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  • Buescher True Tone Bass Saxophone Fresh Full Overhaul! Very Good Condition

    $ 8,900

    This beautiful Buescher bass saxophone just came back from a full mechanical restoration, and it is in top playing condition. It’s rare for any bass sax on the market to get a complete overhaul. You almost always have to buy them needing restoration, and then slowly become reconciled to the high cost of restoration, haha. Every bass sax I’ve had restored over the years has been that way. I end up spending a ton to get the horn all the way right. But when it’s right, it’s glorious! So even if it’s hard to make any money selling restored bass saxophones, it’s at least a lot of fun.

    This Buescher bass is in excellent condition. It came to me with (probably) original pads  It has a full matching set of original Buescher snaps and spuds, for those of you who want that stuff.

    It’s now one of those very special, rare bass saxophones that actually plays effortlessly down low softly. You only get that by seriously spending some time and money on the overhaul, but it’s worth it. Condition wise, it’s very good. Very light lacquer wear and no serious past damage. The overhaul price is included in the price!

    As a bonus, it also comes with a brand new Gard wheelie bass saxophone case. And I have some good past experience shipping a bass saxophone. I can ship it anywhere in the USA for a flat shipping fee of $250, or less if you are near to North Carolina.

  • Conn 12M Transitional Baritone Saxophone 250510 Relacquer Plays Well!

    $ 4,350
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    Couf Superba 1 Baritone Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

    $ 4,850

    Keilwerth baritone saxophones like this Couf Superba 1 low A are among the most desirable bari saxes ever made. They have a dark, powerful tone that combines well with a brighter mouthpiece to give you that biting, funky tone that makes bari so much fun to play. You can also use a more traditional larger chamber, lower baffle mouthpiece and get a dark, rich, warm tone of course. But it’s the bark and ‘fatness’ to the tone that I think makes people flock to Keilwerth on bari.

    The Couf Superba 1 is basically a special version of the SX90, and was played famously by Grover Cleveland. James Carter also loves these baritones, although he’s endorsing P Mauriat at present, and could make any bari sound pretty good. Anyway, I love Couf Superba 1’s because Herb Couf, who imported and popularized Keilwerth in the 60’s and 70’s, had great taste and an eye for detail on saxophones (and mouthpieces) and helped Keilwerth create a lineup of pro saxophones for the USA that is really hard to beat. The keywork feels modern, but the tone is warm and complex like a vintage horn. I would take a Superba 1 over a Mark VI bari all day long. There really aren’t many baritones that can beat it for combination of tone and keywork. If you want something clear and bright think Yamaha or Yanagisawa. If you want darker and more powerful, it’s Keilwerth.

    This is the nicest Superba 1 I have owned. It has older pads, which are still sealing, but I’m selling it priced on the low side even though it’s so clean and beautiful so that you can play it, enjoy it, and sooner or later get it overhauled. It will be a really fantastic player with an overhaul.

    This bari comes with one of the special, high-end J Winter contoured cases made for Keilwerth baritones. Those are about a $600 value and are really the only great case for a Keilwerth baritone on the market today.

    Only one available!

  • New Old Stock Yamaha Purple Logo Baritone Saxophone YBS-62 Mint Unbelievable! Overhauled!

    $ 9,000

    Now comes with a full overhaul!! All new pads and the full deal. That’s a huge added value. It plays EFFORTLESSLY and beautifully, with a warm, complex tone. Take it in a funk direction with an aggressive mouthpiece, and it will bark and cut without thinning out. Take it in a classical direction, and it will do a gorgeous cello-like tone better than any other baritone that I know of. Highly recommended!

    This is an amazing chance to get a new old stock Purple Logo YBS-62 baritone saxophone. This sax was originally a display model that Yamaha brought to the USA for a trade show almost 40 years ago. Yamaha sold the instruments from the display, and they sat in someone’s closet for that entire time. This sax came in the plastic in the case, and I had to take it out to take photos. There are maybe a few of the lightest possible surface scratches not through the lacquer, but aside from that, it looks as new as it could be and be from the early 80’s. The tone is beautiful and warm, rich, and medium focused. Intonation is great. Works with just about any mouthpiece. This horn can play the full range from classical to funk no problem and be as reliable as a Lexus day after day, year after year. This is BY FAR the nicest example of a purple logo 62 baritone that I have seen, and the nicest one we are likely to see.

    It has the case keys, the polishing cloth, mouthpiece and ligature, warranty booklet, and even a set of removable wheels that attach to the end of the case so that you can roll it if you want. First time I have seen that. If you want a beautiful baritone to play that is really special, this is it. And at this price, it’s about the same as buying a modern 62, so you don’t even pay a premium to get the new old stock. That’s pretty great.

  • NOVA Woodwinds Lacquered Brass Low A Baritone Saxophone NEW Great Deal!

    $ 2,300

    Introducing the new NOVA Woodwinds line of instruments. The NOVA Woodwinds line meets a need in the marketplace for a lower-priced Low A Baritone saxophone that is still good quality. People have been asking me for years if I can recommend anything in the sub-$3500 price range for a low A baritone. I have had to scrounge for deals on used Yamaha or Yanagisawa baritones, but if the used baritones need a repad or other repairs, then you’re immediately back in the $4k price range, so it really is hard to get anything decent, let alone new under $2500. That’s where the NOVA baritone shines. For only $2450, you get a NOVA baritone (NOVA means ‘new’ in Latin) that is brand new and plays quite well, and that holds up well over time by all accounts.

    If you are shopping for a baritone saxophone, whether for a school band program, for doubling and taking extra gigs on bari, or just for playing some sick funk lines with your Tower of Power cover band, this horn is worth a look. I have friends who have used this bari in their band programs for years, and it holds up to punishment by middle and high school students quite well. That’s saying a lot!

    Much of the reason it holds up well is that I am spending $400-500 per horn on an extensive amount of setup work. It’s almost an overhaul, because it’s fully disassembled, cleaned, oiled, gets all new corks, which is time-consuming, gets rods straightened, many pads reseated or replaced, the LH pinky table rebuilt, the neck tenon ‘fit’ to the receiver, regulation between keys fixed, and actually several other small things improved. At that point, its a completely different instrument from how it arrives. And it actually plays down to low A well and should continue to do so for a long time with only occasional upkeep needed. As such, it’s a solid school bari, doubler’s bari, or just a fun horn to play around on.

    You could set it up and sell it doing MUCH less work – $50 to get pads sealing and send it out the door, but that would not be the way to build a good reputation for your brand, or to take good care of your customers, over even the short term. I want the NOVA line to stand out as the most reliable baritone saxophone you can get new under $2500. Unfortunately, after I buy the horn, pay for international shipping and spend $450 per horn on repair, there’s very little profit to be made on these. Thankfully, this is not a large part of the overall business here at GetASax.

    Once it’s properly ‘mini-overhauled’, the tone is big, loud, and medium between bright and dark. It tunes well with a variety of mouthpieces. The keywork is pretty comfortable, and works fine for anyone from middle school up through adult. The stacks are actually in line, not offset, meaning the tone holes are all in one long row. That changes the feel of the right hand, as you rotate around farther than you otherwise would on a modern horn. This is NOT a Yanagisawa copy. From neck to bell to keywork, it’s really not similar to a B901. The case is usable, with a hard foam contoured interior, sturdy zipper, decent amount of storage, and wheels that are usable on a smooth surface. The mouthpiece it comes with isn’t great, so see below about cheap but good mouthpieces.

    It comes in this version, which is brass, and then in the bronze version also. The bronze is a slightly darker tone, and gives you the two tone look, where the all brass like this just looks like a typical new saxophone. You won’t go wrong with either one. Both of them include the pictured hard case which has wheels, as well as the other accessories in the photos. I would recommend a Yamaha 5C or Rousseau for an inexpensive beginner baritone mouthpiece for concert band, and the Rico Metalite bari for jazz, or there are lots of other options getting listed in the baritone mouthpieces section of the site. 

    These low A baritone saxophones tend to sell quickly, so please let me know if you are wanting to order more than one, so that I can be sure to order them far enough in advance to fill your order quickly.

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    Selmer Mark VI Baritone Saxophone 63959 Low A Original Lacquer Beautiful!

    $ 9,500
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    Selmer Super Sax Baritone Unique Original Permagold Finish 18xxx

    This is a beautiful Selmer Super Sax Baritone saxophone. It is one-of-a-kind according to Selmer’s factory record book. It is the only perma-gold plated Super baritone like this that exists. Permagold is a unique finish that is gold-colored dichromate and that does not tarnish.

    If you love Selmer baritones, and you want something cool and vintage to play around on, this would be the thing. I have a very similar Radio Improved baritone myself that I play as my main bari, and I just don’t think you can beat it for tone or response. This horn has medium-aged pads,  not freshly overhauled. But someone took really good care of it, because the overhaul feels very good, and the pads are sealing well, so you can play it easily. This horn plays amazingly when I use the neck from my Radio Improved baritone (1100 serial numbers later, so pretty close.) So I just got a neck custom made for this horn that matches my beloved Radio Improved neck but tunes on this horn. This baritone now a phenomenal player. The tone is centered and warm, rich and medium dark

    It comes with a ProTec Contoured bari case, but if you want the high-end BAM baritone case, I will include one for an extra $600. Given the coolness of this horn, and the extreme rarity factor, the price is quite good I think. I certainly had to pay a lot for this myself, and I’m not making much.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YBS-62II Professional Baritone Saxophone Mint Condition 42758

  • Yanagisawa B6 Vito Stencil Low A Baritone Saxophone Great Deal

    $ 2,850