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  • Buescher 400 Tenor Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Old Pads

    $ 1,450
  • Buescher True Tone Series IV Tenor Saxophone Original Silver Plate 237689

    $ 1,200
  • Conn 10M Tenor Pre-War Fresh Overhaul Great Deal Relacquer 284175

    $ 2,950
  • Conn 10M Tenor Rolled Tone Holes Original Silver Plate Very Good Condition Fresh Overhaul! 310735

    $ 4,950
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    Conn 10M/NWII Transitional Tenor Beautiful 259600

  • Sold Out

    Conn Art Deco Transitional NWII / 10M Tenor Original Silver Plate Recent Overhaul 244566

    $ 4,500

    This is a players Conn tenor – recently overhauled really well, and pads are still fresh. Original satin silver plate with gold wash in the bell. It’s been played a lot, because it plays well!  The fresh overhaul feels great under the fingers. This is a horn that needs nothing and plays its best right out of the case. It has flat metal reso-techs and Pisoni leather pads, strap hook moved for balance, and the desirable art deco engraving.

    The 238-247k serial range is among the most prized among tenor players who love Conns. These tenors have a huge sound like the New Wonder II, but some key work and tuning improvements looking toward the 10M. This is a really fine playing example that should make anyone happy who wants a huge Conn tone on a horn that they don’t have to overhaul or plan on spending any money on anytime in the near future. Only one available!

  • Conn Gold Art Deco Transitional NWII Tenor Rare and Fantastic! 243453

    $ 8,950
  • Conn New Wonder II Tenor *Excellent* Original Silver Plate Very Clean Fresh Overhaul! 207118

    $ 4,200
  • Conn Transitional Art Deco Tenor Original Silver Plate Overhauled 243357

  • Couf Superba 1 Tenor Rare Original Silver Plate Early Serial Big Player! 65988

    $ 4,250

    New photos coming soon when the overhaul is done beginning of April 2022.

    This is one of the first Couf Superba 1 tenors made, and it was picked out by a guy who worked with Herb Couf to make the Superba 1 a reality. It was used on a Philip Glass recording along the way, and then played a bunch of jazz. It has original lacquer over the original silver plate (very rare finish for a Keilwerth), and where the lacquer is flaking off, the silver is tarnishing. This thing is/was a big player on old pads, but I am now getting it completely overhauled, which is now included in the price.  You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger sounding tenor for the money. The tone of the Superba 1 is dark like an SBA, but wider like a Conn, and it stays fat in the palm keys unlike a Selmer. Plus it has modern keywork. This tenor was on consignment, but I bought it so I could overhaul it. These horns are so good that Tyler, who does the GetASax YouTube channel, picked his Superba 1 out of all the horns that came through the shop over a period of years, as being the best one. You can hear Tyler’s Couf Superba 1 on the GetASax YouTube channel in several of the videos. The Superba 1 is one of those sleeper tenors that you don’t hear as much about for how good it is. Definitely recommended! Vintage tone + modern keywork + top build quality = what everybody wants.

  • Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone WST-AF no F# Antique Finish NEW

    $ 4,500

    Email to reserve one from our next shipment April 2022: [email protected] 

  • Keilwerth ToneKing Special Tenor Original Silver Rare! Recent Overhaul! 49375

    $ 4,500
  • King SilverSonic Tenor Cleveland 433140 Very Good Condition

    $ 5,750
  • Sold Out

    King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Silver Neck Good Shape Relacquer Old Pads Great Deal 298205

    $ 3,650

    If you want a nice early serial King Super 20 tenor sax that has an old relacquer and makes it way less expensive, that’s what this is. It has old pads, and it has had some small dents removed from the back of the bow / body tube that are now gone and look fine. Get it overhauled, and you’ll have a top grade tenor for about the cost of a pro Yamaha, which is great.

  • King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Very Good Condition Good Pads 308996

    $ 6,500

    This is the Super 20 that most people want. This is the version with the more modern LH pinky (spatula) keys, but that still has ‘full pearls’ on all the key touches, double socket, solid-silver neck, and engraved bell keys. It has had a recent repad, and I just got it freshly checked out and setup, so it’s playing quite well. There aren’t many original lacquer Super 20’s from this most desirable serial range in the world. Far fewer than people realize! There are about 10x as many 5-digit Mark VI’s as there are full pearls Super 20’s.

  • King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Full Pearls Original Lacquer Matt Stohrer Overhaul Exceptional 319719

    $ 7,950

    This is a primo Super 20 tenor – best of the best. These are the fresh photos with a Matt Stohrer overhaul just completed.  He does Super 20’s SO well. This is now the tenor that I play in the shop when I want to play a tenor. It’s fantastic.

  • King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone Series III Silver Neck Overhauled 364611

    $ 4,750

    Original lacquer King Super 20 tenor in great shape. This also had a recent overhaul by Aaron Barnard and plays great. It would be hard to find a nicer Super 20 for much less money. The ‘Series III’ Super 20’s (as we call them) come right after the ‘full pearls’ series II’s, and are different from the previous version in that they have completely upgraded keywork that feels more modern. The left hand spatula keys are now a lot more like a Selmer, and the stack keys are ergonomically easier too. The tone is much the same as a Series II. Still warm, complex, powerful, fat in the upper register and super projecting. Just slightly brighter than a Series II in my experience, though you can change that easily with mouthpiece choice. The neck is solid sterling silver and has the double socket. The Series III’s are basically like a Series II but less expensive, mostly just because you don’t have the side key pearls. Same quality build and tone, but for thousands of dollars less. That makes this a smart buy in my opinion! Plus Aaron’s high-end overhaul is about a $1500 value and has basically no miles on it.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Martin Committee III Tenor Late Original Lacquer Overhauled Replacement (Correct) Neck 314711

  • Sold Out

    Martin The Martin Tenor Saxophone Committee III Original Lacquer Overhauled 195777

    $ 3,250

    The Martin Tenor is loud, punchy, medium dark, and built like a tank. It is a great rock and roll horn, and sounds wicked with a higher baffle mouthpiece. Or play ballads on it with your GS SLANT or GS RESO. This one had a recent high end overhaul, and plays effortlessly. The original lacquer is in beautiful shape as well. This is a rare opportunity to buy a The Martin Tenor that is playing RIGHT, and that has a really nice, snappy, dry pad feel that is how these really should feel to play. Low register is effortless. Altissimo pops without sounding thin. There’s a reason why Martin sold these with a 50 year warranty. They really are built to last. They’re way undervalued for what you get. That won’t last a whole lot longer, in my opinion.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 24461 Relacquered Freshly Overhauled Great Price

    $ 6,450
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1956 Relacquer Clean Condition Great Deal 65412

    $ 7,000

    I’ve seen other dealers selling equivalent and worse looking horns for $8000+, so I think this is a great deal for this 5 digit Mark VI tenor from 1956. It’s American-engraved with original neck with matching serial number. There are no dents or dings, and the older pads are still sealing. This isn’t freshly overhauled, so plan on getting it overhauled by the repairman of your choice if you want to get 100% of its potential. However, I thought someone might want to grab it for a lower price rather than have me get it overhauled and sell it higher. If you’d like it plus overhaul, we can definitely discuss that. I’m always getting lots of horns overhauled, and this could be the next one in line with one of my repairmen if that’s what works best for you.

    Or just get it tuned up a bit and play it on the older pads. They’re in that phase where they still seal pretty well, but replacing a few of them and selling this as ‘good playing condition’ would not really be worth doing, as you may or may not gain added value from that. If it were mine to play, I’d get it overhauled all at once, but if you’re on a budget, you could spend $200 or so on it and it would play quite well I think.

    Condition wise, it’s worth mentioning that it was definitely buffed when it was relacquered – the bell engraving is still visible for sure, but it was originally very deeply cut at this serial range, and the palm key tone holes are shorter than they were originally because of buffing. It still tunes fine up top, but I would be remiss not to tell you anything that I can see on the condition.

    If you’re looking for a VI tenor from basically the best serial range, with a big, dark, powerful, focused tone, great ergonomics, good intonation, and that costs a lot less than most VI’s, and is mechanically in quite good shape, then that’s what this is.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 77158 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Great Deal! 1958

    On Trial May 17 2022

    It would be hard to find a better deal on a Mark VI tenor at the moment. This horn just got tuned up by Aaron Barnard in Cedar Rapids (great repairman), and it plays effortlessly with a big, powerful tone. The tone is medium dark, and focused with lots of power. It brightens up when pushed, but this is the sort of tone that people love in a good 80k Mark VI. It sounds a lot like my 81k. The only reason this isn’t priced about $3k higher is that it had a neck pickup removed, and has had a few minor past repairs. That doesn’t matter when Aaron does the pickup-ectomy, because he puts a ‘flush plug’ in that matches the curve of the brass inside and outside. It’s like the pickup was never there. Besides that, this was a one owner horn, and it was played a lot but well cared for. The only other past repairs I see are a few dings removed from the back of the body tube and bow (bow ones are basically invisible, and the back of the body ones look like a tiny cloudy spot, for example above the serial number). And the bell flare had a crease removed and is in the correct contour now and feels just fine. Neck is in great shape aside from the lacquer loss from when the pickup was installed in the first place. As repairs go, none of these is very serious, and the horn plays just how it should.

    For an original lacquer 1958-59 VI, you’d typically have to pay a lot more than this. I’m pricing this one on the low side for what it is, so that someone can get a relative bargain on it. The market is a bit confusing to folks right now, with people on eBay and some private websites listing horns for 3-5x their actual value. I’m not going to do that. But I’ll tell you this horn would be priced much higher elsewhere, and it is an excellent value if you’re looking for tone, and not cosmetic perfection, but you want a horn in good shape, from a great vintage and serial number, and with original lacquer. That’s what this is. There’s only one available, so get it before it’s gone.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Worn Original Lacquer 1967 140547 Great Deal!

    $ 6,750

    This is a chance to get a worn original VI from 1967 with older pads for a bargain price (for a VI). This vintage of Mark VI tenor tends to have a TON of projection and power. The tone is medium between bright and dark –  not super dark, not super bright and thin. Depending on mouthpiece, you can take it in lots of directions. This was owned by the same guy for the past several decades. He played it a lot because it plays well. It’s time for a fresh overhaul on it, in my opinion, so if you like the worn look on a Selmer, and you want it original lacquer, and you want to be able to afford to overhaul it your way, but not be into it for too much money, then that’s what this is.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VII Tenor 272860 Original Lacquer Good Condition

    $ 3,500

    Great deal on an original lacquer Selmer Mark VII tenor saxophone with early serial and Mark VI engraving! You’re doing great with a Selmer Paris tenor at this price! It’s not freshly overhauled, but hey, you’re into it for not much money.

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VII Tenor Fresh Overhaul Original Lacquer 244631 Plays Great!

    $ 3,950
  • Sold Out

    Selmer Series II Tenor Original Lacquer Beautiful Condition 451502

    $ 3,900

    This is a nice clean Selmer Series II Tenor in beautiful original condition. It plays well, and saves you a bundle compared to buying a new one. No past repairs, no issues. Pads are mostly original. This is the pre-jubilee Series II that plays better and is better built.

  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Like New Overhauled 2 Necks! 435k

    $ 5,750

    This is a mint, like new Selmer Series II tenor that just got a full high end overhaul through GetASax. It has the extra neck octave pip/’harmonic key’ for easier altissimo, and it WORKS! It also comes with a second, silver plated Series II neck if you want to compare and contrast. This horn came new in the plastic, but it’s a 435k serial, so that’s why I went ahead and completely overhauled it. The dry, thin original Selmer pads were going to give you a lackluster playing experience, and I felt like it really deserved the full treatment. If you’ve been wanting a Series II tenor with all the bells and whistles, that responds better than new, and that will hold up better than a new one, this is it! Plus the harmonic key really is a useful feature. I’m impressed!
    Only one available!

  • Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Mint Condition 382524

    $ 4,500
  • SML Gold Medal 1 Tenor Original Lacquer Deluxe Engraving Gorgeous 17481

    $ 5,350

    This is the SML that is the most desirable of all in my book. Only in a narrow serial range right around this, did they have the fancy engraving all over the bell including inside. This is the coveted Gold Medal 1 with all the touted features that set this model apart, and with rolled tone holes and new pads. This sax is original lacquer, excellent condition. It would be quite hard to find a better gold medal tenor.

  • Sold Out

    SML Gold Medal 1 Tenor Rolled Tone Holes Pichard 19925 Excellent Price

    $ 2,350
  • SML Super 46 Tenor Rare! Original Silver Plate Overhauled Good Condition 5117

    $ 4,750
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Very Good Condition Plays Great!

    $ 1,400
  • Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Brand NEW with Warranty and Pro Setup

    $ 3,798

    The YTS-62III Tenor saxophone from Yamaha is the go-to, top recommended first professional tenor from most teachers and band directors I have talked to over the years. Again and again online, someone asks something like, “We want to get our daughter/son a good saxophone. Our budget is around $3750. What should we get?” The most common answer is basically always a Yamaha 62 tenor. Why? It just works. It’s a professional horn that is extremely reliable and made in Japan, with excellent build quality, great intonation, and a top quality factory setup. You can use virtually any mouthpiece on it, and it will still tune well. That lets you take the (admittedly rather vanilla) tone in myriad directions. Yamaha is a conservative company, and their crowd pleaser YTS-62III tenor saxophone is meant to get the job done without over-determining the tone. It’s clear, medium bright, and round. Not too loud and in your face, not very dark or too bright. Not very smoky or complex. But you can add most of that back in with a well-chosen mouthpiece.

    It’s hard to keep these horns in stock, as Yamaha has been backordered on them for a long time. I have some more coming in pretty soon (Maybe June 2022) These come with a new horn checkup before they go to you, meaning my (experienced/skilled/picky) repairman makes sure that the horn plays like it should. Often there are 2 or three little tweaks that take the horn from good to great, and that’s actually a big added value to you to have us do that before you get it. Most of the differerces between new horns of the same model at a store are due to the lack of a good new horn checkup.

  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YTS-875S Tenor Saxophone Silver Plate Near Mint Condition Fresh Setup

    $ 3,750

    SUPER clean example of a Yamaha Custom 875 Tenor in original silver plate. This came from a collection of amazing saxophones and barely got played. It has been babied its entire life so far. There’s a pin point ding in the back of the bow that you might never notice. Otherwise it’s like new. I just had this fully setup, and the pads are sealing really well. My first pro tenor was one exactly like this, which I bought new. This brings back fond memories of playing that horn. It tunes great, and it is among the darkest sounding Yamaha tenors ever made. With a Link style mouthpiece, you can get a real Wayne Shorter sort of vibe on this. I used a metal Yanagisawa piece back in the day, and it sounded really good. These are extremely well built, and comfortable to play. Easy to own. I had the spring tension setup properly on this one, so that it doesn’t feel too stiff, like they sometimes do. It’s much better.

    Only one available!