Sell Or Trade Us Your Saxophone

Emailing directly at [email protected] is the easiest way to contact us. 

Sell or trade your saxophone:

GetASax is located in Durham, North Carolina. We buy saxophones almost every day. We are also happy to take trades and partial trades for horns that are the kind of thing that we sell. Honest wear is fine if the horn is great. But we end up having to overhaul almost all horns that come in on trade, so take that into consideration when estimating your horn’s value.

How do I Sell My Saxophone?

Many people have old saxophones around and might like to sell them. Selling to GetASax is an excellent choice for a number of reasons:

  1. We pay good prices. Selling to us is simple, safe, and worry-free. We will even send you a prepaid label to pay for  shipping and show you how to pack your saxophone safely.
  2. We are serious about restoring great saxophones and making them sing again.
  3. We will take the best possible care of your instrument and put into someone’s hands who will cherish it.
  4. Other options for selling are not that great. Craigslist has lots of scams. eBay has higher fees than consignment (13-14% or more with free shipping) and holds the money for (at least) 25 days, and allows buyers (some of whom are pros at this) to force a refund or partial refund from you even up to SIX MONTHS later! Shipping to international buyers is also very difficult, insurance is very limited ($500 international), and you are responsible for damage. Local music stores tend not to offer as much as a specialty store like this can, if you have the kind of horn we sell.

So if you want to sell your saxophone, contact GetASax by email or by using the contact form and send along some photos* and a price, and I can get right back to you with questions or with details for a purchase.

What’s my saxophone worth? 

If you try to research the value of your saxophone, you will find that people are asking prices that are wildly different all over the place. Part of the reason for this is that people put junk on eBay and Craigslist for high prices all the time, hoping to find someone who will pay a crazily high price for it. Small music stores and pawn shops also often ask really high prices for saxophones that are not that rare or interesting. Because saxophones are also collectible, their values are often closely connected to little details of the condition, like whether the finish is completely original, how much wear there is, what kinds of past repairs, whether the neck is original and in good shape, what vintage it is exactly, what engraving pattern it has, how rare it is, how desirable, whether it needs to be overhauled (which is very expensive to do right), and on and on. For example, an early serial Selmer Mark VI is sometimes worth more than double what a later serial Mark VI is worth, even with all other factors being the same. (More info on Selmer saxophone values is in our guide here.) We will make you an offer on your saxophone that allows us to both overhaul it properly (costs between $900-$1500 for a typical horn but can cost much more), and allow enough margin to stay in business after selling it. The people who sell us their horns typically are very happy with the prices they get, and with the ease of the process.

*Cell phone photos look much better when you have plenty of light and a solid color background. If you want to get it right the first time, take your saxophone outside in the shade and put it on a blanket to take photos. Be sure to take focused, close ups of damage or wear, as well as more zoomed out photos.


Here are some saxophones that you might want to sell that we always are buying:

Selmer Mark VI (Mark 6) soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, c melody (fingers crossed) – we pay good prices for these depending on vintage and condition. This is probably the best (most money for least effort) place to sell a Selmer Mark VI on the internet.

Selmer SBA Super (Balanced) Action saxophones. Same deal as above – GetASax is one of the best places to sell an SBA tenor or an SBA alto. I also buy SBA and Mark VI baritone saxophones and sopranos etc.

Other older Selmers: We pay the most that I have seen for Balanced Actions, Radio Improved, Super Sax (‘cigar cutters’) and even older Selmers like New Largebore and the Adolphe Sax Selmers.

King Super 20 Saxophones: We buy King Super 20 alto, tenor, baritone, and we especially like the King SilverSonic alto and tenor saxophone models. I have paid well upwards of $10k for certain rare versions of the King SilverSonic, though most of them are worth quite a bit less than that.

King Zephyr Special alto and tenor saxophones. The Zephyr Special is like an early Super 20, and it is one of my particular favorite saxophones. I love to buy these and pay good prices.

We buy early C. G. Conn saxophones. I particularly like Conns from roughly 1920-1948 (approx. SN# 75xxx-327xxx), and my favorites are between SN#147,000-307,000. Conns are not always worth a ton but they are very solid saxophones, and they deserved to be restored and made to sing again. I can often pay surprisingly high prices well into the thousands or more for unusual Conns like like the F Mezzo, Conn-O-Sax, or the gold plated, heavily-engraved, and/or virtuoso deluxe models.

We are always interested in buying Yamaha and Yanagisawa saxophones. Many people sell their used Yamahas to us. I particularly like to buy the less-expensive, intermediate Yamahas, like the YTS-52, YTS-62, Yamaha 475 soprano, 675 soprano, and reasonably-priced Yamaha Custom 875 and 82z saxophones including the YSS-82zr sopranos. I can pay great prices for YSS-62 and especially for 62R sopranos in lacquer or in silver plate. I do buy YAS-23 and YTS-23 student saxophones if they are in good condition, with the understanding that margins are very thin on used student altos, so I can’t pay a lot for them. I can always buy Yamaha baritone saxophones, like YBS-52 and YBS-62. Those are great. I can help you ship a bari with surprising ease.

If you have a used Yanagisawa, this is also a great place to sell it. I often buy the Yanagisawa A800, A880, A900, A990, A901 and A991 alto saxophones.  I buy Yanagisawa T800, T880, T900, T990, T991, T992, T9930, T9935, T9937, T992PG tenor saxophones, as well as the new WO series Yanagisawa saxophones. I buy Yanagisawa Soprano saxophones too, including the S6, S880, S990, S991, S992, S9930, S992PG. And I buy Yanagisawa Baritone saxophone models stenciled Leblanc, Vito, and others, as well as the Yanagisawa branded baritones B6, B880, B900, B901, B990, B991, B992, and the elusive B9930.

We also pay good prices for Keilwerth and H. Couf Superba 1 saxophones in alto, tenor, and baritone. We buy Buffet Dynaction and Super Dynaction models, as well as the S1 and Buffet Prestige saxophones. We also buy Buescher Big B tenors and Top Hat and Cane tenors. We buy mouthpieces like Meyer New York, Otto Link Tone Master and Super Tone Master, Otto Link Reso Chamber tenor, M.C. Gregory Model A alto mouthpieces and many more. I buy vintage Martin saxophones also. I most often buy “The Martin Alto” “The Martin Tenor” “The Martin Baritone” models for the best prices, and I love to buy the old Martin Handcraft sopranos cheap and fix them up. I can pay surprisingly good prices for Martin Music Man alto and tenors, and for Martin Magna baritones with low A.

Well, that covers some of them. Check the Museum section for more, and if you have a saxophone I buy, contact me! I’ll either pay your asking price or make you a fair counter-offer based on retail used value.

 Emailing directly at [email protected] is the easiest way to contact us.