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    Martin Committee II Alto Lion and Crown 130xxx

    $ 1,350

    This is a great first vintage alto. It’s in good playing condition, sounds GREAT, feels good under the fingers, tunes well, is beautifully engraved and made extremely well. Great deal for the price. You get way more for your money that you possibly could buying a modern horn, even used. Get this now and start enjoying the beautiful craftsmanship and sound of a top-quality vintage American-made saxophone for very little money.

  • Martin Master Typewriter Alto Gold Plate Portait Engraving

    $ 2,750

    The Martin Typewriter has a unified design concept that makes it a harmonious whole like no other horn. This rare example is in near mint condition with virtually no wear at all and nearly 100% original gold plate intact.

  • The Martin Alto Committee III Excellent Original Condition Low Price

    $ 1,450

    This nice, clean The Martin Alto is all original, including lacquer, pads, original neck and case all in excellent condition. When these are setup correctly, they are really a joy to play, and have a dry, powerful, jazzy tone. Great value on a 100% pro sax!