jazz mouthpiece often ask what to get. I would say, if you’re coming from a Yamaha 4C or S80 C*, get the GS New York 5 tip and try it with a Rigotti 2.5 strong, La Voz medium, D’Addario Select Jazz 3S etc. Or if you struggle with reeds, try a Fibracell Premier 2.5 or 3 for a synthetic reed that doesn’t swell and has a tip profile that fits the GS NY tip shape well.

    Each GS New York is carefully hand faced, including flattening the table, and measuring the facing curve at ten points plus the tip, so you can be sure that the one you get will be just as good as the one that I play personally. If I make a mistake in facing, that mouthpiece doesn’t get sold. Every one that goes out the door measures just how it should. Since the table is flat, consider scraping your reed after soaking for the best results. That one tip changes lots of players’ lives, so I thought I’d highlight it here.

    Due to high demand, I’ve been about a week behind on hand facing lately. But I’ll ship your mouthpiece quickly to make up for that.

  • Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Alto Saxophone WSA-AF with High F# Antique Finish NEW

    $ 4,300

    One avalable now and it has had the GetASax new horn checkup after shipping here from Ishimori, and is ready to ship right out!!

    This is the highly sought-after Ishimori Wood Stone ‘New Vintage’ alto saxophone available. The model is WSA-AF with high F#. Finish is bare brass with a stable patina applied, and beautiful hand engraving, the among the most elaborate of any modern saxophone. Really beautiful!

    This is an effortless player. Hard to emphasize how effortless. Completely effortless low register, low Bb pops out like any other note. Altissimo is easy. Tuning is great. The tone is sort of Selmer-ish but punchier like a King Super 20. But it’s not either of those. It’s its own thing – the New Vintage alto.  Easy to play delicately and softly with plenty of saturation and projection. Action is low, fast, and snappy. Great for jazz, concert, ballads– really anything. I’m impressed! Here’s our first demo video:

  • Keilwerth SX-90R Professional Alto Original Lacquer Near Mint! Overhauled! 114902

    $ 4,250

    Huge sounding Keilwerth SX-90R professional alto saxophone for sale. This one is in fantastic condition. It just got a complete overhaul done on it, including Pisoni Italian leather pads, slightly domed metal resonators, and a full setup to play better than new. These altos are among the best in the world with a dark, wide, powerful tone that works well for anything from classical to commercial music depending on mouthpiece choice. Grover Washington Jr. played one of these, and his signature fat tone comes partly from his choice of Keilwerth. Keilwerth has kept the wider bore, vintage Conn style tone going into modern times, while also building pro saxes at the highest level. You don’t see them in the USA as much because of the goofy distributor markup that makes them too expensive here, but if they cost here what they do in Europe, everybody would be playing them.

    This one has a better overhaul than a brand new horn, and it feels great under the fingers and looks almost new, with only some light lacquer wear in places. Only one available!

  • Keilwerth Tone King Straight Alto Beautiful Condition! 85729

    $ 4,250

    Straight alto with a full GetASax overhaul. This thing plays effortlessly and is in nearly new condition. Keilwerth Tone King is one of my favorites of all time. I play a Superba alto and tenor that are almost identical to this ToneKing straight alto. This is a horn that will get the most jaded collector excited. It is just fantastic.

  • King Alto Saxophone Original Gold Plate Old Pads Beautiful Engraving 105999

    $ 900
  • Sold Out

    King SilverSonic Alto Near Mint with Gold in the Engraving – Early Series III 358843

    $ 9,000

    This is the nicest King Series III SilverSonic alto that I have seen, and it’s also the earliest serial one that I’ve seen in person. If you’re into Kings, then you already know what this is, but if you’re not, then in my opinion, this is the second best version, and to many players, this is the best version. The Series II Super 20 is what Cannonball played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else, before switching to one of these after the new ones came out (he went through several horns over the course of his career). The Series II has the ‘full pearls’ on side keys etc, and the Series III lacks the extra pearl key touches, but it gains much more modern feeling keywork in exchange, while keeping the full, rich King tone of the Series II. The ones like this, made shortly after the end of the Series II (which ends around 343k serial), have a little warmer tone than the later Series III horns, more like the Series II, in my opinion. That makes this something of a unicorn – excellent to near mint condition, original factory pads and setup still intact like a time capsule. Double socket solid silver neck in perfect shape. No dents or dings. No past repairs. Solid silver bell with the thick decorative gold in the engraving, which makes this extra rare. All in all, hard to beat. You’d need to get it overhauled. I’d be open to using one of my reserved spots with Matt Stohrer to get this overhauled for you, if you wanted to get Matt to do it for you. He overhauled my personal King alto, and it’s just fantastic. His work on these feels like the King factory just finished building the horn for you. If this suddenly disappears from the site, it’s because I decided to keep it. These altos are really hard to beat, and among the best ever made.

    Only one available!

  • King Super 20 Alto 1953 Full Pearls Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul! 323895

    $ 5,200
  • Sold Out

    King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Fantastic Condition w/ Case Cover 318043

    $ 8,000
  • King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Original Lacquer Fresh Matt Stohrer Overhaul 339681

    $ 8,000

    One of the best altos ever made, overhauled by Matt Stohrer, who does the best overhaul on a Super 20 I’ve played. This is also one of the best Super 20’s I’ve played! It’s excellent in every way. This is the one you want. Full pearls, silver double-socket neck, engraved bell keys. This is the vintage that Cannonball played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else. I play one exactly like this myself (within a few hundred serial numbers). Super clean and it even has a lot of original lacquer left on the neck, which is kind of a status symbol among King owners. If I write any more about this, I’m going to convince my self I have to keep it, but I can only play one at a time! With the overhaul, it’s a great deal. Original case is also in good shape.

    Only one available!

  • Martin Centennial Alto 141263

    $ 1,600
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto 1945 Original Silver Fresh Overhaul 31923

    $ 6,500
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Beautiful 24710

    $ 6,000

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Relacquer Beautiful Shape Old Pads 25382

    $ 3,650

    This is a really nice looking relacquered Selmer Balanced Action alto saxophone. The Balanced Action is the sweetest sounding, warmest Selmer, and it has the comfortable keywork that feels modern as well. This one has old pads, and it is definitely time to get it overhauled with all new pads. That said, it is in good physical and cosmetic condition, and it will look very good overhauled. It’s rare to see a nice BA alto like this that is priced this low!

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Worn Relacquer Getting Overhauled! 27138

    $ 4,000

    If you want a Selmer Balanced Action (and you should, because it is the best sounding Selmer alto ever made), and you don’t want to pay a lot, but you also want it to be in top playing condition with a fresh full overhaul, then I don’t think you will be able to do better than this Balanced Action. I like the 27k BA’s a lot, as they have great intonation, comfortable keywork, and a sweet, warm, gorgeous Selmer tone. You can sound like Jimmy Dorsey on one, or like Paul Desmond, or any number of other players, with a lot of practice and a cooperative mouthpiece. The tone is so pleasant that you will find yourself getting compliments from ‘regular people’ who may hear you playing and just want to come over and let you know how nice it is to hear you. I’m not kidding! Try this with our upcoming MC Gregory Model A copy GS mouthpiece or with our GS Brilhart Tonalin copy, and you’ll get a cool, West Coast type of sound on this BA without having to work hard for it.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Cigar Cutter Alto Original Satin Silver Plate Mark VI Neck 14922

    $ 3,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1956 (worn) Original Lacquer Good Condition Euro 64353

    $ 6,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1959 Good Pads Relacquer Great Player! 78750

    $ 5,950

    This is a true players horn, meaning it plays better than it costs and comes from the best vintage of Mark VI, but is still relatively affordable. It’s a Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1959 with American engraving and a good overhaul. It has red painted leather pads and slightly domed Selmer style metal resonators, and the pad work feels nice and dry and snappy under the fingers. This horn has been played a lot, as you can see from the swedging marks on the octave mechanism. It’s been played because it plays well, and it has been well cared for with the relacquer job having been done very carefully so that the engraving still looks fresh and original. It has the high F# key, as you can see. The neck is probably not the original Mark VI neck for this alto, since there is no matching serial number on it. Or it could be that just the neck tenon has been replaced (as it’s a high wear area on a pro saxophone) and the neck could be original. You can see a little solder beneath the Selmer neck badge that points in that direction.

    As you can see, there are several ergonomic improvements on the keywork that are removable if you want – low Bb extension, palm key bumpers etc. These are nicely made and expensive to get added to your horn like this. You also get an extremely nice condition Walt Johnson alto case, which is the best alto saxophone case ever made if you’re a gigging musician. You’d be hard pressed to find a better overall Mark VI alto for the price if you don’t mind the new coat of lacquer and your priority is getting an early serial alto that is ready to go.

    Only one available!


  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1960 Original Lacquer Older Pads Good Condition 87926

    $ 7,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1962 Original Satin Silver Gorgeous Freshly Overhauled! 106288

    $ 7,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1964 Original Lacquer Exceptional Player 113249

    $ 7,950

    Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1964 with a top shelf overhaul done through GetASax. This alto is an exceptionally fine player. It is just effortless to play with a dark, powerful, tenor-like tone and feel. The early 100k range are my overall favorite Mark VI’s for tone, and this is one of the best of those that I have played. Check out Tyler playing it below (with his GS New York 7 tip alto piece, Echomaster ligature, and Rigotti 3 medium reed). This includes the overhaul the horn, and the nearly new condition BAM Cabine alto case in black. Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto 1965 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 129247

    $ 7,750

    Beautiful condition 1965 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone with original lacquer and American engraving. The neck has the matching serial number to the body. It has some stand scratches on the bell, and some miscellaneous wear from use, but it is as nice as can be. The pads are in gret condition! This was a one owner horn that was well cared for its entire life. Now it’s ready for a new owner to take care of it for its next 60 years.

    The tone is dark, powerful, and focused with lots of projection. I like the mid 60’s VI altos the best for tone out of all of the VI altos.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1967 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 148423

    $ 9,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1968 Original Lacquer Amazing Condition 151723

    $ 9,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Excellent Player! 190655

    $ 7,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1972 Original Lacquer American Engraved 194784

    $ 6,750

    This beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto is just got a complete overhaul, which means it has all new pads, corks, felts, complete cleaning, new oil, thorough setup and everything feeling like a new horn under the fingers. An overhaul means it’s almost like buying a new saxophone, in terms of upkeep, playability, feel, reliability etc. The Mark VI is one of the best built saxophones ever, and it is also one of the easiest to repair, so if you’re comparing this to a new Selmer or a Yamaha or Keilwerth or whatever, this horn actually wins in the reliability and build quality departments. And the tone is also much nicer! The later serial VI’s are just about the best of the Mark VI altos. You get a warm, gorgeous, medium focused, medium bright, flexible tone. Great intonation (better than the early VI’s), excellent ergonomics, easy altissimo, saturated effortless low register, and the delight of playing what is basically THE professional saxophone. From classical to jazz to commercial music, the VI has a versatility that lets you do it all on one horn better than anything else ever made (including to this day). And the later VI altos are less expensive than the earlier ones too. This one costs less than a new Selmer and gives you better everything, even including the cost of the complete overhaul. Plus it goes up in value while you play and enjoy it. It is really hard to beat all those considerations taken together when you’re thinking about what professional alto saxophone to buy.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1973 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 208643

    $ 5,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer American Engraved Plays Great! 211023

    $ 5,500

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1975 Worn Original Lacquer Great Deal! 237791

    $ 3,950

    This is a great deal on an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone from 1975. You basically never see an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI for under $4k, but I priced this one low to sell quickly. It has old pads and needs an overhaul (all new pads) for you to be able to play it enjoyably. You can ‘make saxophone noises’ on it currently, but you don’t get the full experience. It has quite a bit of scratching and wear to the finish, but it’s basically fine mechanically. The past repairs I see include: dings removed from back of bow; resoldered Eb key guard; dent removed from front of the bow on the end of the bow guard. The neck screw needs to be swapped out for a Selmer one. I’m out of them at the moment but will swap it myself if I get more in. They’re readily available as a replacement part. You’re going to want to overhaul this thoroughly to remove mechanical play from the keywork and clean up the finish where it has green gunk on it. That’s pretty much standard practice on any good overhaul, so your repairer will be in familiar territory. You might even consider stripping the original lacquer, and this would get a fresh lease on life aesthetically. I might do that if I were overhauling it. They look great that way, and the engraving will pop even more.


  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer Good Condition Old Pads Relacquered Neck 197380

    $ 4,350

    Good deal on this original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto. It looks to me like the neck was relacquered at some point, which was done well. As a result, you can save some money on this alto, despite the fact that the neck’s getting a new coat of paint shouldn’t affect anything about the saxophone’s playability. (Relacquering tends to affect things like the key fit of the body of the sax, or sometimes the tone holes, but these are not issues on a neck.)

    This sax is on consignment, and I haven’t been able to overhaul it myself, but for this price, you can have your favorite repair shop overhaul it and still come out thousands below the price of a new Selmer, for something that sounds better!

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer American Engraved Fresh Overhaul 256747

    $ 4,000

  • Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 244921

    $ 3,150
  • Selmer Radio Improved Alto Original Lacquer, Recent Overhaul 19276

    $ 4,250

    This is a fantastic, overhauled, original lacquer Selmer Radio Improved alto in excellent condition! If you read around on here a bit, you’ll see that I love Selmers from the 1930’s and the Radio Improved in particular. This one has most of its original lacquer intact, and is in quite good condition. it is also in great playing condition with a recent overhaul done by Jack Finucane from a few years or so ago before he stopped doing overhauls, and feels nice and snappy under the fingers. The resonators look like a Reso-Tech set made to match the vintage Selmer Tonex resos, but slightly oversized, and very slightly domed. They are a good match for the horn, and they almost look like vintage Selmer resonators. This has barely been played since the overhaul and is all fresh and nice.

    The tone of a Radio Improved alto is the reason to buy it. It’s like a Selmer blended with a Conn almost- delicate lyrical core that reminds me of an SBA, but with a wider, warmer, more spread feel like a Conn. The keywork is not modern. This is before the ‘Balanced Action’ keywork improvements, so you will have to get used to the left hand pinky keys if you haven’t played a vintage horn before. If you have, then it’s no problem. I barely notice keywork differences anymore after playing all the different styles out there. This one is more comfortable than most, and I like the direct action bell key mechanism.

    The original lacquer is in beautiful shape and looks great – deep honey gold. The only spot that isn’t original lacquer (and you’d have to really look closely to tell this) is at the neck receiver, where it looks like Jack had to resolder the neck receiver and then mix up some matching lacquer to over spray there. The only way to tell is that there’s just a little sign of overspray of the new lacquer on top of the original lacquer just below the receiver. That resolder often needs to be done on a 30’s Selmer to make the neck receiver strong again after 80+ years of use. (It was done on my personal RI, so I specially look for it). These horns are very uncommon, and this one is nicer than the great majority of RI’s out there. Only 1140 RI altos were made, and this is probably in the top 10% of those.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Kookaburra Exc Cond Fresh Full Overhaul! 700124

    $ 5,750

    This Selmer Reference 54 alto is completely overhauled, which sets it far apart from other used modern Selmers that you will find on the market. This is also the Kookaburra edition. I understand they made 340 of these for the US market. They do seem to sell a little higher than the average Reference 54. I love how these horns play once they get a good overhaul. The odd thing is, they can be in nearly new condition, as this one is, and yet still need an overhaul to play well. As you probably know, unless you’re just getting into nice saxophones, an overhaul is a big job, and means that everything is rebuilt and replaced that is disposable on the saxophone. It takes a few days worth of skilled labor and a few hundred dollars worth of materials, so it’s not cheap. The result is a saxophone that plays and feels better than new, as this one does. It’s a deal at this price. The Reference 54 is my favorite modern Selmer.

    Original case is included, also in excellent condition.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Flamingo Dark Lacquer Plays Great! 708286

    $ 5,450

  • Selmer Series II Alto Original Silver Plate Exc Condition 507069

    $ 4,000
  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Great Deal! 48624

    $ 6,500

  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Original Gold Plate Cigar Cutter Incredible! Overhauled 15459

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate American Engraved Amazing 17875

    $ 3,850

    This is an absolute gem of a vintage Selmer alto. It’s a time capsule with original factory lacquer over the original silver plate and original pads, original case, and all-around a remarkably beautiful American-engraved Super (‘cigar cutter’) alto. These altos play with a sweet, lyrical tone that feels about halfway between what you think of as a Selmer, and how a vintage Conn feels to play. That’s not so surprising, since at the time, Conn was the foremost saxophone maker, and all other brands wanted to get some of the Conn wideness into their tone.

  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Fresh Full Overhaul – Best First Alto Excellent Condition 378879

    $ 1,450

    Who spends $1000 to overhaul a YAS-23 and sells it for a $50 profit? GetASax, that’s who.

    Almost every good saxophonist I know started off playing a YAS-23. There’s something about the way these horns are designed and put together that just makes them PLAY. If you ever get a chance to play an overhauled 23 alto, don’t turn up your nose. They are great horns. Lively, projecting, in tune, comfortable under the fingers and built like a tank but without being heavy. No wonder they’re the horn everyone recommends to students. Trouble is, most 23’s have 20-35 year old pads at this point, and they need an overhaul. Unlike nearly any other student saxophone ever made, the 23 actually deserves and warrants an overhaul. So if you want the best, for $1000 less than a new YAS-26 (which, frankly, is a silly price for 26 but whatever), then get this! I try to keep one or two around at any given time. Pair this with a GS New York for a great jazz tone. Pair it with the upcoming GS Hyperion (Brilhart Tonalin Great Neck alto copy) and you’ll have a beautiful cool jazz / do-it-all alto tone.


  • Yamaha YAS-26 Alto Saxophone Brand NEW with Warranty and Setup

    $ 2,166
  • Yamaha YAS-62 Alto 36702 Plays Great

    $ 2,750

    This is a beautiful Yamaha YAS-62 professional alto saxophone that also happens to cost only a little more than a new YAS-26 student saxophone. It really shows how good an idea it is to buy a used pro horn, compared to a new student level saxophone. This 62 just got out of the repair shop and had a full checkup with a few pads replaced and everything adjusted. It is in very good condition with only minor wear from use, and it will be an excellent saxophone to own and play and enjoy, that will also hold its value well if you ever want to sell it. The 62 has been the standard saxophone that teachers recommend that you get, for a good reason.

  • Yamaha YAS-62 Purple Logo Alto Very Good Condition 44447

    $ 2,950
  • Yamaha YAS-62III Alto Excellent Condition E86671

    $ 2,850
  • Yamaha YAS-62III Alto Mint Condition Like New

    $ 3,350
  • Yamaha YAS-82ZII Professional Alto Like New F13330

    $ 4,250
  • Yamaha YAS-82ZULWOF Professional Alto Excellent Condition E24770

    $ 4,000

    This is a beautiful one owner special order unlacquered Yamaha 82ZULWOF wiith no high F# key. The brass has developed a beautiful patina already developed, and it just got the pads checked and is playing really well. If you’re looking for an 82Z alto that saves you some money but is in excellent condition and plays its best, then this is it! You don’t even pay any extra for the special order features. Only one available!



  • Yanagisawa A-9932J Professional Alto Peter King Model Deluxe Rare! 335345

    $ 8,500
  • Yanagisawa A-9933 Elite Alto Solid Silver with Gold Plated Neck 214725

    $ 3,950

  • Yanagisawa A880 Professional Alto Excellent Condition Overhauled! 137398

    $ 3,650
  • Yanagisawa AWO1 Professional Alto Saxophone New + Setup – Fantastic Deal! A901

    $ 3,450

    Available now!

    New in the plastic Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto saxophone. This is probably the best deal overall in a modern alto, period. This horn just got checked out post shipping and is ready to play its very best right out of the case when you get it. It’s completely mint, with factory box and paperwork etc. You won’t find a better playing Yanagisawa AWO1 Alto Saxophone, nor will you find a better price. I have an extremely limited number of these that I can offer you at this sale price. Good luck to the few people who are able to jump on this deal!

    If you’re wondering, the AWO1 is the brass version of Yanagisawa’s professional alto. This is the new name of what used to be the A901 model. It has a more open and vibrating feel than the heavier-built AWO10 (which is also a fantastic alto, but more expensive). My first good alto was one of these. If you want the best alto for the money, that would be the Yanagisawa AWO1. And when you go to re-sell it, you can get most to all of your money back, which is the opposite of most new saxophones.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Yanagisawa AWO10 Elite Professional Alto Saxophone Brand New Fantastic Deal! A991

    $ 4,250

    Mint, unplayed, new in the plastic Yanagisawa AWO10 Alto saxophone. It’s also a fantastic deal. The AWO10 (formerly called A991) is Yanagisawa’s top of the line saxophone, made of solid brass, like most saxophones (as distinguished from their bronze and silver options that are significantly more expensive.)  This AWO10 just got checked out post shipping and is ready to play its very best right out of the case when you get it. It’s completely mint, with factory box and paperwork etc. You won’t find a better playing Yanagisawa AWO10, nor will you find a better price. I have an extremely limited number of these that I can offer you at this sale price. Good luck to the few people who are able to jump on this amazing deal!

    If you’re wondering, the AWO10 is the brass version of Yanagisawa’s top line professional alto. This is the new name of what used to be the A991 model. It has sturdier ‘ribbed construction’ and double arms on the bell keys, to distinguish it from its extremely similar but less expensive sibling, the AWO1 (A901). The Yanagisawa AWO10 also has the underslung neck octave key mechanism and fancy hand engraving. I love how the neck octave key looks and works. My first good alto was a Yanagisawa, and I never would have needed to upgrade from it. The tone is medium bright, clear, and round, with a crisp projection to it. With a classical mouthpiece, it darkens up beautifully while still shimmering. For jazz, it’s a natural lead alto with a brighter mouthpiece, like the GS New York or many others. The intonation is excellent. Keywork is super comfortable. The build quality that Yanagisawa offers is the best of any saxophone, and yet the price is lower than many of its competitors. That’s why Yanagisawa is SO popular among pro sax players, and why its saxophones are often back ordered with long waits. Here’s your chance to grab one at a SUPER price that is all setup and ready to go for many years making beautiful music dependably. It’s the Lexus of modern saxophones, and it just makes playing effortless.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!