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    Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone Pre-War 1937 Excellent Condition Overhauled

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    Conn 10M/NWII Transitional Tenor Beautiful 259600

  • Conn 6M Alto 1935 Original Lacquer Old Pads Needs Overhaul Great Potential! 257175

    $ 1,200
  • Conn 6M Transitional Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer New York Neck! 275123

    $ 2,450

    This is a beautiful original lacquer pre-war Conn 6M Alto saxophone in excellent condition with the rare and desirable ‘NY’ Neck. I’m not sure why it is called that, but this means the neck without microtuner and with the octave key going over the top and around the tenon in a large loop. This is only the second one I have seen that still had its ‘sombrero’ shaped neck octave key protecting tool in the case. This goes in the neck tenon to keep the loop of the octave key in perfect shape. This 6M has original pads from 1938 and needs an overhaul, but it is priced very low for what you get. These are among the best playing alto saxophones of all time. I play a Conn very much like this myself, and it blows the walls down while also tuning better than almost any other saxophone at the same time. It’s fantastic.

    Only one available!

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    Conn Eagle Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece D73

    This is a Conn Eagle mouthpiece for Bari. It has a .073 tip opening, no baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. For you philatelists out there, it looks like this piece was stamped with the logo twice. The shank is slightly discolored, but this piece is in excellent condition.

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    Conn Early 6M Alto Saxophone 250425

    This is about the 150th Conn 6M made. (The first is #250243, and they made other voices in between that one and 250425.) If you know this site, you’ll know that I especially like these early 6Ms. They play wider and wilder than the also-great-later 6M’s, but they still have the super slick keywork that makes 6M’s great. So it’s kind of a sweet spot if you want great keywork and a big sound. This one needs an overhaul, and it has a few dings, but it’s going to be a superb alto with a little care put into it. Or talk to me about getting it including a fresh overhaul, which I can have done to my picky standards in a couple of weeks’ time.

  • Conn New Wonder 1 Alto Burnished Gold Stunning Portrait Engraved Old Pads 139214

    $ 1,500

    Gorgeous original gold plated Conn New Wonder 1 alto with portrait and everything. This alto is made of brass, but it has as thick layer of gold plate over a layer of silver plate over the brass. Conn gave lots of special attention and time to these portrait engraved ‘burnished’ gold examples, and this is a beautiful one that made it through its first 100 years to still be in excellent condition today. These are extremely fun altos to play, with a big, wide, velvety, room-filling tone that is full of warmth and sweetness. If you want an alto that is really lyrical and pleasant to listen to, the New Wonder 1 and 2 are probably at the top of the list. What you sacrifice is modern keywork – this has 1920’s ergonomics, so don’t expect to burn it up on this. The intonation is good but flexible. You can bend notes around, so if you’re a ‘biter’ with way too tight of an embouchure, you will have more trouble than if you play with a relaxed or fairly even embouchure. This one has old pads and needs a repad, but hey- it’s gorgeous, in good condition, and burnished gold with extra engraving, so you’re getting a great deal on a work of art that is also very usable as a modern instrument today.

  • Conn New Wonder II Soprano Original Gold Plate Overhauled with Mods Front F 199071

    $ 2,650

    This is a gold plated (not lacquered but actual gold plate finish) vintage Conn New Wonder II soprano saxophone in excellent condition. It has a recent full overhaul, meaning all new pads, corks, felts, oil, and a lot of labor spent tuning it up and setting everything up to top playing condition. That’s a big plus on this horn. It also got a front F key added custom as part of the overhaul. The tone is the main reason to buy a vintage Conn. It has a wide, powerful, medium dark tone that loves a large chamber mouthpiece and sounds completely different from the oboe-like modern soprano sound. It’s more saxophone-like than a modern horn. You’d be hard-pressed to find a warmer, more pleasant soprano to play, or a more beautiful soprano for a better price. Not to mention the gold plate, the fancy engraving, and the added front F. It’s a great deal! Only one available!

  • Conn New Wonder II Transitional Alto Saxophone Original Silver Old Pads 237954

    $ 800

    This late Conn New Wonder II alto sax is in very good original condition, and just needs a quality overhaul to be an excellent player. It’s original silver plate, and it will shine up and look amazing with a cleaning and polishing job put into it. These late New Wonder II’s start to be called transitional when they get their first 6M-anticipating feature: the raised side E key touch. Besides that, this is pretty much a New Wonder II, though Conn also starts to experiment with the neck around this serial, to improve intonation and give slightly more focus to the sound (still very wide and spread). When overhauled nicely, these altos are unmatched for the amount that they feel alive in your hands. They vibrate and respond so amazingly well. I never want to put the horn down!

    Only one available!

  • Conn NW1/II Sopranino Orig Silver Plate Fresh Bill Singer Overhaul 147236

    $ 4,500
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    Conn NWII / 14M Bass Saxophone Original CASE Fully Restored

    I spent $500+ getting this rare original Conn bass sax case restored, and it’s in really great condition now! Fresh shell reinforcement and repair, internal padding and fabric, added latch, new handle, fresh coat of paint, and case feet. I am tempted to keep it for when I eventually find a nice later Conn bass. NOTE: This case ONLY fits the ‘plumber neck’ version NWII/14M, NOT the NW1 and earlier Conn bass with a neck that looks like a bari sax.

  • Conn NWII Soprano Original Silver Plate 160380

    $ 950

    Nice, clean old pads Conn New Wonder II soprano in original silver plate. This horn has lacquer over the silver, which I have seen on some other old Conn saxophones from this period, so it may be original lacquer over silver. You could easily strip the lacquer and it would look brand new when overhauled and hand polished. These horns have a big, wide, warm, velvety tone and flexible-but-good intonation with a large chamber soprano mouthpiece. Link Tone Edge works well, for example. This one is a solid example that shouldn’t be too difficult of an overhaul, and that still plays on the existing pads (makes saxophone noises – doesn’t play well, but you can get an idea).

    Only one available!

  • Conn Transitional Art Deco Tenor Original Silver Plate Overhauled 243357

  • Conn Transitional NWII / 10M Tenor 1930 New Keywork 243217 Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 6,250

    Unlacquered 1930 Conn transitional tenor which has had modern keywork painstakingly fit to the old body tube. This is my favorite vintage of Conn for tone. If you’ve ever wanted a Conn tone without sacrificing key feel to play the 30’s keywork, this is one of those rare chances to do it. The horn is also gorgeous. I like that they picked a really clean, beautiful example to use as the shell for the overhaul.

    Keywork was fitted by a shop in Canada, and then the horn was thoroughly setup (basically overhauled ~$1650) and perfected by Aaron Barnard in Iowa. It plays GREAT!

    Only one available!

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    York made by Conn Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece D83

    $ 50

    This is a York alto saxophone mouthpiece made by Conn. It has a .054 tip opening, a concave baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. This piece should look great after a cleaning.