Conn Transitional NWII / 10M Tenor 1930 New Keywork 243217 Fresh Overhaul!

$ 6,950

Unlacquered 1930 Conn transitional tenor which has had modern keywork painstakingly fit to the old body tube. This is my favorite vintage of Conn for tone. If you’ve ever wanted a Conn tone without sacrificing key feel to play the 30’s keywork, this is one of those rare chances to do it. The horn is also gorgeous. I like that they picked a really clean, beautiful example to use as the shell for the overhaul.

Keywork was custom fitted by a shop in Canada (About a $3500 job), and then the horn was overhauled and perfected by Aaron Barnard in Iowa (+$1650). So you’re basically getting the horn itself for almost nothing. Great deal for you, and it plays with a huge sound. It’s nicely in tune on a large chamber mouthpiece, Keywork is fast and comfortable. It’s the total package if what you love is the late NWII/ early Transitional tone but you want faster, more comfortable keywork.

There’s most certainly only one available!

In stock

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 9 in


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