Yanagisawa BWO20 NEW Elite Solid Bronze Professional Baritone Saxophone In Stock

$ 11,500

This is a gorgeous, brand new Yanagisawa BWO20 solid bronze Elite professional baritone saxophone that is here and in stock now, ready to ship. The bronze is my favorite version – gets you some extra complexity and darkness to the sound compared to the also-excellent brass version which is slightly brighter and clearer. These are backordered almost everywhere, whether it says that when you checkout or not. Good luck getting one from the places I find when I google this model. They’re not actually there – if you get one elsewhere, you will likely have to wait for it to be manufactured and then drop shipped from overseas and pay customs and high shipping. Which isn’t what you really want when buying a saxophone this big. You want a picky shop to do a thorough new horn setup on it, like this one got, and make sure everything is playing perfectly and setup properly, so that you get the full joy of playing a brand new baritone saxophone. The low register experience is incomparable – the low Bb and A just come out like any other note! Intonation is fantastic. Ergonomics likewise.

Unfortunately there is only one available. So once that’s sold, it may be some time before I get another one, with the long backorders there are for new Yanagisawa saxophones at present.

In stock

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 17 × 14 in


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