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  • Buescher Selmer Bundy Alto Good Student Horn Older Pads 668568

    $ 150
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    Selmer Balanced Action Alto 1936 Relacquer Great Deal! 21677

    $ 3,200
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto 1945 Original Silver Fresh Overhaul 31923

    $ 6,500
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Beautiful 24710

    $ 6,000

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Recent Overhaul Amazing Condition! 24352

    $ 8,500

    This Selmer Balanced Action alto is about as nice an example as I have seen. It has a recent complete overhaul and plays great! The tone is the reason to buy a BA. I play one myself. They’re really hard to beat for the warm, lyrical, sweet, medium spread tone. It’s not extremely dark – kind of medium between bright and dark on the spectrum, but just warm, spread, and pleasant to listen to. The sound sample below gives you the flavor on a GS New York alto piece, which is a copy of my favorite vintage Meyer Bros NY alto mouthpiece. You could sound cooler and more mellow and Desmond-like on an MC Gregory or Brilhart. I’d love to do another sound sample on that to show the difference if time allows. You won’t find a nicer BA alto for sale as far as I can tell. If you’re a BA junkie, I actually have 5-6 of them right now, everywhere from 21k serial up to 31k serial, and most of them are overhauled! It’s a great time to come play some BA’s.



  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Worn Relacquer Getting Overhauled! 27138

    $ 4,000

    If you want a Selmer Balanced Action (and you should, because it is the best sounding Selmer alto ever made), and you don’t want to pay a lot, but you also want it to be in top playing condition with a fresh full overhaul, then I don’t think you will be able to do better than this Balanced Action. I like the 27k BA’s a lot, as they have great intonation, comfortable keywork, and a sweet, warm, gorgeous Selmer tone. You can sound like Jimmy Dorsey on one, or like Paul Desmond, or any number of other players, with a lot of practice and a cooperative mouthpiece. The tone is so pleasant that you will find yourself getting compliments from ‘regular people’ who may hear you playing and just want to come over and let you know how nice it is to hear you. I’m not kidding! Try this with our upcoming MC Gregory Model A copy GS mouthpiece or with our GS Brilhart Tonalin copy, and you’ll get a cool, West Coast type of sound on this BA without having to work hard for it.

    Only one available!

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    Selmer Balanced Action Tenor 1940 Silver Replate Extra Engraving Amazing Player 29738

    $ 7,850

    This is an awesome player for a very reasonable price for a prime serial range Selmer Balanced Action Tenor saxophone from 1939. My favorite vintage Selmers overall are the BA tenors, and my personal BA is a 29k serial just like this. This one is replated, and it has lots of extra engraving added to the bell showing the most famous building in Madrid. The tone is the main reason to buy this sax. Checkout the sound sample of Tyler playing it with a GS Slant 7*. That’s THE SOUND. It has great pads from a recent overhaul and plays effortlessly. If you want a ridiculously good vintage Selmer for a very reasonable price, this is the one to get.

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    Selmer C* Long Shank Soloist Style Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC548

    $ 275

    Vintage 1970’s Selmer Long Shank Soloist Style tenor saxophone mouthpiece in its original C* facing at .068″ or so. Complete your set with a 70’s Selmer Mark VI tenor, or Mark VII tenor, or get a solid, all-purpose tenor mouthpiece for wind band or ensemble playing. These also work pretty well for classical tenor repertoire. This has a different chamber and sound from the detestable modern S80 C* for tenor, which is my least favorite tenor mouthpiece. This is much better.

  • Selmer Case Only Mark VI Baritone Mint Unbelievable

    $ 650
  • Selmer Centered-Tone Rosewood Bb Clarinet (Needs Thorough Restoration) P5382

    $ 450
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1956 (worn) Original Lacquer Good Condition Euro 64353

    $ 6,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1959 Good Pads Relacquer Great Player! 78750

    $ 6,750

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1960 Original Lacquer Older Pads Good Condition 87926

    $ 7,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1962 Original Satin Silver Gorgeous Freshly Overhauled! 106288

    $ 7,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1964 Original Lacquer Exceptional Player 113249

    $ 8,500

    Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1964 with a top shelf overhaul done through GetASax. This alto is an exceptionally fine player. It is just effortless to play with a dark, powerful, tenor-like tone and feel. The early 100k range are my overall favorite Mark VI’s for tone, and this is one of the best of those that I have played. Check out Tyler playing it below (with his GS New York 7 tip alto piece, Echomaster ligature, and Rigotti 3 medium reed). This includes the overhaul the horn, and the nearly new condition BAM Cabine alto case in black. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1965 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 129247

    $ 7,750

    Beautiful condition 1965 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone with original lacquer and American engraving. The neck has the matching serial number to the body. It has some stand scratches on the bell, and some miscellaneous wear from use, but it is as nice as can be. The pads are in gret condition! This was a one owner horn that was well cared for its entire life. Now it’s ready for a new owner to take care of it for its next 60 years.

    The tone is dark, powerful, and focused with lots of projection. I like the mid 60’s VI altos the best for tone out of all of the VI altos.

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    Selmer Mark VI Alto 1967 Original Lacquer Great Player Fresh Overhaul 150707

    Fantastic player. This is a fully overhauled original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto from the best serial range for altos all-around in my opinion. My personal VI alto is this version as well. It had some dings removed from the back of the body tube and was played a fair amount by its original owner, who took good care of it!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Excellent Player! 190655

    $ 7,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1972 Original Lacquer American Engraved 194784

    $ 6,750

    This beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto is just got a complete overhaul, which means it has all new pads, corks, felts, complete cleaning, new oil, thorough setup and everything feeling like a new horn under the fingers. An overhaul means it’s almost like buying a new saxophone, in terms of upkeep, playability, feel, reliability etc. The Mark VI is one of the best built saxophones ever, and it is also one of the easiest to repair, so if you’re comparing this to a new Selmer or a Yamaha or Keilwerth or whatever, this horn actually wins in the reliability and build quality departments. And the tone is also much nicer! The later serial VI’s are just about the best of the Mark VI altos. You get a warm, gorgeous, medium focused, medium bright, flexible tone. Great intonation (better than the early VI’s), excellent ergonomics, easy altissimo, saturated effortless low register, and the delight of playing what is basically THE professional saxophone. From classical to jazz to commercial music, the VI has a versatility that lets you do it all on one horn better than anything else ever made (including to this day). And the later VI altos are less expensive than the earlier ones too. This one costs less than a new Selmer and gives you better everything, even including the cost of the complete overhaul. Plus it goes up in value while you play and enjoy it. It is really hard to beat all those considerations taken together when you’re thinking about what professional alto saxophone to buy.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1973 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 208643

    $ 5,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer American Engraved Plays Great! 211023

    $ 5,500

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto 1974 Original Lacquer Fresh Overhaul 220833

    $ 3,200

    This is a GREAT playing Mark VI alto that really does everything well. It just got a fresh top shelf overhaul, and it is now playing like a brand new saxophone. The pads are Italian leather Pisoni, and the resonators are nice Selmer style slightly domed reusable brass. It feels dry and snappy under the fingers and the low register up to altissimo is effortless! The later serial VI altos are probably the best deal on a Selmer, because they sell for lower prices than the early VI altos, but they have better intonation and easier low register than any other VI altos. They also have a beautiful tone that is medium between bright and dark, works with almost any mouthpiece, and can play anything from classical to rock. This one is original lacquer, with American engraving. The original lacquer is almost all intact, with just some normal wear from use. It’s a one owner horn before I got it and overhauled it for you!

    It makes you want to just keep playing. You won’t want to put it down. Plus it will go up in value while you enjoy it. That’s hard to beat.

    Only one available!


  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1975 Worn Original Lacquer Great Deal! 237791

    $ 3,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer Excellent 229239

    $ 6,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer Good Condition Old Pads Relacquered Neck 197380

    $ 4,350

    Good deal on this original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto. It looks to me like the neck was relacquered at some point, which was done well. As a result, you can save some money on this alto, despite the fact that the neck’s getting a new coat of paint shouldn’t affect anything about the saxophone’s playability. (Relacquering tends to affect things like the key fit of the body of the sax, or sometimes the tone holes, but these are not issues on a neck.)

    This sax is on consignment, and I haven’t been able to overhaul it myself, but for this price, you can have your favorite repair shop overhaul it and still come out thousands below the price of a new Selmer, for something that sounds better!

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A 1962 Original Lacquer Plays Great! 99457

    $ 14,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A Near Mint Fresh Overhaul Incredible! 262323

    $ 13,500

    This is a nearly pristine original lacquer Selmer Mark VI baritone with low A. It has literally everything you could want in a baritone: almost all the original lacquer is intact. It’s American engraved and gorgeous. The intonation is great. The pad feel under the fingers is like a brand new saxophone, as it has a fresh overhaul with very little play time on it. The pads are Italian leather Pisoni, and everything about it is deluxe. The case is a nice, new protective MTS with wheels and soft foam interior that makes this safe in shipping and easy to get around with. This is one of the most perfect Selmer Mark VI baritones I have seen, and it is really not even priced much differently than a new Yanagisawa BWO20 or something. And this Mark VI has to be the better player with a complex, colorful Selmer tone, and it should also hold its value or go up in value nicely over time while you play it and enjoy it.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Low Bb Baritone Extra Engraving Beautiful! 254784

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Sopranino 5-digit RARE Original Lacquer Excellent! 98569

    $ 7,500

    This is an incredibly rare 5-digit Selmer Mark VI Sopranino saxophone. Serial 98569, close to Coltrane’s famous VI soprano. Original lacquer at about 98% intact; extremely clean condition with no damage and no past repairs. Original case is great as well. I may have this significantly underpriced. It’s the ultimate collectible sopranino saxophone. This is the only 5-digit sopranino I’ve had in the history of GetASax, so there is most certainly only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1955 Silver Plated Replate Very Good Condition Plays Great 57291

    $ 8,250

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 American Engraved Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 95721

    $ 16,950

    If you’ve been looking for a 1961 Selmer Mark VI Tenor in excellent condition for a while, and have been waiting to buy a really special one, then your wait may be over! I haven’t had one this clean and beautiful in a few years, and I don’t know when I’ll get another! The 5-digit serial Selmer Mark VI tenors have gotten pretty hard to find in clean original condition like this, and prices have been going up. This one is priced on the low side of what I’m seeing people asking at other dealers and on eBay. I was very pleasantly surprised with the condition when it arrived from the original owner. The original lacquer is almost all present, and there is no damage at all – no dents or dings, no resolders, and the original neck with matching serial number is in excellent condition with no pull down or past damage. The American engraving looks great, and the lacquer color is a gorgeous deep honey gold.

    The pads are original, and the horn still plays remarkably well on them, with a huge, powerful tone. It takes air really well and has a big sounding altissimo. It also comes in the beautiful original Chesterfield case. I love how the edge binding on this case is one continuous piece in a sort of figure 8 pattern. The 90k VI tenors have a punchy, dark, focused, powerful tone that is pretty much the tenor sound that most pro players seem to be looking for today. With a brighter mouthpiece, these things project like crazy. With an overhaul, this will be the sort of horn that you just don’t want to put down.

    Only one available

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 Relacquer Good Pads Great Deal! 95096

    $ 7,000

    This is a nice example of a Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone from 1961 with good pads that plays well and is priced extremely well. It’s wild that you can get a 5-digit Mark VI for not that much more than a pro Yamaha just by getting a Selmer that has a new coat of lacquer. This horn has no dents or dings, and the neck has the matching serial number. The American engraving isn’t as sharp as some relacquers, so the bell has been buffed a fair amount, but the horn feels good under the fingers and plays great with a dark, powerful, projecting tone. If you’ve been looking for a solid, great sounding vintage Selmer that is priced on the low side relatively speaking, this is a great option that you can just buy and play, and you don’t need to get overhauled. I put it in a BAM Softpack tenor case which is molded on the shape of a Mark VI, and which is great for gigging, and very safe for shipping. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1962 Relacquer Great Vintage 104515

    $ 5,950

    This is a great deal on a nice condition relacquered Selmer Mark VI Tenor from 1962. It’s American-engraved with original neck with matching serial number. There are no dents or dings. It had some small dents removed from the back of the body and looks great now. The pads are older, so it’s time for either a thorough playing condition job or just a fresh overhaul. It’s on consignment, so I haven’t spent any money on it, but the price is low for what you get. Usually, you’d pay around $1500 more than this for a ’62 VI which is basically a 5-digit in design, if it had a recent overhaul. This horn is a strong player even on leaky older pads, and will definitely be really great overhauled. It comes in a nice original case as well.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1966 Relacquer Great Deal 136290

    $ 6,500

    This Selmer Mark VI tenor from 1966 is refinished, and it just got a full overhaul and plays its best. It’s such an effortless player with saturated subtone low register, easy altissimo, the works. Fantastic! It has a gorgeous medium dark tone. The intonation is great, and the feel under the fingers is great. If you’ve been looking for a great sounding Selmer Mark VI that is priced very reasonably, and that has a complete overhaul with all new everything, that’s this. It should be nice and easy to own, since all is fixed up and mechanically tight and snappy.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1968 Original Lacquer American Engraved 153220

    $ 7,450
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1973 Relacquered Great Deal 210448

    $ 4,250
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Getting a Full Overhaul Now! 234158

    $ 7,650

    The Selmer Mark VI sets the standard for pro tenor saxophones. No other tenor sax has been used on as many landmark recordings, or by as many top artists. The basic reason is because it has the best all around combination of features: excellent ergonomics, excellent build quality, excellent design and dependability, but most of all, a rich, complex tone that is just very pleasant to listen to. This particular tenor is original lacquer and came in with its original pads still intact! I love buying pristine examples, because they can be easily overhauled and put into factory fresh playing condition again when the overhaul is done right (which it is). This one has its full overhaul in progress, which is a big job on a saxophone but is well worthwhile, and basically resets the sax back to nearly new playing condition, and makes it dependable and easy to own for another decade or two depending on how much you play it.

    This one checks all the boxes: affordable price, original lacquer in great shape, American engraving, no significant past repairs and no current repair issues, original neck is in great conditions — even the original case looks good! The VI holds its value better than any other saxophone too, so the cost of ownership is quite low— it will often even go up in value over time if you keep it for a while.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer American Engraved 256747

    $ 3,450
  • Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 244921

    $ 3,150
  • Sold Out

    Selmer New Large Bore Tenor Original Plays Well! 13182

    $ 4,350

  • Selmer Paris ‘Saint Louis’ Professional Bb Clarinet 2004 Limited Edition Super Deluxe! P05449

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer Paris 10G Bb Clarinet Very Good Condition E0864

    $ 1,400
  • Selmer Paris Bb Clarinet K8641 Good Condition

    $ 700
  • Selmer Paris Depose Clarinet

    $ 750
  • Selmer Prelude Student Alto Very Good Condition

    $ 600
  • Selmer Radio Improved Alto Original Lacquer, Recent Overhaul 19276

    $ 4,250

    This is a fantastic, overhauled, original lacquer Selmer Radio Improved alto in excellent condition! If you read around on here a bit, you’ll see that I love Selmers from the 1930’s and the Radio Improved in particular. This one has most of its original lacquer intact, and is in quite good condition. it is also in great playing condition with a recent overhaul done by Jack Finucane from a few years or so ago before he stopped doing overhauls, and feels nice and snappy under the fingers. The resonators look like a Reso-Tech set made to match the vintage Selmer Tonex resos, but slightly oversized, and very slightly domed. They are a good match for the horn, and they almost look like vintage Selmer resonators. This has barely been played since the overhaul and is all fresh and nice.

    The tone of a Radio Improved alto is the reason to buy it. It’s like a Selmer blended with a Conn almost- delicate lyrical core that reminds me of an SBA, but with a wider, warmer, more spread feel like a Conn. The keywork is not modern. This is before the ‘Balanced Action’ keywork improvements, so you will have to get used to the left hand pinky keys if you haven’t played a vintage horn before. If you have, then it’s no problem. I barely notice keywork differences anymore after playing all the different styles out there. This one is more comfortable than most, and I like the direct action bell key mechanism.

    The original lacquer is in beautiful shape and looks great – deep honey gold. The only spot that isn’t original lacquer (and you’d have to really look closely to tell this) is at the neck receiver, where it looks like Jack had to resolder the neck receiver and then mix up some matching lacquer to over spray there. The only way to tell is that there’s just a little sign of overspray of the new lacquer on top of the original lacquer just below the receiver. That resolder often needs to be done on a 30’s Selmer to make the neck receiver strong again after 80+ years of use. (It was done on my personal RI, so I specially look for it). These horns are very uncommon, and this one is nicer than the great majority of RI’s out there. Only 1140 RI altos were made, and this is probably in the top 10% of those.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Excellent Condition 604536

    $ 5,750

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Kookaburra Exc Cond Fresh Full Overhaul! 700124

    $ 5,750

    This Selmer Reference 54 alto is completely overhauled, which sets it far apart from other used modern Selmers that you will find on the market. This is also the Kookaburra edition. I understand they made 340 of these for the US market. They do seem to sell a little higher than the average Reference 54. I love how these horns play once they get a good overhaul. The odd thing is, they can be in nearly new condition, as this one is, and yet still need an overhaul to play well. As you probably know, unless you’re just getting into nice saxophones, an overhaul is a big job, and means that everything is rebuilt and replaced that is disposable on the saxophone. It takes a few days worth of skilled labor and a few hundred dollars worth of materials, so it’s not cheap. The result is a saxophone that plays and feels better than new, as this one does. It’s a deal at this price. The Reference 54 is my favorite modern Selmer.

    Original case is included, also in excellent condition.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Flamingo Dark Lacquer Plays Great! 708286

    $ 5,450

  • Selmer SA80 Series 1 Baritone Clean Original Amazing Shape! 373693

    $ 8,500

    This is a near time capsule Selmer Series 1 Baritone saxophone from 1985 with low A. It has a little lacquer loss on one spot on the bell from the rubber pad of a baritone sax stand, but besides that it’s in excellent condition. No past damage, no dents or dings. Silver plated keys. This bari was purchased in person in France in 1985 and brought back to the USA by the original owner, who sold it to me. I like the Series 1 Selmers better than any of the more recent models, and they are also the best built modern Selmers. If you want a top quality low A baritone that is in excellent condition for an affordable price (for a pro baritone) then that’s what this is! Only one available.

  • Selmer Series 10G Bb Clarinet Fresh Repad! E0864

    $ 1,500
  • Selmer Soloist C Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC505

    $ 275

    This is a quintessential vintage Selmer Soloist with a classical-leaning tone. It has straight sidewalls, horseshoe chamber, subtle rollover baffle, and the tip opening measures 0.073″. It has a dark Selmer tone, with no edge at all despite mild rollover baffle. Round and warm and dark like a cello. If you want your Selmer to lean classical or wind band or small ensemble, this would be ideal. It also completes your set with a Selmer Mark VI tenor from the 1960’s.

  • Selmer Soloist Style Long Shank C* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece E11

    $ 225

    This is a Selmer Soloist Style Long Shank C*. These mouthpieces look identical to the Soloists but they do not have soloist engraved on the table and are therefore called Soloist style. These mouthpieces also have less of a rollover baffle than the soloist. This piece has a .068 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, a horse shoe chamber, and straight side walls. The piece has a few scratches and is a bit discolored, but no playability issues.

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Very Good Condition 499176

    $ 3,250
  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Great Deal! 48624

    $ 6,500

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 1953 Original American Engraved Great Player! 50116

    $ 14,500

    This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone with American engraving and original lacquer. It has a recent overhaul done very well in CA with red painted leather pads and slightly domed metal Selmer-style resonators, and it plays GREAT! I don’t think any saxophone has nicer engraving than the SBA tenor. This one is the total package, and it is priced really well too, I think. I’ve seen relacquered SBA’s with old pads going for $12k online recently, and this one is original and has a high-end overhaul and no dents or dings and is priced not much higher. Whoever gets it is going to be really pleased. The tone is warm, rich, and velvety like Hank Mobley (who also played a 50xxx SBA, and who is one of my favorite tenor players to listen to).

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 1954 Near Mint Original Lacquer Original Pads Amazing 53933

    $ 22,500

    Well, I’m asking a lot for this one, but there hasn’t been an original pads, original case, undamaged, American-engraved, original lacquer Selmer SBA tenor on the site in quite some time, and I think it’s rare and great enough to warrant it. The nicest violins, guitars, flutes, bassoons, pianos, cellos – almost any other instrument – are all way more expensive than this, so I think it’s pretty reasonable relatively speaking. The original case is beautiful, original pads and Tone-x resonators are intact. No damage at all. This one is great!

  • Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor Original Lacquer American Engraved Exceptional 54084

    $ 18,000

    This is an exceptionally fine playing Selmer Super (Balanced) Action Tenor saxophone with gorgeous original lacquer. it had a nice overhaul done about 6 years ago that is still going strong. Pads are great, and it plays beautifully. This is on consignment, and if I could afford to buy it off the consignor to keep myself, I would.

  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Original Gold Plate Cigar Cutter Incredible! 15459

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer Super Sax Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate American Engraved Amazing 17875

    $ 4,250

    This is an absolute gem of a vintage Selmer alto. It’s a time capsule with original factory lacquer over the original silver plate and original pads, original case, and all-around a remarkably beautiful American-engraved Super (‘cigar cutter’) alto. These altos play with a sweet, lyrical tone that feels about halfway between what you think of as a Selmer, and how a vintage Conn feels to play. That’s not so surprising, since at the time, Conn was the foremost saxophone maker, and all other brands wanted to get some of the Conn wideness into their tone.

  • Selmer Vintage S* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece D46

    $ 350

    This is a Selmer S*. It has a .065 tip opening, no baffle, curved side rails, and a medium sized round chamber. This mouthpiece is in great condition.