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  • Conn New Wonder II Transitional Alto Original Silver Plate 235206

    $ 1,100
  • Conn New Wonder II Transitional Alto Saxophone Original Silver Old Pads 237954

    $ 800

    This late Conn New Wonder II alto sax is in very good original condition, and just needs a quality overhaul to be an excellent player. It’s original silver plate, and it will shine up and look amazing with a cleaning and polishing job put into it. These late New Wonder II’s start to be called transitional when they get their first 6M-anticipating feature: the raised side E key touch. Besides that, this is pretty much a New Wonder II, though Conn also starts to experiment with the neck around this serial, to improve intonation and give slightly more focus to the sound (still very wide and spread). When overhauled nicely, these altos are unmatched for the amount that they feel alive in your hands. They vibrate and respond so amazingly well. I never want to put the horn down!

    Only one available!

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    Conn NWII Soprano Original Silver Plate 160380

    $ 950

    Nice, clean old pads Conn New Wonder II soprano in original silver plate. This horn has lacquer over the silver, which I have seen on some other old Conn saxophones from this period, so it may be original lacquer over silver. You could easily strip the lacquer and it would look brand new when overhauled and hand polished. These horns have a big, wide, warm, velvety tone and flexible-but-good intonation with a large chamber soprano mouthpiece. Link Tone Edge works well, for example. This one is a solid example that shouldn’t be too difficult of an overhaul, and that still plays on the existing pads (makes saxophone noises – doesn’t play well, but you can get an idea).

    Only one available!

  • Conn Transitional Art Deco Tenor Original Silver Plate Overhauled 243357

  • King New Voll True Baritone Original Silver Plate Near Mint Insane

    $ 2,250

    Original pads on this amazingly well-preserved original silver plate King baritone saxophone. It has to have an overhaul if you want to play it. But then you will have the nicest King baritone saxophone of this model in the world in all likelihood.

    Only one available!

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    Powell Silver Eagle SE10 Alto One of 18 Made – all options solid silver +Matt Stohrer Overhau

    For your viewing pleasure, this is one of the 18 Powell Silver Eagle saxophones made. Powell conceived of an ambitious project to bring back an American-made saxophone of the highest quality. Inspired by the Super 20 SilverSonic, the Silver Eagle reproduces the bore while adding solid silver soldered tone holes and modern keywork. Powell sadly ended their project after making only 18 saxophones, despite high demand, due to the high cost of production. This horn plays like a good super 20 but a little more evenly, and has been completely overhauled by Matt Stohrer. This is the ultimate collectible among modern saxophones, and it is also a burning player. Asking price is just what these cost new, plus a little extra since it got a $1500 overhaul on top of that! It’s not even inflated for the collectibility value, which is probably not smart of me, but there it is. If you want to discuss all the details of this project, I can put you in touch with the people who built it. These were most definitely a new saxophone bore and neck design, inspired by the best King Super 20 SilverSonic altos, both according to them and according to the folks who bought the tooling and mandrels when the project ended. The keywork is modified from tooling bought from B&S, which accounts for the pinky table that sticks out farther than it would on something like a Yamaha.

    There is most certainly only one available. This one has all the possible factory options, which only a subset of Powell Silver Eagles had – including the solid silver tone holes and even cryo treatment. Of the 18 saxophones built, I know at least a couple of them were brass bell, and some others lacked other of these features. This is one of the ones with everything, which makes it even more collectible. Includes the original accessories, case, and paperwork.

    Just for fun, here’s Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview from when he overhauled it.

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    Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 1940 Silver Replate Extra Engraving Amazing Player 29738

    $ 7,850

    This is an awesome player for a very reasonable price for a prime serial range Selmer Balanced Action Tenor saxophone from 1939. My favorite vintage Selmers overall are the BA tenors, and my personal BA is a 29k serial just like this. This one is replated, and it has lots of extra engraving added to the bell showing the most famous building in Madrid. The tone is the main reason to buy this sax. Checkout the sound sample of Tyler playing it with a GS Slant 7*. That’s THE SOUND. It has great pads from a recent overhaul and plays effortlessly. If you want a ridiculously good vintage Selmer for a very reasonable price, this is the one to get.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1955 Silver Plated Replate Very Good Condition Plays Great 57291

    $ 8,250

  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate American Engraved Amazing 17875

    $ 4,250

    This is an absolute gem of a vintage Selmer alto. It’s a time capsule with original factory lacquer over the original silver plate and original pads, original case, and all-around a remarkably beautiful American-engraved Super (‘cigar cutter’) alto. These altos play with a sweet, lyrical tone that feels about halfway between what you think of as a Selmer, and how a vintage Conn feels to play. That’s not so surprising, since at the time, Conn was the foremost saxophone maker, and all other brands wanted to get some of the Conn wideness into their tone.

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    SML Super 46 Tenor Rare! Original Silver Plate Overhauled Good Condition 5117

    $ 4,500

    The SML Super 46 sounds like what would happen if Selmer and Conn saxophones could be hybridized, so you got some French lyrical core and focus with some Conn full-throated power and dark, room-filling tone. That’s not surprising, since SML was started by Selmer craftsmen who wanted to make a more Conn-like saxophone in France. They did! This one I just had to get completely overhauled, so that it could sing again to its full potential. I don’t see many Super 46’s come up for sale, and this one is much nicer than most. With a fresh overhaul, it’s a lot of saxophone for the money, and plus, if you play this out, you won’t sound like everyone else. It has some saxophone hipster appeal in that way. We actually made a video showing how the Super 46 sounds compared to a more common (and later) SML Gold Medal tenor. To me, the Super 46 is wider and wilder sounding than the Gold Medal, and has a little more Conn in it, where the Gold Medal has a little more Selmer. Either one is a fantastic choice, but this Super 46 is probably my favorite.

    Only one available!


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    Yamaha SILVER YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone Mint Condition Setup Excellent

    $ 4,900

    This is a mint condition Yamaha YSS-82ZRS soprano. The Yamaha 82ZRS is basically a reissue of the popular Yamaha 62 soprano. The silver versions were the most desirable of the Yamaha YSS-62R on which the 82ZR is based. So if you have always wanted to get a Yamaha YSS-62RS this is nearly identical, but with some upgraded keywork. The main changes are that the left hand pinky (spatula) keys are now easier to operate and the palm keys are a little more comfortable. Yamaha tells me that the bore and dimensions of the 82ZR are exactly the same as the 62R, and on purpose. It is meant to be a modern reissue of the enormously popular 62R. With the 62R, Yamaha finally broke with the Selmer Mark VI soprano tonal concept and do something warmer, rounder, and more pleasant. It became an instant classic. There’s a big demand for more of these, so Yamaha helpfully rose to the occasion.

    The reason that the 62R/82ZR is so popular is the combination of one piece design – no neck joint to lose air or resonance – and the warm, complex tone that these horns get. And the bent neck, which brings the horn down onto the neck strap for added comfort. Branford Marsalis plays this model, and sounds wonderful on it. I think he helped with the keywork improvements also. In short, it’s probably the best modern soprano available: Lightest, most resonant, very in tune, most comfortable to play, best long term investment. It’s a modern classic.

    If like me, you have always wanted one of these horns in silver, now is your chance. They are hard to find! This one just got its checkup and is ready to go! It is in basically mint condition, but has been played maybe a couple of hours total.