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    Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 306843 Original Lacquer Pre-War

    Nice original lacquer freshly-overhauled pre-WWII Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone. These are the best of the vintage Conn tenors! The price includes the full, high-end OVERHAUL, which was just completed. An overhaul (people always ask) means that everything that can be changed gets done, and done correctly: all new pads, corks, and felts, professional setup, key fit checked and improved, neck fit checked and improved, full disassembly, cleaning, all new oil, lots of play testing. This horn turned out exceptionally well, and plays really easily and beautifully throughout the range. The tone is medium dark, wide, but with more focus than earlier Conns, and a bigger, wider sonic pallette than any modern saxophone. The palm keys stay full and consistent with the rest of the horn. The low register whispers out at a saturated pianissimo whether subtoning or not. Intonation is excellent, keywork is comfortable. If you’re coming from a modern horn, there’s a couple of weeks’ adjustment period, but then you are back up to full speed playing wise, in most people’s experience. A nice, orignial, overhauled 10M is pretty hard to find, and this one is one of the really good ones. It has only minor past repairs, like a resoldered octave key. Great condition, and plays like a new horn.

  • Conn 12M Transitional Baritone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Neck Extension – Tunes Great! 267059

    $ 7,900
  • Conn 6M New Wonder II Transitional Alto Saxophone

    Conn Art Deco Transitional Burnished Gold Plate 6M New Wonder II Alto Saxophone

    $ 4,500
  • Sold Out

    Conn C Soprano New Wonder 1 Good Condition Relacquered 84332

    $ 950
  • Sold Out Sale!

    Conn Curved Soprano New Wonder II Excellent Original Silver and Overhauled SALE!

    $ 3,250 $ 2,650
  • Conn Curved Soprano NWII ‘Chu Berry’ Excellent Original Silver Plate 168010

    $ 2,750
  • Conn Eagle Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece D73

    $ 350

    This is a Conn Eagle mouthpiece for Bari. It has a .073 tip opening, no baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. For you philatelists out there, it looks like this piece was stamped with the logo twice. The shank is slightly discolored, but this piece is in excellent condition.

  • Conn Early 10M Tenor Fresh Overhaul Original Lacquer 269461 BIG Player

    $ 4,250

    This is this kind of Conn 10M tenor saxophone that makes people ditch their Selmers and Yamahas. Keywork is comfortable, intonation is excellent, and the tone is to die for. Wide, dark, but still punchy and with a good amount of focus. Palm key tone is gorgeous and full, not a bit thin. Priced to sell quickly. Only one available.

  • Conn Gold Portrait New Wonder II Chu Berry Tenor Saxophone 197907

    $ 4,350
  • Conn Gold Portrait New Wonder II Tenor Saxophone 229961

    $ 4,500

    So if you know about vintage Conns, most of them are altos. Of the tenors, most of those are unlacquered, lacquered, or silver plate. Only a few are gold plate. Of the gold plated ones, most are satin gold with normal engraving, and only a few have the thick burnished gold plate finish. And those special horns took way more time to manufacture, as the gold has to be hand-burnished onto the horn. They also got deluxe hand engraving with special portraits done by Conn’s best engravers.

    So this is one of those. It has all the boxes checked. Original burnished gold, portrait engraved, very good condition. On top of that, it has a recent, high-quality overhaul done with resotech flat metal resonators. The tone is big, wide, powerful, medium dark. The horn vibrates under your fingers when you play. There’s not much to speak of by way of past repairs. The neck octave key has been resoldered, as have a few key cage legs. A few small dings were removed from the bell and back of the bow. These are all minor things and all corrected. This horn is really nice. Even slightly nicer in person than in the photos.

    Only one available!

  • Conn New Wonder 1 Alto Original Burnished Gold Plate Portrait 84738

    $ 2,950
  • Conn New Wonder 1 Tenor Exceptionally Fine Player Tunes Great Fresh Overhaul BAM Case 67890

    $ 3,250

    Do you want the biggest, darkest, most spread and room-filling vintage Conn tone possible? Do you want a gorgeous vintage Conn with original silver plate that looks almost new? Do you want it with a freshly-done high end ($1k+) overhaul, with high-end metal resonators? Do you want a premium $350 BAM tenor case included that fits the horn beautifully and will keep it in top adjustment?

    Well, look no further. That’s what this is. Any you should buy it. Right now. You won’t be sorry. I didn’t call it an exceptionally fine player for nothing.

  • Conn New Wonder II Tenor Saxophone 210xxx Lacquered Needs Overhaul Great Deal!

    $ 1,400
  • Conn NWII/14M BASS Sax desirable ‘plumber neck’ SUPER CLEAN original nickel plate AMAZING 154026 High Eb

    $ 12,500

    This is one beautiful Conn bass saxophone. It has its original nickel plate finish. Nickel is great because it lasts forever. Like literally forever, and it doesn’t tarnish either. Just stays looking great no matter what you throw at it. Plus, Conn aficionados tell me they find nickel to be loud and resonant compared to lacquer. Maybe that’s just because that’s how Conns always play, or maybe not having lacquer on there does free up a bit of extra vibration.

    This horn is in very very good condition. You almost never see a vintage Bass that has survived with this few past repairs (almost none) and this little dent work (again almost none). This horn was sold in the past by Bruno Waltersbacher, in Germany, and the nice case that comes with the horn has the Waltersbacher case logo on it. I’m guessing it was he who added the reinforced key arm on low C, which gives you more of a flat pad cup on that note, and is definitely an improvement.

    As you can see, this horn has the plumber neck, which is the last version of bass sax neck that Conn made. Same neck that is on the later baritones. Compared to my personal 229k Conn bass, and the other later Conn basses that I have seen, the only real difference here is that this horn is keyed to high Eb. If you have to have that high note, well, switch to baritone, haha. This bass has good pads, not a fresh overhaul, but it plays quite well on the current overhaul. I’m including a thorough tune up pre-sale. Shipping a bass takes some special practices, but I have done it enough times to be able to do it with confidence. It’s not so expensive to ship either, though pickup is ideal if you can swing it.

  • Holton / Made by Conn Bass Saxophone Good playing condition, original silver plate, very few past repairs CLEAN P22298

    $ 7,999
  • York made by Conn Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece D83

    $ 50

    This is a York alto saxophone mouthpiece made by Conn. It has a .054 tip opening, a concave baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. This piece should look great after a cleaning.

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