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  • King Super 20 Alto 1946 Series 1 Full Pearls Relacquer 283007

    $ 2,750
  • King Super 20 Alto 1954 Full Pearls Relacquer 340636

    $ 3,650

    Hard to beat how much alto you get per dollar with this beautiful lightly-relacquered King Super 20 alto with full pearls and solid silver double socket neck. This is the same version of Super 20 that Cannonball Adderley played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else, and if you pair it with a GS New York in around a 5 tip with a soft reed and relaxed embouchure you can get pretty close to that tone (with practice of course). This is the same model of King that I play on alto as well. They’re really hard to beat for a do-it-all pro alto that feels just great to play, projects excellently well, has wide, fat sounding palm key tone, and a rich, saturated mid-register. Good intonation, beautiful build quality and construction. The fact that this got a new coat of lacquer at some point saves you thousands on the price. Great deal on this one!

  • Martin Committee III The Martin Tenor Relacquered Old Pads Good Condition Great Deal 181631

    $ 1,000
  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto 1936 Relacquer Great Deal! 21677

    $ 3,200
  • Selmer Balanced Action Tenor Relacquered Freshly Overhauled Great Price 24461

    $ 6,750

    Freshly overhauled Selmer Balanced Action Tenor from 1937, which was a great year for saxophones. This tenor just had a complete overhaul, and it feels great under the fingers and plays effortlessly. The tone is warm, medium dark, moderately spread, and velvety. I personally love the Balanced Action. It has the most beautiful tone, and is also the first Selmer with modern keywork that is easy and comfortable to play. This horn is priced low because it is relacquered and had been played a lot before its overhaul. You might easily pay more than double for an original one, even without an overhaul, so if you want a great BA at a reasonable price, this is it. It comes in a contoured fiberglass case that fits the horn well.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 Relacquer Good Pads Great Deal! 95096

    $ 7,000

    This is a nice example of a Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone from 1961 with good pads that plays well and is priced extremely well. It’s wild that you can get a 5-digit Mark VI for not that much more than a pro Yamaha just by getting a Selmer that has a new coat of lacquer. This horn has no dents or dings, and the neck has the matching serial number. The American engraving isn’t as sharp as some relacquers, so the bell has been buffed a fair amount, but the horn feels good under the fingers and plays great with a dark, powerful, projecting tone. If you’ve been looking for a solid, great sounding vintage Selmer that is priced on the low side relatively speaking, this is a great option that you can just buy and play, and you don’t need to get overhauled. I put it in a BAM Softpack tenor case which is molded on the shape of a Mark VI, and which is great for gigging, and very safe for shipping. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1962 Relacquer Great Vintage 104515

    $ 5,950

    This is a great deal on a nice condition relacquered Selmer Mark VI Tenor from 1962. It’s American-engraved with original neck with matching serial number. There are no dents or dings. It had some small dents removed from the back of the body and looks great now. The pads are older, so it’s time for either a thorough playing condition job or just a fresh overhaul. It’s on consignment, so I haven’t spent any money on it, but the price is low for what you get. Usually, you’d pay around $1500 more than this for a ’62 VI which is basically a 5-digit in design, if it had a recent overhaul. This horn is a strong player even on leaky older pads, and will definitely be really great overhauled. It comes in a nice original case as well.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1966 Relacquer Great Deal 136290

    $ 6,500

    This Selmer Mark VI tenor from 1966 is refinished, and it just got a full overhaul and plays its best. It’s such an effortless player with saturated subtone low register, easy altissimo, the works. Fantastic! It has a gorgeous medium dark tone. The intonation is great, and the feel under the fingers is great. If you’ve been looking for a great sounding Selmer Mark VI that is priced very reasonably, and that has a complete overhaul with all new everything, that’s this. It should be nice and easy to own, since all is fixed up and mechanically tight and snappy.

  • Selmer SBA Alto 1950 Relacquered Great Deal Good Condition 41311

    $ 3,650