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  • Otto Link 4 Star Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F31

    $ 599

    This is a Otto Link 4 Star mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It has a .097 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. It has been refaced, but it’s hard to read the refacer’s signature. It plays well and measures well, so the job was done right.

  • Otto Link 6* Tone Edge Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece C43

    $ 250

  • Sold Out

    Otto Link Late Florida / Early Babbitt Alto Tone Edge Hard Rubber 7 MPC235

    $ 450

    This is a very fun to play Otto Link alto piece. It’s an original 7 measuring .088″. The denim machine marks on the table go right down the rails as well, so this piece has not been messed with or even played much. It has a tiny nick in the right side rail and a scratch on the table and a few scratches on the body. Just normal stuff that does not affect playability. As far as what “model” this is, I’ll be as clear as possible. I would call this either a Late Florida Link (made and stamped in FL, faced in Elkhart), or an early Early Babbitt!

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    Otto Link MasterLink Four Star Model Tenor 5 tip MPC225

    $ 350

    This is a beautiful vintage Otto Link tenor mouthpiece. The model is “Four ****” not to be confused with the tip opening, which is a 5, measuring .074″. This piece has been played a lot and has very little of its original gold plate remaining. It’s pretty much bare brass. The bite plate has had extra material added back so that it is smooth again. This is probably still an original 5 facing in this case. (MasterLink facings seem to measure smaller than later models, where a later Link 5 would be more like .080″) This piece has a dark, wide tone with a large chamber and no baffle. What looks like an original ligature is also included.

  • Otto Link Slant Alto 5 MPC248

    $ 550

    This is a beautiful original box Otto Link Slant alto mouthpiece. It’s a beautiful original 5 tip measuring .070.” This has the original box and the desirable original A-stamped ligature. This piece plays well with a nice warm tone that is perfect for jazz or really a wide range of playing styles. And I have rarely seen an example this nice of a slant alto piece.

  • Otto Link Super Tone Master 5* Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece C13

    $ 175

    Here is a like new Otto Link Super Tone Master soprano piece in a 5* tip opening. This piece is very easy to play, and could be a natural choice for someone’s first soprano piece. This piece responds nicely and appears to have a nice, even facing as it should. It’s in virtually new condition and has only been play tested a bit since new.

  • Otto Link Tone Edge 5* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece F45

    $ 200

    This is a Otto Link Tone Edge 5* for alto saxophone. It has a .067 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. There is some fading, but overall this piece looks great. It’s a robust, punchy player.

  • Otto Link Tone Master Baritone Mouthpiece

    $ 950