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  • Selmer Case Only Mark VI Baritone Mint Unbelievable

    $ 650
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1957 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Great! 70876

    $ 7,850
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1962 Original Silver Great Pads High F# Clean! 102960

    $ 7,950

    This is a gorgeous example of a 1962 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone in original silver plate finish with high F#. It is sold in excellent playing condition with good pads and a ‘low miles’ overhaul. It includes the pictured BAM case as well, to keep it safe in shipping, as well as the original case with red crushed velvet interior. It’s hard to beat the early 60’s Mark VI altos for tone.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1964 Beautiful Original Lacquer 116596

    $ 7,850

    One of the nicest all original VI altos you will see. This has all original pads still intact, and almost all its original lacquer. The 1964 Selmer Mark VI Altos have a big, dark, projecting, complex tenor-like tone that is my favorite tone out of all the Mark VI altos. This one had a dent removed from the back of the body tube which is now gone and didn’t leave much of a mark. Also one foot of the low C keyguard was slightly dented when I got it and I had that removed. Aside from those two small, well-done repairs, it’s in nearly new mechanical condition. Definitely a solid purchase for someone who wants a beautiful, original VI alto in superb condition with original factory setup, and for a reasonable price. Same price as a new Selmer Supreme, but this is a Mark VI!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1964 Near Mint Original Lacquer Original Pads 116897

    $ 7,950

    This is a REALLY clean original lacquer, original pads Selmer Mark VI alto from 1964. Matt Stohrer uses this horn on is Stohrer Music channel to go over what an original Selmer Mark VI factory pad job and setup looks like. It’s that clean. It had one ding removed from the back of the bow, and there are no dents or dings now, and no past repairs. The neck has matching serial number and is also in excellent condition. This horn sat in the case for almost its entire life so far, as it was owned by a clarinet player who only used it occasionally. It still plays pretty well on the original pads. It has a dark, focused, powerful, tenor-like tone that only the ’63-’64 altos have, and that many Selmer aficionados have also noted about these horns. It has some interesting coloration in the lacquer just from sitting against the case and the lacquer aging differently depending upon which parts made contact with the case and which did not. If you want a time capsule Selmer Mark VI alto from one of my favorite years, that’s what this is. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1965 Near Mint Original Pads 127335

    $ 8,950

    Super nice Mark VI alto original lacquer. One owner, original pads from 1965. What a gorgeous example! One only sees a VI alto this nice a couple times a year, even at GetASax!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1967 Original Silver High F# Fresh Overhaul – Exceptional! 151239

    $ 7,500

    This silver 1967 Selmer Mark VI Alto is one of the better VI altos I’ve played. It’s probably the most in tune one I’ve ever played. Kind of amazing. It’s free blowing, not very resistant at all. Low notes just pop out effortlessly. High F# and altissimo are easy and in tune. The tone is powerful, medium between bright and dark, with a fat core to it and a lot of punch when pushed. It kind of vibrates under the fingers at FF like it really likes to project. I would play this as my main alto, even though I’m used to playing Kings on alto instead. This Selmer Mark VI creates the sound so easily that you can get more volume with the same amount of air, and it has a kind of projection that you rarely see in these. But there’s a fat, focused core to the tone that I really like. I’m using a GS New York, which is a fairly projecting mouthpiece, and it just sounds great.

    I should mention – it has a factory narrow sliver of metal going across the neck octave pip that completely erases the hissing high A and makes it play with the same even timbre as G and B, and without going sharp as well. It looks like it’s all one piece and silver plated like the pip, with no sign of work. Horn was all original pads when I got it, and barely played. It’s kind of amazing. I was having to unlearn my normal lipping down of high A2 that I have to do on VI altos most of the time

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1969 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 171207

    $ 7,000

    This is a near time capsule Selmer Mark VI alto with beautiful honey gold lacquer. It’s all original including original pads still sealing surprisingly well. You’d be hard pressed to find a cleaner Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone than this. It comes in a very sturdy original case as well. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer American Engraved Fresh Overhaul Exceptional! 190365

    $ 6,350

    This beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1971 just came back from a complete overhaul, and it is an exceptionally fine player. It’s just effortless and beautiful. You really won’t want to put it down. It feels like a brand new saxophone under the fingers, despite being 52 years old. It’s in very good condition, and everything now is totally fresh and clean and perfect. You couldn’t do better on a Mark VI alto for the price. Photos are BEFORE overhaul. I’m updating them now.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1973 Original Lacquer Plays Well 220833

    $ 4,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer American Engraved Very Good Condition 234127

    $ 4,950

    Beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto in very good condition. This alto also still plays quite well on its mostly original factory pad setup. It has a resoldered keyguard foot on low C on one side, and that’s the only repair. The neck is in great shape, and I don’t see any damage anywhere. Plan on a repad soon, but you’re looking at a beautiful original VI alto for Yamaha type of money. That’s a great deal!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Good Pads 227643

    $ 4,950

    Original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with original lacquer, American engraving and good pads for only $4950. The later serial Mark VI altos like this have excellent intonation, excellent balanced medium-bright tone, and are extremely well built. This alto has nothing wrong with it, plays great, and will go up in value while you own it, but it’s about the same price as a Yamaha or something. That’s nuts! You should definitely buy it if you can swing the price. There’s nothing like a Mark VI – it has the best combination of keywork, ergonomics, build quality, and tone of any saxophone, which is why it still sets the standard for professional saxophones 50 years after Selmer stopped making them! This one also has a roomy case with plenty of storage.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Original Pads Very Good Condition 221505

    $ 5,350

    On consignment, this is a beautiful Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone with original lacquer and American engraving. For a fraction of the price of a new Selmer, you can get a Mark VI in great shape. This alto has original pads, so plan on a repad soon, but it won’t be a difficult job. Mark VI’s are easy to work on, and this one is in great mechanical condition and should be a straightforward job. Later serial VI altos are beloved for their excellent intonation and superior low register response. I like the tone on them as well. They’re probably the best value overall in a Selmer saxophone, because they have improvements over the earlier VI altos, yet they are priced much lower. Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto 69479 Original Lacquer No Neck Serial

    Beautiful example of an early 5-digit Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone with original lacquer and American engraving. The neck on this one has no serial number and has the thicker ‘ferrule’ above the tenon, which you see around 76xxx on some VI altos, so I bet the original owner swapped out the original neck for this new neck that appeared in 1958, and was available into the early 60’s. I’ll update the description with more info soon.

  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone 166k Original Lacquer Low A Fresh Full Overhaul Great Player

    $ 8,250

    This one-owner Selmer Mark VI baritone saxophone has its original lacquer and goes to low A. It’s American-engraved and assembled (the more desirable version), and the original neck is also in great shape. This Selmer Mark VI baritone was pro-owned, and it played in lots of blues and funk bands all around North Carolina in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s before being put away for a few decades. I got it from the original owner, and got it completely restored with a full mechanical and cosmetic overhaul. We ultrasonically cleaned it, changed everything that can be changed, and did a full overhaul of everything, so that it feels and plays like a new instrument now. You would be hard-pressed to find a more fun Selmer Mark VI low A bari sax to play. It just responds easily, tunes easily, feels great under the fingers, and has that funky, played in look that looks legit on stage. Whether you want this for an occasional bari option, for recording, for a band, or as your new main horn, you won’t go wrong with this Mark VI bari.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Sopranino 5-digit RARE Original Lacquer Excellent! 98569

    $ 8,250

    This is an incredibly rare 5-digit Selmer Mark VI Sopranino saxophone. Serial 98569, close to Coltrane’s famous VI soprano. Original lacquer at about 98% intact; extremely clean condition with no damage and no past repairs. Original case is great as well. I may have this significantly underpriced. A 5-digit Mark VI soprano of this serial would sell much higher. In any case, it’s the ultimate sopranino saxophone. This is the only 5-digit sopranino I’ve had in the history of GetASax, so there is most certainly only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano Near Mint Original Lacquer 222370

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1956 Relacquer Great Deal Incl Overhaul! 65412

    $ 8,500

    If you want a 5-digit VI tenor that plays great and is overhauled to the top level, this is it. This is a great deal for this 5 digit Mark VI tenor from 1956. It’s American-engraved with original neck with matching serial number. There are no dents or dings, and the older pads were still sealing when I got it, but it was going to be time to overhaul it soon, so it just got a full mechanical overhaul with all new everything (leaving the lacquer of course) and with slightly domed reusable metal resonators like Selmer used back in the day.

    Condition wise, it’s worth mentioning that it was definitely buffed when it was relacquered – the bell engraving is still visible for sure, but it was originally very deeply cut at this serial range, and the palm key tone holes are shorter than they were originally because of buffing. It still tunes fine up top, since we can easily set the key heights on the palm keys individually, but it’s worth mentioning.

    With the overhaul, this an an absolutely effortless player, with a dark, powerful, focused, projecting tone that is loud and fat sounding. These 60k VI’s are always really popular with people who have played a lot of Selmer tenors, because they really have a special, dark, powerful tone that is what made the Mark VI so popular in the 50’s.

    If you’re looking for a VI tenor from basically the best serial range, with a great tone, great ergonomics, good intonation, and that costs a lot less than most VI’s, and is mechanically top shape, then that’s what this is.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1968 Original Lacquer Good Pads Plays Well! 154733

    $ 7,750
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1973 Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul High F# 218292

    $ 5,750

    This is a beautiful, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone from 1973. It is euro lacquered and engraved, and it has the optional high F# key. This Mark VI Tenor also got a fresh overhaul shortly before it was consigned with GetASax. The overhaul was done with black kangaroo leather pads and waffle shaped ‘noyek’ or ‘hollywood’ resonators. The overhaul is good, with all pads checked and seated and sealing well. The neck fit is good, and response is easy. The tone is medium bright and fairly complex, with effortless low register and easy altissimo. You won’t need to do anything to this horn when you get it. Just pop on a mouthpiece and play. And if you’re used to having a high F#, this is an easy transition from a modern Yamaha or something, since it also has it. The keywork on a Selmer Mark VI feels modern, and is, of course, the keywork layout that all modern horns are based on. So it’s easy to play, tunes well, responds well, and is original lacquer and freshly overhauled. What’s not to like? The price is also quite attractive, so you can get an original, overhauled Mark VI for around the same price as a (less exciting) new Yamaha 82z, and for way less than a new Selmer Ref 36 or something. Plus, the Mark VI will hold its value well or appreciate while you own it, where a new horn would lose a lot of value as soon as it becomes used.

    The case with this Selmer is not so great, so we can discuss swapping you into a BAM case of some kind, for better protection in shipping. I’m happy to hook you up with one of your choice at an excellent price, or I can ship this safely with this case using my special double-boxing setup. Either way you’ll be good. We should have a video with hifi sound clip of this tenor within a few days, so check back if you want to see Tyler play it before you pull the trigger.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Old Varitone Fully Engraved + AfterMarket Silver Plate Job Big Player 141570

    $ 6,000

    This is a really powerful Mark VI tenor that was one-owner, and well played and loved its entire life so far. The original owner had the varitone pickup system removed from the bell, and he then had the horn fully engraved, neck to bell flare by Sherry Huntley, and then silver plated. It has the Selmer factory pickup port still present in the neck, which you could use for recording or to run through effects pedals if you want to, and it would work great. Or just ignore it and it plays like a regular Mark VI. The current pads are medium way through their usable life. This horn was frequently maintained by a local shop here, including just a few weeks ago, and they are still sealing well. If you want a powerful, medium bright Mark VI tenor that also turns heads with its silver plate finish and full engraving, and you want that all for a low price, since the silver is aftermarket, that’s what you’re getting. It’s a great value in a Mark VI, because this horn has always been well cared-for, and it had a ton of money put into it in the engraving (+$750 or more) plus the plating (+$2k at least).

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Excellent condition Fresh Overhaul 227376

    $ 7,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Lacquer Good Pads High F# Plays Great! 233842

    $ 6,500

    Clean, beautiful, later serial Selmer Mark VI tenor with original lacquer and high F#. This is American-engraved and lacquered, and it was a one owner horn when I got it. The pads are in good shape, and it plays well on them for sure, with a warm, medium-bright, projecting tone that makes me want to play loudly. The sound clip shows the versatility, with a more mellow example of the instant and easy low register response and easy subtone to complete the package. If you want a Selmer Mark VI tenor that you can just buy and play, but that is still quite affordable as professional saxophones go, look no further! This is it.


  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Worn Original Lacquer 1967 140547 Great Deal!

    $ 6,750

    This is a chance to get a worn original VI from 1967 with older pads for a bargain price (for a VI). This vintage of Mark VI tenor tends to have a TON of projection and power. The tone is medium between bright and dark –  not super dark, not super bright and thin. Depending on mouthpiece, you can take it in lots of directions. This was owned by the same guy for the past several decades. He played it a lot because it plays well. It still plays well, and just got tuned up. It’s time for a fresh overhaul on it, in my opinion, so if you like the worn look on a Selmer, and you want it original lacquer, and you want to be able to afford to overhaul it your way, but not be into it for too much money, then that’s what this is.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer SBA Alto Original Lacquer Recent High End Overhaul Gorgeous 51347

    $ 7,500

    Amazing original lacquer Selmer SBA alto with a recent high-end overhaul. It plays great! This is about as nice an example as you are likely to find. It has a medium dark, smoky tone that fills a room with ease. The core is lyrical and delicate, making this a great do-it-all alto for either classical or jazz. Just switch your mouthpiece out! The scale is nice and even. Intonation is quite good as well. No resolders, no dents, no dings. It’s one of the most beautiful ones around.

    It comes with a nearly new BAM Classic alto case that fits it perfectly, and that is protective for shipping.

    Only one available!