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  • Conn (Holton) Bass Saxophone Good Playing Condition Original Silver Plate CLEAN P22298

    $ 7,000

    Extremely good price on this beautiful Conn BASS Saxophone that comes in good playing condition! This is a gigging bass sax that sounds excellent and feels great too.

    You seldom see a vintage Bass sax in good condition in this price range. The price is lower because it’s on consignment and the owner got a good deal on it back in the day. Also because it says Holton on the bell, though it’s built by Conn with possibly a few Holton touches to the aesthetics. This horn is in good playing condition on current pads. Not completely overhauled, but it is easy to play. Very few past repairs, and very little dent work, which is quite remarkable for any vintage bass. This is a great deal, and someone should grab it and start having some fun. Bass is fun even if you have a smaller frame, because you can (and should) put it on a floor stand and play it without any weight on your shoulders. It’s also fun because you can rock out on the bass lines of tunes without feeling like you have to take a technical solo. It adds a lot. Look below for one of my favorite classic SNL sketches with Steve Martin featuring a bass sax in the band.

  • Sold OutConn 12M Transitional Baritone Saxophone 256716-1

    Conn 12M Pre War Mulligan-era Transitional Baritone Saxophone 256716 Old Pads

    This Conn 12M, if it were a dog, would be a grey-muzzled golden retriever waiting for you on the porch.  Its seen better days, sure, but it’s got a lot of life and a lot of love left to give. If it were a car, it’s an ancient Oldsmobile, with windows down and 8 track blaring on a summer day.  Maybe the belt squeals a bit and maybe it takes a few cranks to start on a cold day, but its been doing that for years and its never let you down.

    So yes, this 12M may be rather unsalubrious especially in the mighty company of a lot of the rare and special saxes here at GetASax, and perhaps some less scrupulous sellers might refer to it as a “player’s horn”, but I’m gonna tell you what it is: it’s kind of a beater.  But it’s got some fight left, and by golly, it’s got tone to spare. This sax has various and numerous dents, dings, resolders, and the neck looks like it got pulled down and possibly a bit sideways as well at some point. But it’s also got all its parts! And it’s mostly straight where its suppose to be, and mostly curved where its supposed to be.  And it makes some saxophone noises- big ones. And it’s a freaking Conn 12M transitional and it sounds like one, at least down to low D or so because it needs some padwork. But its cheap, as far as vintage Conn baritones go, and even after some repairs to get it playable you’ll still be coming in at you-got-a-12m-transitional-for-what??? as far as total investment goes.  And have I mentioned its a Conn 12M transitional, just like Gerry Mulligan played? And like that grey-muzzled golden, it won’t even complain when you take it to the vet, because it’s been around long enough to know that means love. And that’s all this horn needs- someone to love it, someone to care, someone to play it. Because it’s got plenty of music left in it.

  • Sold Out

    Conn Chu Berry NW1 Baritone Saxophone Gold Plate Stunning Original Gold Added High E-F 104836

  • Conn Pan-American Baritone Saxophone 12M NWII 47372-1

    Conn Pan-American Baritone Saxophone New Wonder II Style Recent Full Overhaul!

    $ 3,000

    Well here’s something of a unicorn.  A well overhauled vintage baritone in good shape without any gremlins hiding around the corner, and although it has the 12M body tube AND is keyed to high F, because it is a Pan-American (Conn’s second line brand) it is cheap, baritonely speaking.  Plus, this horn is just so fun to play. The overhaul was done with black kangaroo skin pads and domed resonators, the key heights are correct (12Ms like fairly open key heights) and even the neck tenon receiver has been replaced with a very well done custom replacement- which is amazing and excellent because those neck receivers are a major pain point, almost always leaking or cracked and not easy to replace well and impossible to replace cheap.  

    Physically, the horn has seen a good bit of use and has the scratches and dings to prove it, but it has no major damage, the neck is in good shape, the keywork is tight, and its ready to play reliably for years out of the box.  The lacquer looks to be original, though I find it harder to tell with Pan-Americans since they sprayed it over the engraving a lot of the time. At least it certainly doesn’t look to have been buffed to my eyes. The toneholes are straight, not rolled, but other than that this is basically a Conn 12M and it plays just like one- that is to say with an enormous, rich tone that makes playing a joy and listening a treat.  

    Curiously, at some point in the past, somebody installed adjustment screws on the bar for the C# and F# in the upper and lower stacks, like a modern Yamaha.  It was well done, and would not have been cheap. Combined with the neck tenon receiver replacement and professional quality overhaul, the person who owned this before I did clearly cared a great deal about it and spent a lot of well-aimed money with a talented repairer making it an exceptional baritone- and they succeeded.  This baritone is worth more than it will sell for, and the next owner is a very lucky person.

  • Low C Bass Clarinet Entry Level Great Quality for the Money – NEW!

    $ 2,100

    People have been asking me to find a good quality entry-level Bass Clarinet for school band programs, doublers, and basically anyone who wants to play bass clarinet but not spend $12k+ for a Buffet or Selmer. That’s what this is. These are sold under a few other names online, and they get great reviews. See also here. My band director friends who use these in their programs say they’re unbeatable for the price. This should be the best price available.

  • New Old Stock Yamaha Purple Logo Baritone Saxophone YBS-62 Mint Unbelievable!

    $ 9,000

    This is an amazing chance to get a new old stock Purple Logo YBS-62 baritone saxophone. This sax was originally a display model that Yamaha brought to the USA for a trade show almost 40 years ago. Yamaha sold the instruments from the display, and they sat in someone’s closet for that entire time. This sax came in the plastic in the case, and I had to take it out to take photos. There are maybe a few of the lightest possible surface scratches not through the lacquer, but aside from that, it looks as new as it could be and be from the early 80’s. The tone is beautiful and warm, rich, and medium focused. Intonation is great. Works with just about any mouthpiece. This horn can play the full range from classical to funk no problem and be as reliable as a Lexus day after day, year after year. This is BY FAR the nicest example of a purple logo 62 baritone that I have seen, and the nicest one we are likely to see.

    It has the case keys, the polishing cloth, mouthpiece and ligature, warranty booklet, and even a set of removable wheels that attach to the end of the case so that you can roll it if you want. First time I have seen that. If you want a beautiful baritone to play that is really special, this is it. And at this price, it’s about the same as buying a modern 62, so you don’t even pay a premium to get the new old stock. That’s pretty great.

  • Selmer Super Sax Baritone Unique Original Permagold Finish 18xxx

    $ 7,500

    One-of-a-kind Selmer Super Sax baritone with original Permagold plate finish. This is ultimate collectible Selmer baritone for the discerning saxophone collector or player.

  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YBS-62 Baritone Excellent Condition Barely Played

    $ 6,500
  • Sold Out

    Yanagisawa B901 Baritone Saxophone Very Good Condition