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  • Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Deco Engraved Silver Baritone Small Bell Fantastic 273737

    $ 4,500

    This is the only small bell Buescher Art Deco baritone that I’ve seen. I’m sure there are others, but if there are, they could hardly be nicer than this one. It has almost all of its original silver plate intact, as well as the gold in the bell. The pads are in good condition, from an overhaul with not too much play time on it.  It just got a nice tune up on the already-newish pads, and it plays great! If you love a baritone to have a full, warm voice and great intonation, this is the horn for you. Plus it has the rarity and beauty to make it very special. It’s priced SUPER low for what a quality baritone it is, and there is most certainly only one available!


  • Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Amazing Condition Great Player

    $ 2,350

    The Buffet S1 Alto saxophone is the best saxophone that Buffet ever produced. It has all of the big, operatic voice of a Super Dynaction, paired with some brilliant keywork improvements. Plus, it has that combination of high build quality and rarity that makes it appeal to me both as a player and as a lover of vintage saxophones. The low C/Eb design is just so pleasant to use. It’s light, fast, and ergonomic. No more hopping your pinky over rollers. Just rock it side to side! Why don’t modern saxes copy this? The left hand spatula keys have similarly smart rocking designs that make the adjacent keys stay accessible when you press any of the pinky keys down. The S1 has excellent intonation, beautiful engraving, and a pleasant, warm, medium tone between bright and dark. If you want a great professional alto that is in the neighborhood of a Selmer Mark VI, that is equally well built, but costs less, and has a bit wider, fatter sound, especially in the palm keys, then the S1 is the horn for you. There’s nothing else that does all of that stuff as well. The pads on this alto are original, so either plan on replacing them several at a time over the next few years, or just plan on a repad soon. It’s fun to play even on original pads though. And it’s priced LOW! Original case is gorgeous too.

    Only one available!

  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Pre-war 300088 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

    $ 2,250

    BEAUTIFUL example of an original lacquer ‘Pre-war’ Conn 6M VIII Alto saxophone in extremely fine original condition with original pads. It’s about as clean an example as you are ever likely to find. It had one dent removed from the body tube (nearly invisible now), and that’s it for past repairs or damage over its entire first 80 years of existence.

    These altos remain an absolute bargain. They’re among the best playing alto saxophones ever made, with a bigger, wider, more powerful tone than almost anything out there. And yet the keywork is very fast and comfortable, and the intonation is excellent. It’s the perfect lead alto horn. It’s also made in USA at the height of US manufacturing, and has a build quality that has hardly been matched since. This is the desirable version with the VIII stamped neck, which tends to sell for more than the later versions without the stamp. They’re all great, so if you’re on a budget, check out the beautiful 320k post war example that is also for sale. This is original pads, so plan to get it repadded.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Conn Panamerican (New Wonder 1) Bass Saxophone Silver Plate Recent Overhaul

    $ 6,950

    This is a fantastic example of a Conn bass saxophone with original silver plate in very good shape. It was restored by Mark Aaronson and then put away without being played much at all. The neck is replated, I think, but the rest looks original. It has the features of a late Conn New Wonder 1, like around 120-140k (wild guess) bass. The way Panamerican works is that when Conn starts making a new model under its own name, the Panamerican is made with the previous model’s tooling. So this is basically a Conn bass with NW1 design, made while Conn was making the NWII under its own name. You’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer bass for a better price. It also comes with a fancy Gard gig bag that makes this bass effortless to wheel around. Only one available!!

  • Sold Out

    Holton Stratodyne 234 Alto Good Condition with Old Pads 242174

    $ 1,200
  • King SilverSonic Tenor Series III Gold in the Engraving Double Socket Neck 375203

    $ 10,500

    **Price includes Matt Stohrer’s overhaul which was JUST finished!

    If you’re reading this, then welcome! I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite tenor saxophones. There are many versions of King Super 20 tenors and King SilverSonic tenors and it can be confusing for people who don’t regularly geek out about vintage saxophones to know which ones are the best. The short answer in this case would be – this one! The reasons, you ask? So, the next earlier SilverSonic version, the ‘Series II’ with pearl side keys, will cost you many many thousands of dollars more money (because only around 200 exist). This is the next version after that, and it has the best combination of features that you could ask for: solid silver (not plated, but all the way through silver) neck and bell; thick gold plate inside the engraving on the bell, gold wash inside the bell with lacquer over it; double socket neck with underslung octave key. All of those features go away at one time or another on later Super 20’s and SilverSonics. So to have them all in one horn is what you want.

    That’s the first big reason. The second is keywork. People always seem to want keywork that feels modern, even on a vintage horn. This is a barrier to lots of players getting to experience best vintage horns – they can have trouble with the idea that a Conn 10M or a Buescher Top Hat and Cane has different pinky key layout, and are afraid they won’t be able to adjust. If you’ve had the pleasure of spending a week playing a horn with an unfamiliar key layout, you’ll know already, that this fear is overplayed. Your brain makes the changes in your muscle memory and you very soon feel comfortable and at home. Nevertheless… if you’re someone who wants it both ways – vintage horn build quality, beauty and tone, but modern-ish keywork, then this is the horn for you. The Series III Super 20’s and SilverSonics are the first ones that feel pretty much modern under the fingers. No, low Bb does not tilt like your Yamaha, but it’s still in the same location and is the same basic shape. So it’s easier to make the move to this version of SilverSonic.

    And why move? Well, to me, beauty alone is a sufficient reason. It’s easily one of the most beautiful saxophones ever made.That gold over silver on the bell, plus the neck – people are still imitating that look today, to varying degrees of success.  This tenor just got a complete overhaul done by Matt Stohrer, who does King overhauls as well as anyone on the planet, if not better. Now, everything on this horn is clean, straight, tidy, and snappy, just like it should be. It probably plays better now than it did when it was brand new! It’s just fantastic. As Kings go, it’s in the medium category between dark and spread (Zephyr Special/ Super 20 series 1) and bright and focused (series IV and V Super 20). This has the earlier double socket neck design like a Series II, but the sterling silver bell seems to give it some extra zing, and it plays a little brighter than my Series II Super 20 brass bell that I compare everything to, and a lot more focused than my Zephyr Special, but not as bright and laser focused as the last few later SilverSonics that have come through. Lots of power though.

    This version of the SilverSonic deserves to be worth more than it is, and I have this one priced actually lower than the last one I sold 10 years ago, so it’s definitely a great deal. You just don’t see Series III SilverSonics with doube socket neck and gold in the engraving very often. And they have a super-powerful, fat but not too shrill, projecting tone that is really hard to beat. This could easily be your only horn for the rest of your life, and you would never need to upgrade, and probably would never even be tempted to. Now that I’ve written this description, if the horn suddenly disappears from the site, you’ll know I decided to just keep it and play it.

    Only one available! (Here it is playing a ballad, and it sounds quite different playing straight ahead.)

  • King Super 20 Alto Series III Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Overhauled! 376523

    $ 4,950

    Great King Super 20 alto that is also on the affordable side for one of the best vintages. This is 376523, double socket, solid silver neck, engraved bell keys, underslung octave key, but the more modern style pinky keys and a tone that is more like the ‘full pearls’ Super 20’s. This horn just got a full, top shelf overhaul with Pisoni italian leather pads and nice reusable slightly domed, metal resonators. It feels brand new under the fingers, and it is still in excellent original cosmetic condition. Only one available! $4950 incl the overhaul, which is about what you’d pay for a Yamaha, and this is much better and holds its value better too.

  • Martin Home Model Unbelievable Condition! C Melody Simplified Collectible!

    $ 1,000
  • Powell Silver Eagle SE10 Alto One of 18 Made – all options solid silver +Matt Stohrer Overhau

    $ 12,000

    For your viewing pleasure, this is one of the 18 Powell Silver Eagle saxophones made. Powell conceived of an ambitious project to bring back an American-made saxophone of the highest quality. Inspired by the Super 20 SilverSonic, the Silver Eagle reproduces the bore while adding solid silver soldered tone holes and modern keywork. Powell sadly ended their project after making only 18 saxophones, despite high demand, due to the high cost of production. This horn plays like a good super 20 but a little more evenly, and has been completely overhauled by Matt Stohrer. This is the ultimate collectible among modern saxophones, and it is also a burning player. Asking price is just what these cost new, plus a little extra since it got a $1500 overhaul on top of that! It’s not even inflated for the collectibility value, which is probably not smart of me, but there it is. If you want to discuss all the details of this project, I can put you in touch with the people who built it. These were most definitely a new saxophone bore and neck design, inspired by the best King Super 20 SilverSonic altos, both according to them and according to the folks who bought the tooling and mandrels when the project ended. The keywork is modified from tooling bought from B&S, which accounts for the pinky table that sticks out farther than it would on something like a Yamaha.

    There is most certainly only one available. This one has all the possible factory options, which only a subset of Powell Silver Eagles had – including the solid silver tone holes and even cryo treatment. Of the 18 saxophones built, I know at least a couple of them were brass bell, and some others lacked other of these features. This is one of the ones with everything, which makes it even more collectible. Includes the original accessories, case, and paperwork.

    Just for fun, here’s Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview from when he overhauled it.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul Great! 221505

    $ 6,350

    This is just freshly overhauled. I just went through all the Mark VI altos on the site, and this may be the best player, despite not being nearly the most expensive. It has a medium tone between bright and dark, a rich voice, and tons of power. You’ll absolutely love it. The overhaul was with italian leather Pisoni pads and premium reusable slightly domed brass resonators. It’s hard to beat! I’m also including a new BAM Classic alto case with it to keep it safe and give you the full package.