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  • Martin Comm II Alto Saxophone 142391

    $ 900

    Martin Committee II Alto Saxophone in good condition with original lacquer. These horns play really beautifully, with a rich, warm, centered tone. Most people have never had the pleasure of playing them, as they were only made for a couple of years in the 40’s before Martin was forced to redesign because of patent disputes on the tone holes, I am told. Anyhow, this is a great price for an original lacquer Committee II. The pads are old, so plan on a repad, or at least on replacing several. I could discuss options for having that done pre-sale if you like, but since this is on consignment, I can’t overhaul it in advance.

  • Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate Very Good Condition 75488

    $ 500
  • Martin Handcraft Typewriter Alto Saxophone Original Silver Excellent Condition 98334

    $ 900

    Beautiful original silver Martin Typewriter alto saxophone. Every single key is a has a round pearl button – it’s a wonderful instrument to see! I love how unified it is from a design perspective. The palm keys and pinky table are my favorite. A necessity for any serious saxophone collection. This is also a beautiful player when overhauled, and has a wide, warm, sweet tone that is hard to beat for a 20’s sound. This Typewriter alto is all original – nearly all the original silver plate is present, as is the gold wash. The neck is also in very good condition. If you wanted to overhaul this, it would be bright, gleaming satin silver and look nearly new. Or just keep it and treasure it, or leave it on display as a showpiece. The typewriter was a beneficiary of the 20’s Saxophone Craze – there was such a strong market for saxophones that all kinds of interesting designs blossomed onto the scene. These are rare and hard to find, and this is a great price for one!

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Martin The Martin Alto Saxophone Committee III 160564 Relacquered Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 800

    Price just reduced 4/1/2020! This sturdy The Martin Alto Committee III is built like a tank, with extra thick brass and very strong keywork. It recently had a full high-end overhaul done in California, and it plays beautifully. It’s priced to sell quickly, at an absurdly low price. Just the overhaul cost was more than the entire asking price, so it’s like the horn is thrown in for free!

    The lacquer is obviously mottled and not so pretty, but nothing sounds as good for the money as the Committee III. These horns were built to last, and came with 50 year warranty when new!!! If you want to hear a The Martin Alto in action, check out Art Pepper meets the Rhythm Section, which is one of my favorites.

  • Martin The Martin Tenor Committee III Original Lacquer Old Pads

    $ 1,950
  • Martin The Martin Tenor Committee III Original Lacquer Old Pads 167261

    $ 1,650