Tenor Metal Otto Link Brilhart Reproduction 3 Band Ligature Berg Larsen Dukoff!

$ 165

Best ligature around for a metal Otto Link (and similar) tenor mouthpiece! Way better than the stock Otto Link metal top screw ligature, this gives you a much firmer hold on the reed, which greatly improves response and reduces movement or reed swelling on the mouthpiece table. The plastic reed plate fits the reed beautifully and opens up plenty of vibration. No deadening fabrics or strings here. Plus, this is made to the highest standards in South Korea by people who care about quality saxophone equipment. It’s a true reproduction down to the materials used, of the most desirable saxophone ligature ever made. This also fits larger body Berg Larsen and vintage Hollywood Dukoff tenor mouthpieces, and all Otto Link Metal-sized tenor mouthpieces, like Ted Klum Focustone Tonamax, Theo Wanne larger body metal, and many others. See the photos. For thin body metal mouthpieces, get the Guardala sized tenor ligature instead.

If you want the best ligature for a Berg Larsen metal tenor mouthpiece, this is it. If you want the best ligature for a Dukoff Hollywood or Dukoff Stubby tenor piece, again, this is it.

This ligature fits all metal Otto Link tenor mouthpieces also – past and present. It fits Masterlink, 4****, ToneMaster, Super ToneMaster NY, FL, Early Babbitt, and regular Babbitt-made pieces. The modern variants like the ‘New Vintage’ NY, Millennium edition etc also all fit.

Buy with confidence. I take returns, and I stand behind this product. It’s the real deal.

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The Echo Master tenor ligature: There’s a reason why the vintage Brilhart 3-Band ligatures have been singled out by the market (players) as by far the most desirable vintage ligatures. They are great ligatures. But there will never be enough vintage Brilhart ligatures to meet the high demand for this style of ligature. Thankfully, the Echo Master company has stepped in to answer this demand.

This Echo Master tenor ligature is a true reproduction: from the alloy of brass to the type of plastic on the reed plate, it is exactly the same as the vintage Brilhart ligature. Same dimensions, same weight, same feel, same playing response. It’s like going back in time to buy one when they were first made!

So for those of you who have always wanted this time-tested style of ligature, but have found them prohibitively expensive, now perhaps getting one is within reach. This is admittedly still an expensive ligature by modern standards. But honestly, to achieve this level of quality of workmanship in Korea where these are made, it just does cost some money. And really, it would do us no good to have a cheaper version of this ligature that was somehow flawed and not as good as the original. Plus, this is probably the last ligature you need to buy, so it may prevent your amassing a whole drawer of inferior ligatures over the course of your career. (You know what I am talking about!)

How does it play? It just plays well. It is just a high quality ligature with heavy duty brass and nice big screws, and that is easy to tighten firmly and evenly. It frees the reed to vibrate with a rich, balanced tone. Compared to a standard ligature, the Echobrass seems richer, more full, and warmer. And it makes playing more fun by making the reed nice and responsive. Just about everyone who has tried one of these in the shop now plays one, including me. I included several photos below of mouthpieces that this ligature fits. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me through the website. I’d be happy to help you!

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

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  1. George Davidson (verified owner)

    As noted, these Echo Brass ligatures are pricey, but from my experience they are well worth the outlay. I’ve been playing a long time and have tried countless ligatures of all eras, styles and price points. I have experimented with modifying ligatures by changing the shapes and designs, mixing screws and adding material. I have tried most of the modern high end ligatures. With the exception of Ishimori, which are also quite good but very difficult to obtain, the Echo Brass ligatures are without a doubt the best I have tried. I prefer them over the Ishimori’s and have both. I play the Echo Brass on hard rubber and this model for STM Links. The difference this ligature makes on the overall performance of the STM is astounding to me. It provides more clarity, volume, articulation, vibration and better intonation than anything I have ever tried. I should say that I’ve had the pleasure to try these because indeed these ligatures are a real joy. Whatever mouthpiece you play, my “perfectly useless opinion” is these ligatures will significantly improve its overall response.

    Ligatures are weirdly very controversial. For some reason people will shell out big bucks$$$ for a mouthpiece that they will lose 30-40% on after trying it and then trying to sell it, but if you say you spent $165 on a ligature they will look at you like you are a madman… To me this ligature is better than buying a new mouthpiece because it makes whatever mouthpiece you are playing sound substantially better. But this is just one person’s opinion. Lots of players say any old ligature will work. That is true. If you want a ligature that works REALLY great, try one of these. It just may be the last ligature you will ever need.
    Thanks to Brian here for carrying the Echo Brass ligs in every size! A most excellent product!

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