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  • GS RESO Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece – Dark, Spread, Lush

    $ 199


    Otto Link Reso Chamber Tenor Mouthpiece

    Thanks a lot for all the kind words in the reviews about the GS RESO! They’re now being played by pros all over the world. The FG SPECIAL 7* is a copy of my favorite personal vintage tenor mouthpiece and is a really good choice for an all-purpose vintage mouthpiece that just works for all kinds of playing. The variable tip RESO (every other facing incl regular 7*) is slightly darker and has a lush, warm, gorgeous tone

    See long description below for all the details and check the GetASax Youtube Channel for lots of videos, including our new RESO vs SLANT comparison video.

    • All GS Mouthpieces are completely hand faced (table also flattened) and the facing checked at 10 points plus the tip. I only sell ones that have a correct facing, so there are no ‘bad ones,’ once you find the right tip opening for you.
    • The GS RESO FG Special 7* facing is an extremely precise copy of my favorite vintage Otto Link Reso Chamber tenor mouthpiece, which was also refaced by Freddie Gregory.
    • We also scanned, modeled, and copied a second fabulous Otto Link Reso Chamber from my collection – a an original 5 tip J.A. facing mouthpiece that had not been refaced.
    • If you buy the FG Special 7*, you get a copy of my refaced Reso Chamber, which plays dark and fat and really does the old school tenor sound well.
    • If you buy any other variation including regular 7* (not FG), you are getting the model copying the original facing Reso Chamber, which has been digitally ‘opened up’ (wider tip opening, baffle moved and slightly modified) to each authentic Otto Link tip opening. They get slightly brighter at larger tips, just like a Link, and the mouthpiece gets shorter a little (also just like a Link being faced on a machine at the factory). We can do this without creating a massive artificial baffle (you mouthpiece geeks know what I mean.)
    • The facings are either Link facings I copied from favorite mouthpieces in my collection, or facings I think are better than whatever my favorite Link facing is. You won’t pick a bad facing. The JA 5 is very free blowing and takes air surprisingly well. It would be hard to beat if you want a top quality small tip tenor piece.

    2 years in, I can say that people have been REALLY happy with their GS RESO mouthpieces. It’s a fantastic mouthpiece at any price, and under $200 hand faced, it’s pretty hard to beat.

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    Otto Link 4 Star Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F31

    This is a Otto Link 4 Star mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It has a .097 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. It has been refaced, but it’s hard to read the refacer’s signature. It plays well and measures well, so the job was done right.

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    Otto Link FL USA 6 Original Tenor Mouthpiece MPC357

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    Otto Link Florida STM “no USA” 5 Alto Mouthpiece MPC297

    This is an Otto Link Florida STM “no USA” 5 alto saxophone mouthpiece. It has a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. The tip opening measures at 0.067. This piece is in great condition.

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    Otto Link MasterLink Four Star Model Tenor 5 tip MPC225

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    Otto Link No USA STM 10* Tenor Mouthpiece MPC334

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    Otto Link Reso Chamber 4* Tenor Mouthpiece MPC338

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    Otto Link Super Tone Master Double Ring 6 Tenor Mouthpiece MPC288

    $ 1,200
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    Otto Link Super Tone Master Double Ring 7 Tenor Mouthpiece MPC290

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    Otto Link Tone Edge FL 8* Tenor Mouthpiece MPC346

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    Otto Link Tone Edge Florida Straight Sig 8* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC428

    $ 325

    This is a great Otto Link Florida Tone Edge alto saxophone mouthpiece. This is the same as the USA Slant Signature Florida Otto Link, but with the signature changed to straight across. This was made in FL before the Early Babbitt pieces and has a little more warmth to the sound than the true EB pieces do. It was refaced at some point from an original 5* to an 8* tip, or 0.091″. The tip and rails are in excellent condition. From the markings on the rails and very thin tip rail, it appears most of the work was done near the tip, making for a great projection and a little more edge than stock Link. This works great for lead alto or for cutting through a band, but retains much more warmth than you would get with most other larger tip, projecting alto mouthpieces.

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    Otto Link Tone Edge Slant 5 Original Baritone Mouthpiece MPC359

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    Otto Link Tone Edge Small USA Large Font 7 EB? Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC525

    $ 600

    This is a beautiful example of an Otto Link Tone Edge soprano mouthpiece. It has its original 7 facing measuring .062″ or so. The 7 stamp is the larger font, and the USA stamp is small font like a FL Tone Edge. The Otto Link logo and chains are not the modern version, and neither is the shank design, and the machine marks on the table are a fine vertical denim pattern. The chamber is large and round. It plays beautifully with a warm, rich tone. I guess this would be an Early Babbitt at least early 80’s. I have to admit, I’m not an expert on the differences between soprano stamping in the 70’s to early 80’s on these. But it looks better than smaller tip ones I see selling online for $800, so hopefully this is a good deal for somebody. It also includes the Vandoren Optimum ligature in the photos.

  • echobrass echomaster tenor metal mouthpiece ligature

    Tenor Metal Otto Link Brilhart Reproduction 3 Band Ligature Berg Larsen Dukoff!

    $ 165

    Best ligature around for a metal Otto Link (and similar) tenor mouthpiece! Way better than the stock Otto Link metal top screw ligature, this gives you a much firmer hold on the reed, which greatly improves response and reduces movement or reed swelling on the mouthpiece table. The plastic reed plate fits the reed beautifully and opens up plenty of vibration. No deadening fabrics or strings here. Plus, this is made to the highest standards in South Korea by people who care about quality saxophone equipment. It’s a true reproduction down to the materials used, of the most desirable saxophone ligature ever made. This also fits larger body Berg Larsen and vintage Hollywood Dukoff tenor mouthpieces, and all Otto Link Metal-sized tenor mouthpieces, like Ted Klum Focustone Tonamax, Theo Wanne larger body metal, and many others. See the photos. For thin body metal mouthpieces, get the Guardala sized tenor ligature instead.

    If you want the best ligature for a Berg Larsen metal tenor mouthpiece, this is it. If you want the best ligature for a Dukoff Hollywood or Dukoff Stubby tenor piece, again, this is it.

    This ligature fits all metal Otto Link tenor mouthpieces also – past and present. It fits Masterlink, 4****, ToneMaster, Super ToneMaster NY, FL, Early Babbitt, and regular Babbitt-made pieces. The modern variants like the ‘New Vintage’ NY, Millennium edition etc also all fit.

    Buy with confidence. I take returns, and I stand behind this product. It’s the real deal.