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  • Brilhart Designed By Tenor 5 with Box C62

    $ 225

    This is a nice original vintage Brilhart tenor piece that has a medium bright tone and good response. It’s an under-appreciated piece that has an enthusiastic cult following. This one is in excellent condition and comes with its original box as well. This is great for any situation where you want to cut through a loud band without being too terribly bright.

  • Brilhart Ebolin Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 4* D68

    $ 99

    This is a Brilhart Ebolin 4* for tenor saxophone. These mouthpieces are made of injection molded plastic. This piece has a .080 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, straight side walls, and a medium sized oval chamber. The bite plate it worn down a bit, and there is some general wear from age.

  • Brilhart Metal 5* Like a Berg/Guardala Studio Tenor D71

    $ 199

    This is a Brilhart Metal 5* for tenor saxophone. These were some of Arnold Brilhart’s first mouthpieces as indicated by the “Designed by Arnold Brilhart” on the shaft. This piece has a .091 tip opening, a high baffle, straight side walls, and a large round chamber. These are pieces that have not been appreciated as much as they deserve. For a projecting tenor sound that maintains a lot of body to it, these are in the same league as a vintage Berg (=Berg #0 baffle), and they sound surprisingly similar to a Guardala Studio or Michael Brecker piece (of all things). The far edge of the bite plate has a hairline crack. This doesn’t affect functionality though. Besides that, this piece is in excellent condition.

  • Brilhart Personaline Alto L5 MPC183

    $ 275

    The Personaline is one of the best vintage alto pieces for a balanced, projecting alto tone that doesn’t sound just like every other mouthpiece. It was Brilihart’s top-of-the-line in its day, and is well made with the marbled tooth guard and gold lettering. The L5 is a comfortable .067″ tip that is around a Meyer 4. Works great with a medium reed. The oval-shaped medium chamber has a slanting floor and and slanted down side walls. I like this piece for its crisp, lively alto sound and for being nice and easy to play. The facing is original and cloudly looking with curved machine marks. There are a few tiny nicks in the outside of the rails, but nothing that affects playability.

  • Brilhart Tonalin Great Neck Tenor 5* MPC211

    $ 399

    This is a desirable early Brilhart tenor piece. It is original facing, with curved machine marks on the table and rails. Measures .084″ which is a 5*, though it is stamped 3* (this is common on Brilharts). There are some nicks on the inside of the left rail, but not in the actual facing surface, and there’s some tooth wear in the bite plate. This piece plays very well, with a warm, fat tenor sound that is versatile and just easy.

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    Brilhart Tonalin Special baritone saxophone mouthpiece F87

    $ 299

    Brilhart Tonalin Special baritone saxophone mouthpiece with original box. Mouthpiece is in EXCELLENT original condition, with original facing measuring .075. This mouthpiece features straight sidewalls, a small rollover baffle, and a small square chamber.

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    Brilhart Velvet Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece C22