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  • “School” Low C Bass Clarinet Great Quality for the Money – NEW!

    $ 2,100
  • Sold Out

    ***Selmer Cigar Cutter Alto Burnished Gold Plate Butterflies Super Sax Excellent! 16587

  • Alto Hard Rubber BB Screws Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Saxophone Mouthpieces Meyer Selmer Vandoren

    $ 165

    For hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces like Meyer Bros, Selmer Soloist, Vandoren Jumbo Java and all Brilharts. This ligature is a true reproduction of the Brilhart 3-Band Ligature: from the alloy of brass to the feel of the screws, it is exactly the same as the vintage Brilhart ligature. Same dimensions, same weight, same feel, same playing response. It’s like going back in time to buy one when they were first made! So for those of you who have always wanted this time-tested style of ligature, but have found them prohibitively expensive, now perhaps getting one is within reach.

  • Alto Hard Rubber Brilhart Reproduction 3-Band Ligature Selmer Meyer Saxophone Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    This ligature fits almost all hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpieces, like Meyer Bros, Selmer Soloist, Vandoren Jumbo Java, all brands of Meyer copies, Ted Klum Acoustimax and New York model, all Brilharts etc. There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. Thankfully, there is now a high-quality, hand made reproduction available to meet this demand. These are made by a small company in South Korea that cares about getting saxophone equipment right. These ligatures get rave reviews by the people who buy them. I don’t want to make huge claims for a ligature, but I will say that people tend to LOVE them. They’re beautiful, simple, and easy to use, and they sound great.

  • Antigua Winds Soprano Near Mint Condition Great Bargain Soprano 3349

    $ 850
  • Brilhart BB Screws Tenor Three Band Ligature Rare! Fresh Gold Plate

    $ 950
  • Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone 335466 140

    $ 1,150

    This basically pristine vintage saxophone from 1951 is the same as the Buescher Big B, just with less elaborate engraving..  These professional quality saxophones are known for their good intonation, sweet and mellow tone, and excellent build quality.  This particular example is from the very beginning of the model run just after the end of the Big B model, and is in nearly mint condition.  It still has its original pads (and Snap-on resonators), and even plays a bit on them, but you will want to get an overhaul.

    These play very well when set up- just listen to Johnny Hodges play his Big B to get an idea of what you can sound like on this horn with an overhaul, 50 years of practicing, and a knee-buckling load of raw talent.  Also, as an added bonus (“at no additional charge!”) this horn comes with a wooden clarinet in the case of unknown potential labeled “Revelle Master”.

  • Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor Amazing Near Mint Overhauled Nicest I’ve Seen 280857

    $ 4,000

    This is a 1938 Buescher Aristocrat Series I tenor saxophone in pristine physical condition with a very well done fresh overhaul that retained all of the original Snap-on resonators.  The lacquer is original, nearly flawless, and this horn appears to have sat in its original case for much of its life until very recently, when it had the good fortune to be overhauled very well by someone who obviously knows Bueschers.  

    These horns are known for their excellent intonation and rich, sweet tone- but they can also roar given the right mouthpiece, and they are quite mouthpiece friendly in my experience.  The ergonomics are quite good, and when done well- as this overhaul was- they are light and slick under the fingers.

    The engraving is the proper “art deco” style for this model, and like the rest of the horn is in exceptionally fine condition.  

    This is the nicest Aristocrat tenor I have ever seen, and it plays exceptionally well.  This horn is in the shape you want, with an overhaul that is ready to play well for years from the moment you open the case.  If you’ve been thinking of owning a pre-war Buescher Aristocrat tenor, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one.

  • Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone 156 Relacquered Good Shape 351021

    $ 850
  • Buescher Big B Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Good Condition 324407

    $ 1,600

    This is a 1949 Buescher “Big B” Aristocrat, so named for the ornate engraving of a, well, a Big B on the bell.  This horn is in very good condition, and the typical wear around the fine engraving of the B on the bell is not present, which indicates that this horn has led a life mostly in a closet somewhere.  There are no resolders or past dentwork to speak of, and it plays *way* better than it should on some very old pads, but you would want to get this repadded to play like it can, which is very, very good!  

    These horns are undervalued in my opinion.  I mean, you can get this one in such great shape with all of its original Snap-on resonators and overhaul it for not a whole lot more than a new Yamaha student model in total- seems like a good buy to me!  Johnny Hodges famously played one of these, and his tone is a very good example of the blend of sweetness and power these horns possess.

  • Buescher Big B Tenor Small Bell Orig. Lacquer Saxophone Getting Overhauled!

    $ 3,500

    This original lacquer Big B tenor with the desirable small bell is getting a full mechanical overhaul right now. When I got it, it had new pads, but the pad work was not that good, so it is getting all that completely redone with all new pads, corks, felts, the works. The keywork is in great condition – nice and tight. Very little play wear at all. It had a bow dent removed, obviously. That is now fixed, and the rest of the horn is quite nice. This will be a fantastic player once the overhaul is done. Already, on current pads, it has a centered, warm tone with excellent response and intonation. These horns work well with a wide range of mouthpieces, and they can do anything from classical to jazz to R&B. Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful vintage Bueschers, with the extensive engraving, and the dark nitrocellulose lacquer. They don’t make them like this anymore.

    Only one available. Buy it now to reserve it, and we can do the overhaul to your specifications. Otherwise, it will be how I like, which is also good.

  • Buescher Top Hat & Cane Alto Saxophone Great Deal 359118

    $ 750

    This is one of the very last “Top Hat & Cane” Buescher 400 alto saxophones made- the model run ended around serial number 360,000.  The lacquer is not original, though it has not been overly buffed, and about half of the relacquer remains. The keys are nickel plated, which I imagine was not original, but it was very well done.  The original Snap-On resonators and amber rollers are present, and the horn is in pretty good physical condition. It will need an overhaul, but it is a pretty solid sax with no major damage or dents, and the price is considerably less than most Top Hat & Cane altos.   

  • Sold Out

    Buescher Top Hat and Cane Alto Saxophone Super 400 Near Mint Superb 323836

    $ 3,150
  • Buescher Top Hat and Cane Tenor Saxophone Fresh Overhaul Factory Relacquer 300849

    $ 3,750

    This highly-desirable Buescher Top Hat and Cane tenor is in excellent condition, AND it just got a complete restoration, which means an overhaul of everything that can be done. This looks like original lacquer, but is actually a factory relacquer job done with basically no buffing or changes to the brass of the horn. Probably just a chemical strip, hand polish, and re-spray. It looks really good, and plays great too!

  • Sold Out

    Buescher True Tone Alto Saxophone 183458

  • Sold Out

    Buescher True Tone C Melody Saxophone Super Rare 2 necks incl straight 143626

    $ 1,250

    This Buescher C Melody has a straight Buescher neck along with the curved. It’s nuts!

  • Buescher True Tone Series IV Soprano Saxophone 218533

    $ 750
  • Buescher True Tone Series IV Tenor Saxophone Original Gold Plate Good Pads 212844

    $ 2,350
  • Buffet R13 1985 Clarinet

    $ 1,950

    Really clean, beautiful, easy-to-play Buffet R13 clarinet. Get the best at a superb price, and you’ll never need to upgrade. Might as well sound good now.

  • Sold Out

    Buffet R13 Clarinet 158924

  • Buffet R13 Clarinet 370504

    $ 1,800
  • Sold Out

    Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 306843 Original Lacquer Pre-War

    Nice original lacquer freshly-overhauled pre-WWII Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone. These are the best of the vintage Conn tenors! The price includes the full, high-end OVERHAUL, which was just completed. An overhaul (people always ask) means that everything that can be changed gets done, and done correctly: all new pads, corks, and felts, professional setup, key fit checked and improved, neck fit checked and improved, full disassembly, cleaning, all new oil, lots of play testing. This horn turned out exceptionally well, and plays really easily and beautifully throughout the range. The tone is medium dark, wide, but with more focus than earlier Conns, and a bigger, wider sonic pallette than any modern saxophone. The palm keys stay full and consistent with the rest of the horn. The low register whispers out at a saturated pianissimo whether subtoning or not. Intonation is excellent, keywork is comfortable. If you’re coming from a modern horn, there’s a couple of weeks’ adjustment period, but then you are back up to full speed playing wise, in most people’s experience. A nice, orignial, overhauled 10M is pretty hard to find, and this one is one of the really good ones. It has only minor past repairs, like a resoldered octave key. Great condition, and plays like a new horn.

  • Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone Naked Lady Rolled Tone Holes Original Lacquer Good Pads 322571

    $ 3,450
  • Sold Out

    Conn 16M Tenor Saxophone Shooting Stars Playable on Current Pads 826891

    $ 400
  • Sold Out

    Conn 26M VIII Connqueror Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Old Pads 304661

  • Sold Out

    Conn 30M Connqueror Tenor Gold-Plated Fully Engraved

    $ 4,750

    Crazy fully-engraved GOLD plated Conn 30M tenor artist-owned. Only one available! Includes a primo Hiscox case also.

  • Conn 6M Naked Lady Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer 1953 356523

    $ 1,200
  • Conn 6M Transitional Art Deco Alto Saxophone 247105 Great Shape 1931

    $ 1,450
  • Sold Out

    Conn 6m Transitional Art Deco Alto Saxophone 249081 Gorgeous Silver Plate 1931

  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate Rolled Tone Holes 312091

    $ 2,500

    Super clean original silver plate Conn 6M VIII alto! It would be hard to find a nicer example of a rare silver plate 6M VIII. The VIII stamped Conns are the most desirable, and this one is in collectible condition. With a good overhaul and hand polish, it will look like a brand new saxophone, right off the shelf.

  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Pre-War Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Plays Well 294775

    $ 1,950
  • Conn C Soprano Original GOLD Plate Rare! New Wonder 1 143xxx with C Mpc 117193

    $ 2,950
  • Sold Out

    Conn Chu Berry NW1 Baritone Saxophone Gold Plate Stunning Original Gold Added High E-F 104836

  • Conn Connstellation Alto Saxophone 28M Excellent Condition Original Lacquer 338006

    $ 2,450
  • Conn Connstellation Alto Saxophone 28M Very Good Condition Original Lacquer 335771

    $ 1,950
  • Sold Out

    Conn Curved Soprano NWII ‘Chu Berry’ Excellent Original Silver Plate 168010

    This is a beautiful example of a Conn New Wonder II Curved Soprano saxophone. The two best Conn curved sopranos I have played were both also 168k, for whatever reason. I’m sure there are lots of great ones, but that seems to be a sweet spot.
    The condition is very good – original silver plate and gold wash in the bell are both almost all present. There’s no significant damage, nor are there serious past repairs. The only repairs I see are resoldered low Eb and C key guards. These often pop off on their own, or from the smallest provocation on the curved sopranos. I don’t see any evidence of dent work around either key guard, so I do not think there was any sort of damage there. The bell flare, bell, bow, and body tube are all in very good shape.There’s a tiny U shaped piece of metal is missing from the neck, that is usually called the octave guide. It doesn’t have much of a job to do on soprano, as the octave key is so short and doesn’t need to be guided, but there’s a spot under the octave key where it used to be. I could very likely get one made and silver plated to match, though that would take a while. There’s also a foot on the Eb key that rests against a black rubber bumper that makes the Eb action feel snappy. I think that’s an addition, though Conn was always experimenting. Could be easily removed if you want, but it lets Eb open farther than it would using a felt bumper. The rolled tone holes look very good. No damage or wear or filing on this horn.
    The pads are a mix of older and newer. I was just about to give this one to Matt Stohrer for a thorough checkup, as it does feel leaky in places (particularly middle D right now). That should not be too hard to fix. Just normal stuff with old saxophones. But it does not have a fresh overhaul, and the pads have rivets instead of resonators, old school.
    Sort of depends on your goals for the horn what would be the wisest course of action pad wise. I could discount it if I’m not spending money on it with Matt, and if you wanted to just get it overhauled completely by your own tech. Then everything would be fresh and new all at once.
    The case is in quite good condition for its age, and aside from a ‘dryer sheet’ sort of smell (which a few days of direct sunlight should mostly remove), it is one of the nicer ones I have seen.
    Intonation on these horns is flexible but very good all things considered. Modern sopranos have a bore design that makes the intonation very tightly controlled, but at the expense of texture and richness of tone. Conn’s idea was to use a bore to make the horn sound wide, warm, lush, and loud, and leave it to the player to keep the intonation under control. I personally think Conn made the right decision here. While the Yamaha EX is a great soprano, for example, it sounds nothing like as warm and pleasant as a Conn like this. The guy who helped me in the shop here for many years picked out a 168k serial Conn curved as his gigging soprano out of all the horns that came through over the years. It’s that good. He plays in swing bands and just sounds super great. There are no real intonation problems, and with a medium to large chamber mouthpiece, it should slot in quite easily with a normal not-too-tight embouchure. You just have to use your ear to tell if you’re bending notes around.
    Keywork feels a lot like other Conns, only closer together. The one exception is the in line palm keys, which are a bit of a struggle. If you plan to do a lot of palm key gymnastics, then I would not get this horn, because they are hard to move around on if you need to go very quickly. Besides that, yeah, it’s a solid keywork design, and it feels good. For ballads and normal sorts of high register playing, the palm keys are fine.
    All in all, it’s a beautiful example of a Conn curved, from right around the best serial range for these, with minimal past repairs, a good case, a mix of pads, and a great tone.
  • Conn Early 10M Tenor Fresh Overhaul Original Lacquer 269461 BIG Player

    $ 4,250

    This is this kind of Conn 10M tenor saxophone that makes people ditch their Selmers and Yamahas. Keywork is comfortable, intonation is excellent, and the tone is to die for. Wide, dark, but still punchy and with a good amount of focus. Palm key tone is gorgeous and full, not a bit thin. Priced to sell quickly. Only one available.

  • Sold Out

    Conn Gold Portrait New Wonder II Chu Berry Tenor Saxophone 197907

    This is a Conn New Wonder Series II tenor saxophone in burnished gold plate with elaborate engraving of a tall ship on the bell.  This finish combination- burnished gold body and keys with elaborate engraving- is sometimes called a Conn “Portrait” saxophone, as they often featured the portrait of a woman, but Conn would have called this their “Artist’s Special” finish.  These saxophones, along with the Conn “Virtuoso Deluxe” finish, represent- to me- the highest level of artistry seen in a truly playable modern saxophone. For a period of time, the maturing craft of saxophone making aligned with a market strong enough to allow production of saxophones that to this day have no equal.  

    This particular horn features a beautiful engraving pattern of a ship I have not personally seen before, and while showing signs of use throughout the years (Conns are often heavily used, though well cared for, as they were the choice of many of the professional big band musicians from the 1920s-1940s) is in solid physical condition with no evidence of any major past damage or resoldering.  It currently plays decently on old pads, but you would want an overhaul for this horn to play at its full potential. A potential which, as anyone who has played a Conn with pads that seal can tell you, is an absolutely monstrous sound, rich and powerful.

  • Sold OutConn gold plate portrait chu berry tenor

    Conn Gold Portrait New Wonder II Tenor Saxophone 229961

    So if you know about vintage Conns, most of them are altos. Of the tenors, most of those are unlacquered, lacquered, or silver plate. Only a few are gold plate. Of the gold plated ones, most are satin gold with normal engraving, and only a few have the thick burnished gold plate finish. And those special horns took way more time to manufacture, as the gold has to be hand-burnished onto the horn. They also got deluxe hand engraving with special portraits done by Conn’s best engravers.

    So this is one of those. It has all the boxes checked. Original burnished gold, portrait engraved, very good condition. On top of that, it has a recent, high-quality overhaul done with resotech flat metal resonators. The tone is big, wide, powerful, medium dark. The horn vibrates under your fingers when you play. There’s not much to speak of by way of past repairs. The neck octave key has been resoldered, as have a few key cage legs. A few small dings were removed from the bell and back of the bow. These are all minor things and all corrected. This horn is really nice. Even slightly nicer in person than in the photos.

    Only one available!

  • Conn Gold Plate Chu Berry Alto Saxophone Portrait

    Conn New Wonder 1 Alto Original Burnished Gold Plate Portrait 84738

    $ 2,950

    There are a ton of beautiful altos on the site, but this one stands out from the crowd. It is the heaviest gold plate finish that Conn offered – basically sheets of thick (actual) gold rubbed onto the brass to give you a finish that will last for centuries with minimal maintenance required. Both gold and skilled labor were cheap back in 1920’s America and Conn could afford to invest an extra couple of days’ labor in applying all this gold by hand-burnishing, and engraving such an elaborate scene on the saxophone, and still make a profit. These days, it would be literally impossible to reproduce saxophones like this and market them. They would cost far too much. Just a thin layer of modern gold plate costs like $3500 to do.

    So this horn is something very special. Not just as a piece of art, or a piece of exceptional craftsmanship, but as a musical instrument as well. William Morris, the influential artist, famously encouraged us to “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, and believe to be beautiful.” This alto sax just wails as a player, and definitely fits both requirements nearly as well as a saxophone could. The engraving features (probably) Apollo, god of music, with his harp, and an extremely ornate C.G. Conn logo and decoration.

    This alto has very good pads, and plays extremely easily on the current, high-quality overhaul. It feels nice and snappy under the fingers, and the pad work is very good, flat and ‘dry’ feeling, which is a sign of high-quality work with rolled tone holes. The tone is pure 1920’s jazz power: wide, smooth, warm, and dark, but very projecting. This horn vibrates under your fingers even at moderate volumes, and is super fun and responsive to play. Low register is easy. Intonation is good, though you can easily bend notes around also. The keywork is vintage, so it will feel weird if you’re coming from a Yamaha, at least at first. But the tone and beauty you get in exchange makes it well worth it.

    Only one available!

  • Conn New Wonder 1 C Melody Saxophone Playable Insanely Cheap 79645

    $ 195
  • Conn New Wonder 1 Tenor Exceptionally Fine Player Tunes Great Fresh Overhaul BAM Case 67890

    $ 3,450

    Do you want the biggest, darkest, most spread and room-filling vintage Conn tone possible? Do you want a gorgeous vintage Conn with original silver plate that looks almost new? Do you want it with a freshly-done high end ($1k+) overhaul, with high-end metal resonators? Do you want a premium $350 BAM tenor case included that fits the horn beautifully and will keep it in top adjustment?

    Well, look no further. That’s what this is. Any you should buy it. Right now. You won’t be sorry. I didn’t call it an exceptionally fine player for nothing.

  • Conn New Wonder I Alto Saxophone Silver w/Gold Plate 1923 Good Pads 117847

    $ 1,500
  • Sold Out

    Conn New Wonder II Tenor Saxophone 210xxx Lacquered Needs Overhaul Great Deal!

    This is a solid Conn New Wonder Series II tenor saxophone that is just a standard overhaul away from being a fantastic saxophone.  These are not easy to find in decent shape, as they tend to have been played hard over the years. This horn is priced to compete, but unlike a similarly priced horn on ebay, this one isn’t hiding any crushing disappointments or unholy travesties of botched repair.  

    This sax looks like it started like as a bare brass instrument and then was given a coat of lacquer later, probably during its first overhaul judging by the color and type of lacquer.  This was a relatively common event during the time period when Conn first starting phasing out the bare brass finish- you’d send your horn back to the factory for its first overhaul and they would give it a coat of lacquer.  Since it didn’t require buffing off the old lacquer and was done at the factory by professionals, it is a much less invasive procedure than the ham-handed local repair shop relacquers of the 1960s and onward that have given the process a bad name.  But the market doesn’t quite understand the or reflect the difference between this “first lacquer” horn and a relacquer, so you can score yourself quite a bargain with this Conn tenor, which is in better than average shape for a lower than average price.  

  • Sold Out

    Conn NWII/14M BASS Sax desirable ‘plumber neck’ SUPER CLEAN original nickel plate AMAZING 154026 High Eb

    This is one beautiful Conn bass saxophone. It has its original nickel plate finish. Nickel is great because it lasts forever. Like literally forever, and it doesn’t tarnish either. Just stays looking great no matter what you throw at it. Plus, Conn aficionados tell me they find nickel to be loud and resonant compared to lacquer. Maybe that’s just because that’s how Conns always play, or maybe not having lacquer on there does free up a bit of extra vibration.

    This horn is in very very good condition. You almost never see a vintage Bass that has survived with this few past repairs (almost none) and this little dent work (again almost none). This horn was sold in the past by Bruno Waltersbacher, in Germany, and the nice case that comes with the horn has the Waltersbacher case logo on it. I’m guessing it was he who added the reinforced key arm on low C, which gives you more of a flat pad cup on that note, and is definitely an improvement.

    As you can see, this horn has the plumber neck, which is the last version of bass sax neck that Conn made. Same neck that is on the later baritones. Compared to my personal 229k Conn bass, and the other later Conn basses that I have seen, the only real difference here is that this horn is keyed to high Eb. If you have to have that high note, well, switch to baritone, haha. This bass has good pads, not a fresh overhaul, but it plays quite well on the current overhaul. I’m including a thorough tune up pre-sale. Shipping a bass takes some special practices, but I have done it enough times to be able to do it with confidence. It’s not so expensive to ship either, though pickup is ideal if you can swing it.

  • Couf Superba 1 Tenor Very Good Condition Original Lacquer 83040

    $ 2,850

    This is a very nice condition Couf (made by Keilwerth for Herb Couf) Superba I tenor, which is a great modern ergonomics horn with a lot of the big, fat tone of an old Conn.  Some people also compare them tonally to a good Selmer SBA, and they do indeed share the big sound you can get on a great Selmer.

    This particular sax sports a high F# key and plays decently on a mix of older pads and some original pads (!) which is a testament to the relatively cosseted life it has led thus far.  The only evidence of any repairs or damage past or present is a resolder on the low Eb keyguard foot, which is fairly common on these, and has no impact on playability. The original gold colored lacquer (which has a particularly beautiful lustre to it that can often be mistaken for gold plate) is in very good shape.  

    The Couf Superba I sports rolled toneholes and a really cool modern engraving pattern and was built in West Germany by Keilwerth to be imported by Herb Couf, a distinguished professional saxophonist who later was a Vice President of the W. T. Armstrong company.  As told to me by those who knew him and also as evidenced by playing the saxophone he chose to put his name on, the man had good taste in saxophones. If you have been looking for an extremely well built modern ergonomics horn with a bigger sound than you find on most modern instruments, look no further- Couf has you covered.  

  • Grafton Alto Saxophone Excellent Original Condition Reatored and Playable 10591

    $ 5,500
  • Holton / Made by Conn Bass Saxophone Good playing condition, original silver plate, very few past repairs CLEAN P22298

    $ 7,999
  • Indiana Band Vintage Alto Playable and Super Cheap 8150

    $ 150
  • Sold Out

    Ishimori Woodstone NEW with Dark Lacquer Tenor Saxophone

  • Sold Out

    Jupiter Soprano SPS-547 Saxophone 842702

    $ 500
  • Sold Out

    Keilwerth Black Nickel Low A Baritone SX-90 Excellent Condition Outstanding Player 121579

  • Keilwerth ST-90 Alto Saxophone 854729

    $ 600
  • Sold Out

    Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor Gorgeous Condition BIG player Early Serial

  • King Full Pearls SilverSonic Alto 303030 Fresh Matt Stohrer Overhaul Original Lacquer Charlie Parker Vintage!

    $ 16,500

    Well, well, well, what have we here? One of my favorite saxophones of all time! This is an extremely rare early King SilverSonic alto with sterling silver bell and ‘full pearls’. I have only seen a few of these altos come up for sale in many years of watching the market fairly closely. There are probably fewer than 100 altos like this in existence, and there are fewer that still have their original lacquer. Charlie Parker famously played King SilverSonic Super 20 alto SN#295173, which sold for an ungodly sum at auction several years ago. This horn’s body serial is 303030, which is the same version as Parker’s, and the neck serial is 295182, which is only 9 serial numbers later than Parker’s, so same small batch of horns. Not sure why the neck serial is different, but maybe because this neck played best. This horn was one owner going way back several decades before I bought it.

    It just got a full overhaul by the best saxophone repairman for Kings that I have experienced, Matt Stohrer. Matt is a friendly and unassuming guy who has a passion for learning and sharing as much as he can about saxophone repair. His attention to all the little, time-consuming details of repair that take a horn from good to great is pretty hard to beat. This horn certainly deserved the best, and it came out great. It feels super great under the fingers – dry and snappy, with light, easy action and great response. The tone is that classic, warm, punchy, projecting, brassy-when-pushed, King alto sound that Parker and Cannonball made, at least for me, the classic jazz alto tone. It sounds like that sound you have in your head that you just can’t quite get on a Selmer or any modern horn:-)

    You get a nice original Silversonic King alto case, as well as a delxe black BAM France Trekking case, both included with the horn. The BAM for safe shipping, and the King just for fun. Hard to beat the Trekking for an all-around alto case, and it fits the King like a glove.

    There’s certainly only one of these available. I’ve had this in my personal collection for years, and just decided to offer it up for sale for the first time. If it doesn’t sell, it goes right back in the collection. If you want an alto that looks gorgeous, has a high likelihood to keep going up in value, plays great, and is not so perfect that you’re afraid to play it, you couldn’t do better than this.

  • King Original Gold Plate Soprano Saxophone Beautiful Engraving 56362

    $ 1,500

    Incredible engraving on this original GOLD plated King Soprano saxophone! These horns have a beautiful, warm, spread tone. The intonation is flexible. You can bend notes like crazy, so you have to have a good ear, but it plays just fine in tune if you play it in tune. This is from a collection and has old pads. But just the gold plate is worth the entire price of the horn. It’s a super deal. You could easily find this priced double somewhere else.

  • Sold Out

    King Saxello Soprano Silver Plate 71xxx Great Deal!

  • King Saxello Soprano Tipped Bell Bent Neck Near Pristine Silver Plate

    $ 2,850
  • King SilverSonic Super 20 Alto Saxophone Original with Gold Leaf 346933

    $ 6,500

    Superb example of a King SilverSonic alto with solid silver bell and neck, and gold plate in the engraving, with original gold lacquer over that! Cannonball Adderley tone all the way.

  • King SilverSonic Tenor Saxophone 402584

    $ 6,000

    Here is a freshly overhauled King Super 20 SilverSonic (solid sterling neck and bell with gold inlay engraving) in excellent shape with a *monstrous* sound.  The overhaul is extremely clean and well done, and sports high-end reusable Tenor Madness resonators. The action is quick and light and smooth and feels absolutely fantastic under the fingers.  Even the left hand pinky table, which can be challenging for some repairers to get right, is light and snappy as it was designed to be. Seriously, hand this horn to the guy next to you on the bandstand just to let him feel it for a sec if you want to ruin his day.  

    Physically, this sax is in great condition as well.   The lacquer is original and has signs of honest wear, but there are no signs of any major or even minor damage or resolders, past or present.  The body is straight and the keys are all tight with no lost motion. Owner’s name lightly engraved on bottom of bell. Could be removed if you wanted to, but it is not noticeable. SilverSonics like this with the gold in the engraving on the silver bell are few and far between, and this one is bona fide Great. 

    It is hard to find a Super 20 SilverSonic tenor in good physical shape, and even harder to get one overhauled this well.  Buy this horn and you’ve got it all right out of the box- no worries, no mystery, no gremlins awaiting you down the line. Just a great American-made sax that is ready to make bandmates jealous, project all the way to the back of the room, and look great doing it.  

  • King Super 20 Alto 328773 Original Lacquer Plays Great

    $ 3,950

    King altos are the best altos ever. This one has some lacquer wear from use, but it is original lacquer. The saxophone is in great shape, and plays quite well on the current pads. No serious past repairs at all. It is such a great tone that you get from these full pearls Super 20’s. This is the ‘Series II’ which has the best combination of beauty, features, and key work of all of the Super 20 altos. You really can get the Cannonball Adderley vibe going on one of these (with lots of practice) better than almost anything else. Cannonball played almost exactly this serial alto on Kind of Blue. This plus a Meyer 5 plus a soft reed and lots of guts is what you need for what I consider to be the benchmark for good alto sound.

  • Sold Out

    King Super 20 Alto Saxophone 346986

  • Sold Out

    King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Full Pearls Series II 1953 333537 Excellent!

  • Sold Out

    King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Full Pearls Series II Fresh Matt Stohrer Overhaul One of the Best Altos Ever 308951

    Sale pending.

  • King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Full Pearls Series II Orig. Lacquer 339676

    $ 5,650
  • King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Full Pearls Original Lacquer Near Mint / Exc Cond! 328628

    $ 7,500
  • King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer Original pads Warranty Card Amazing!

    Well, golly.  Here’s a 1949 King Super 20 tenor in nearly immaculate condition with original pads and original guarantee bond paperwork.  Holy cow.

    It also has its original white mouthpiece, with original ligature and cap, and comes in its original case with the leather bell strap not only intact but supple and in good working condition.  Sheesh.

    This horn looks to have been played a bit by its original owner, as evidenced by some light scratching in the lacquer here and there and some light wear on the thumbhook.  The solid silver necks on these horns were originally lacquered, but the lacquer typically wears off so quickly and completely most folks are not aware of this fact. The fact that the lacquer on this neck still remains at about 40%, though speckled, shows that the original owner took extremely good care of the instrument and was quite finicky with his handling.  Gosh.

    This Series I King Super 20 is about as fine as they come, and is collectible as-is or put a high end overhaul on it and let it sing.  This horn is ready for its next steward, and at nearly 70 years old still has a couple hundred years of music making left in it, if you care for it as well as its original owner did.  Goodness gracious.

  • Sold OutKing Gold Plate Super 20 tenor sax

    King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Super Rare GOLD Plate Overhauled 281058

    Do you like rare? Do you like awesome? Do you want to play the best? King Super 20’s are already great, but this is a super rare original gold plate example. It has a top shelf overhaul by Carlo Cennamo – mister detail-oriented himself – and it plays exceptionally well. Like, you have not played a tenor this good before. Or if you have, congratulations. It was hanging out in my collection for a couple of years, and now I’m offering it for sale for the first time. I’ll pop it back in the closet if some like-minded individual pops up, who also likes to nab the rarest of magical beasts. This is where you find them;-)

  • Martin Comm II Alto Saxophone 142391

    $ 900

    Martin Committee II Alto Saxophone in good condition with original lacquer. These horns play really beautifully, with a rich, warm, centered tone. Most people have never had the pleasure of playing them, as they were only made for a couple of years in the 40’s before Martin was forced to redesign because of patent disputes on the tone holes, I am told. Anyhow, this is a great price for an original lacquer Committee II. The pads are old, so plan on a repad, or at least on replacing several. I could discuss options for having that done pre-sale if you like, but since this is on consignment, I can’t overhaul it in advance.

  • Sold Out

    Martin Committee II Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition Original Lacquer Orig Pads 131115

  • Martin Committee II Tenor Saxophone Very Good Condition Original Lacquer Orig Pads 139670

    $ 2,000
  • Martin Handcraft Alto Saxophone 125113 Burnished Gold Special Engraving!

    $ 3,199

    Priced to sell!

    This is an alto that has it all: Rarity, condition, playability, beauty. It’s the total package.  Martin altos from this era play with a uniquely beautiful mix of warmth, power, and sweetness. This is a lyrical alto that has plenty of power and bite when you need it.

    It is in incredibly great condition with minimal past repairs. It has a recent, full overhaul and feels great under the fingers. It is very rare indeed to see one of these with thick, burnished gold plate as the finish. That’s the rarest finish, and I have only seen around five of these ever. The overhaul was done very well also, and the light action is easy to handle under the fingers.

    The price is fantastic for something overhauled AND burnished gold plate! Really hard to beat. It also includes the Hiscox case!

  • Martin Handcraft Standard Tenor Saxophone 136740

    $ 899

    Very good condition refinished Martin Handcraft tenor with a recent overhaul. This is on consignment and priced to sell. Beautiful tenor with a big, warm voice. I don’t see any signs of past damage or repairs. The overhaul was done OK. It’s not a top-shelf job but it gets the job done. Includes the original case. This horn is one-owner and was well cared-for. Pair it with a Brilhart Tonalin tenor piece for a beautiful Tex Benake sort of sound.

    From “The Martin Story” website, which is the best source on Martin model specifics, we find this nugget of information, which seems right to me also.

    These horns seem to be a combination of a Handcraft Imperial body (note the Eb vent key, below the low D key) and Handcraft Committee keywork.
    The fact that these horns where produced at the same time as the Handcraft Committee and Committee 2 combined with some cheaper details (fixed right thumbrest, no heartshaped left thumbrest) makes me think these are somewhat watered-down versions of the Imperial.

  • Martin Music Man The Martin Tenor Relacquered Good Condition 212791

    $ 1,500
  • Sale!

    Martin The Martin Alto Original Saxophone 179447

    $ 2,250 $ 1,850

    Priced to sell!

    Freshly overhauled The Martin Alto which plays GREAT. Feels effortlessly big and loud and powerful, with a medium dark tone that brightens up nicely with a higher baffle mouthpiece. You can do anything on these altos. This was original lacquer which is mostly worn off and it still looks great. This horn was played a fair amount before being overhauled, so it has had some small dents removed. The thumb hook has been replaced also. (Original thumb hooks frequently fall off of Martins, for whatever reason.) If you’ve been looking for a super-fun alto that looks cool and sounds different from anything else out there today, this would be a great choice. With the fresh, complete overhaul, it won’t need any significant repair work for a long long time.

  • Martin The Martin Tenor Comm III Excellent Condition Original Lacquer Old Pads 169488

    $ 1,950
  • Martin The Martin Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Overhaul Candidate 163812

    $ 1,400

    Here’s a nice, clean, early “The Martin” tenor in original lacquer without any major past repairs, one standard overhaul away from being a blow-the-doors-down dark & woody-sounding vintage tenor, built about as good as anybody ever made a sax, with a unique tone and styling.  It does not currently play and is missing some pads, but the pads that are in there are all original. It looks like it has never been taken apart since the day it was built, and it cries out to play again. All it needs is an owner and a conscientious repairer and it will faithfully serve for years to come.  

    These are not often found in such clean shape, and this one is described accurately and priced to sell with no surprises or unhappy discoveries upon receipt, and the equivalent horn you’d see for sale on that nefarious online auction site is likely to be a can o’ worms, a hornet’s nest, and a sack of marmots all at once.  Or shortcut all that mess, buy this one, and get started on making it your own.

  • Meyer New York USA 8L Soprano Mouthpiece

    $ 700

    This is a vintage Meyer New York USA 8L soprano mouthpiece. It has a .062, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium chamber. It is in very good condition, and plays great!

  • Oscar Adler Curved Soprano Saxophone – Crazy Right Hand Bell Keys! 992

    $ 1,900
  • Selmer Adolphe Sax Baritone Rare and Unique

    The ultimate collectible baritone – this is a hybrid Selmer Adolphe Sax baritone made in the 1930’s by Selmer Paris using some Selmer parts and some parts from the Adolphe Sax company, bought by Selmer.

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Saxophone Fresh Full Overhaul! Silver Plate

    $ 5,350

    This is an amazing, fully restored Selmer Balanced Action alto. It just got a wonderful high-end overhaul, complete with some spot plating on some keys and by the thumb hook on the body tube where the silver had begun to wear. This is one gorgeous alto, with the rare British market two-tone finish, and gold wash bell. It plays extremely well, with a warm, powerful voice that is effortlessly lyrical and makes you not want to put it down. If you want an alto that people are going to want to listen to, this is the one. It has high-end reusable domed brass resonators and sounds very good on them. Keywork is nice and snappy, and ‘dry’ under the fingers, like it should be. This comes with a new BAM Softpack alto case, or you can swap that for a Cabine for +$100. These British market Balanced’s are my favorite finish on vintage Selmers, and they are few and far between.

    There’s only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1974 Original Lacquer Saxophone 221653

    On Hold 1/23/19

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer American Engraved 233486

    $ 5,750
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 160941 Beautiful Condition Original Lacquer Great Vintage!

    $ 6,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 192163

    $ 5,650
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 96147 Relacquer 5-digit Serial

    $ 4,800
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone from 1967 Exceptional Player 144k

    $ 7,450

    Best playing Selmer alto sax on the site right now. It has that extra special something that only the 140-145k altos have. Super projection, crisp but still warm tone, even scale with fuller palm keys than usual. GREAT, world-class alto saxophone. It’s worn original lacquer, and I like the strap hook mod to make the horn balance slightly better. If you want one of the better playing altos in the world, get this. It’s priced very low for what you get.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Gold Plate (Vanishingly Rare) Japanese Market Near Mint 156928

    Possibly the nearest to new condition original gold plate Selmer Mark VI in the world. Email serious inquiries to [email protected] This might be a keeper for me, because it is also in the best serial range for altos to play well. Plus it’s an original Japanese market horn, which is rarely seen. One of a kind.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer High F# 71815 the Best!

    $ 7,750

    This is a beautiful, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto from 1958, which is a great year for VI altos. It has the desirable ‘early medium bow’ which is also what I play. This is the only vintage of 5-digit alto that has the best bow length for tuning the low register. Not that that’s super essential in a VI alto – the ones immediately after this (long bow) also are great altos, and the earlier ones (short bow) are also fine. It only becomes an issue if you are playing classical sax, small tip opening, or exposed ensemble playing with a lot of low B and C etc. In those cases, this sax stands out as having better intonation, combined with the medium dark, focused, complex woody tone of the ’58-59 vintage of VI altos. My personal 84xxx plays just like this 71xxx. This horn has the high F# which is a nice plus for most alto players. It just got a thorough playing condition job done by Matt Stohrer, and it plays well on the current mix of pads. The tone is just beautiful, and response is nice too. It’s priced very well, compared to most other nice-looking, original lacquer VI altos from this vintage. If you want to own the best, this is it!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Near Mint Original Pads 208796

    $ 5,750
  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer No Dents or Dings or Resolders Original Pads 214850

    $ 5,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto MK 6 Original Lacquer for sale

    Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Overhauled Excellent! 165069

    $ 6,950

    This is one of those altos you don’t want to put down. It’s just gotten a complete overhaul / mechanical restoration, which means that it feels and plays like new or even a bit better. I wanted to get this horn overhauled, because I had a really good feeling about how it played even on the original pads that it had when it got here. If you want a VI that will be problem-free for many many years, and plays better than any modern horn on the market, (and will go up in value) this is what you want!

    This was a one-owner horn that was well cared-for for decades before now, and now it is getting a good start on a new life with a top shelf overhaul. This thing has a beautiful voice. Medium between bright and dark, rich, and resonant. The late 60’s Mark VI’s are my favorites for all-around Selmer altos, because they do basically everything well. Intonation is good, scale is even, low notes are saturated even at pianissimo, upper register screams. This has the ‘medium bow’ if you’re wondering about such things, which means the low register tunes the best of the Mark VI’s. You can’t beat a Mark VI alto like this for build quality and all-around satisfying playing experience. You get the beautiful, unbeatable tone of a Mark VI, the comfortable key work, the excellent intonation, and the feel of a new horn under your fingers, and all for less than a (let’s be honest) comparatively poorly made new Selmer alto. Plus this holds its value and appreciates, while your new horn is going to be worth approximately half the new price in about one second after you unbox it (gasp).

    Comes with the original case, and you can add a great BAM case for a big discount if you contact me.

  • Selmer Mark VI Sopranino Saxophone 250820

    $ 5,350
  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano from 1971 Excellent Original Lacquer 189112

    $ 5,250
  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano from 1971 Original Silver Plate + BAM Case 189125

    $ 4,200
  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 197315

    $ 4,950

    Wonderful example of a Selmer Mark VI soprano. This beauty has almost all of its original lacquer still remaining, as well as its original pads. Nobody has messed with this horn. It is still factory clean repair wise, with the nice, snappy factory setup still intact. If you’re going to be playing this seriously, you will want to get the pads replaced soon I would think. They are currently sealing surprisingly well, for it being 50 years old, and you can play it plenty well enough to tell that it has a rich, centered tone, medium between bright and dark, with a good amount of projection. With the right mouthpiece, the Mark VI is the ultimate smooth jazz soprano a la Kenny G. Kenny G gets both love and hate from the saxophone world, but there’s no question people far beyond the saxophone community love his sound, and he plays a Mark VI soprano just like this. There are no dents or dings, and there are no past repairs on this saxophone. It’s an amazing example, and well worth the price. The hard case is in good condition. Not original, and more protective than the original anyhow. You can upgrade to a BAM Signature (best modern soprano case) for not much extra. No mouthpiece comes with it, but we can discuss mouthpiece options if you don’t already have one that you love.

    Only one available.

  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone 276162 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

    $ 4,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 143865 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition

    $ 7,350

    Freshly overhauled with domed nylon resonators (much like what would have been originally installed on this instrument at the factory) this Mark VI tenor is in good condition and plays very well, with a full voice and very even up and down the scale.  The spring tension are currently set moderately heavy, and although this instrument is over 50 years old the overhaul combined with the spring tensions make it feel and look almost like a new instrument. The spring tensions can be adjusted before shipping if you have a different preference, but the lacquer is still going to look nearly new!

    The original lacquer is in exceptionally good condition, and this horn might be what others would describe as “mint condition” due to the lacquer, but there are a few past repairs to mention that bring it out of that rarified atmosphere and bring the price down without affecting the tone.  These repairs were very well done, and each has been addressed with care and competence: a resoldered low Bb key guard foot, a few repaired dents on the body, and a past neck pulldown that has been repaired (and the neck refit). All in all, a nice Mark VI that has a very tidy overhaul on it, ready to play and needs nothing.  

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 195260 Original Lacquer American-Engraved Plays Well

    $ 5,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 205xxx from 1972 Original

    $ 5,750

Now a YAMAHA dealer! Great pre-sale setup by Matt Stohrer no extra charge! Email us for detailed info on a particular model at [email protected] Dismiss