Martin Centennial Comm III Professional Alto Original and Overhauled 141263

$ 2,350

The Martin Centennial is an early version of the Committee III “The Martin Alto” design that also has some styling from the Committee II era. It has a beautiful, dark, powerful tone that projects very well. The whole horn is built like a tank, with thicker brass than other saxophones and beautiful, art-deco styling on the key shapes and guards. This horn got a high end overhaul and is playing its best. It feels dry and snappy under the fingers and is setup for quick key action and lots of tone. The original lacquer is almost all present, and there is no significant damage. If you’re in the market for an overhauled The Martin Alto (Comm III) and want something that is also a little extra-special, then this would be the one to get. The Centennial is at least 20x rarer than a regular Comm III, but it doesn’t cost more, which is pretty cool!

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 10 in


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