Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1955 Silver Plated Replate Very Good Condition Plays Great 57291

$ 8,500

The 57k serial Selmer Mark VI tenors from 1955 are among the best playing Mark VI’s ever made. I’ve heard over the years from several Selmer aficionados and other dealers that the 57k necks have something special about them that makes them have a ton of power combined with a dark, focused core and great intonation. Basically, it’s horns like this that created the mystique around the Selmer Mark VI in the first place. This is a beautiful example that is carefully replated silver plate and is in excellent condition. This horn was babied by its previous owner, who flew here to hand it to me in person rather than shipping it. It has a good pad job that isn’t new, but that still seals great and plays very well right out of the case. I don’t think you’ll need to overhaul this one anytime soon. There’s no signficant damage at all – no dents or dings. And I feel like a replate is almost the opposite of a relacquer – you’re adding metal to the instrument rather than removing it. Plus this horn was so well cared-for that I don’t see any evidence of significant past repairs that could be masked by a refinish. You also get the cool vintage Selmer flight case, which is one of the best cases Selmer ever made for the Mark VI.

All in all, you’re getting a really clean, nice, best-vintage Mark VI tenor with 5-digit serial and good pads, but for about half the price of an original finish one of the same serial number. For someone, that’s going to be a very attractive deal.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 11 in


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