Conn New Wonder II Burnished Gold Portrait Tenor Castle Overhauled Exceptional 208324

$ 6,500

If you want a truly exceptional vintage Conn tenor, this is it! The previous owner went through quite a few horns before settling on this one and giving it a great overhaul combined with every ergonomic improvement. It’s all reversible, but you’ve got a much more comfortable thumb rest, rebalanced strap hook location, palm key risers, and an octave thumb rest cover. Those combine to make this faster and easier to play than any other New Wonder II that has been through the shop in recent years.That stuff combined cost at least $2000 to do, and it shows. The horn is absolutely effortless to play. Everybody who plays it is like “I LOVE this horn.” The main reason not to get it would be if you heavily favor ergonomics over tone. It feels better than a normal NWII, but they are still a design from the late 20’s. However, if you prize a great tone over optimal ergonomics, then you would be hard pressed to find a better sounding Conn. Condition wise, there are no dents or dings, minimal past repairs, good pads, and of course, this is the most desirable finish. Burnished gold plate with portrait engraving is at least 100x as rare as a normal New Wonder II, and it is a finish so deluxe that in literally could not be done today. Look up burnishing if you have any doubts. It’s a thick layer of gold on there, over a thick layer of silver. And the level of engraving is also not found on any saxophone made today. So you get something rare, gorgeous, deluxe, and highly functional all for a super low price relative to what you get. I mean, it’s what you’d pay for a regular old Yamaha pro horn new, or for 1.5 Cannonball tenors. The best instruments should, in a rational market, be priced a lot higher than fairly ordinary ones. But in the world of saxophones, that’s not yet the case. So you can still get something truly fantastic like this for around the price of any other nice pro tenor, or for 2/3 of the price of an average new Selmer, which is nuts.

Only one available!

Only one available!

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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 36 in


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