Conn 26M Early Connqueror Alto Original Lacquer Overhauled Rare Version 267962

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This is the earliest Conn 26M Connqueror alto saxophone I’ve seen personally. I didn’t realize there were Conn 26M’s this early. You probably know, but the Conn 26M Connqueror was a super deluxe and rare edition of the famous Conn ‘6M’ / Artist / Naked Lady / Lady Face alto that is probably the best-known Conn alto (but least consistently-named)… I’ve written a lot about the Connqueror special features, but everything you touch is either pearl or solid silver, and you get the very special Connqueror keywork improvements and about twice the engraving as well. Here’s a video where Matt Stohrer goes over the details for you.

This particular alto is in very good condition with original lacquer and a good overhaul. The overhaul just got checked up here, and the horn is playing really well! The pads are not very old, so this horn should be good to go for many years. It is a very good player with a powerful, straight ahead sound, excellent intonation, and a lot of projection. The tone is medium dark, but very full, and it stays fat up into the highest register. Keywork feels fast under the fingers. You will love this alto if you love Conns, or even if you don’t you’ll still love it if you are the least bit adventurous and willing to take a couple of weeks while your muscle memory develops for the fast but different Conn keywork layout. You can really play fast on one of theseĀ once you get used to it. Alto players tend to be way fussier than tenor players about the delay in getting used to keywork differences, but once you do, it’s so worth it.

If you want to have one of the earliest Connqueror altos in existence, that also has original lacquer and that has a good overhaul and plays well, that’s what this is.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 11 in


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