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  • King Alto Saxophone Original Gold Plate Old Pads Beautiful Engraving 105999

    $ 900
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    King SilverSonic Alto Near Mint with Gold in the Engraving – Early Series III 358843

    $ 9,000

    This is the nicest King Series III SilverSonic alto that I have seen, and it’s also the earliest serial one that I’ve seen in person. If you’re into Kings, then you already know what this is, but if you’re not, then in my opinion, this is the second best version, and to many players, this is the best version. The Series II Super 20 is what Cannonball played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else, before switching to one of these after the new ones came out (he went through several horns over the course of his career). The Series II has the ‘full pearls’ on side keys etc, and the Series III lacks the extra pearl key touches, but it gains much more modern feeling keywork in exchange, while keeping the full, rich King tone of the Series II. The ones like this, made shortly after the end of the Series II (which ends around 343k serial), have a little warmer tone than the later Series III horns, more like the Series II, in my opinion. That makes this something of a unicorn – excellent to near mint condition, original factory pads and setup still intact like a time capsule. Double socket solid silver neck in perfect shape. No dents or dings. No past repairs. Solid silver bell with the thick decorative gold in the engraving, which makes this extra rare. All in all, hard to beat. You’d need to get it overhauled. I’d be open to using one of my reserved spots with Matt Stohrer to get this overhauled for you, if you wanted to get Matt to do it for you. He overhauled my personal King alto, and it’s just fantastic. His work on these feels like the King factory just finished building the horn for you. If this suddenly disappears from the site, it’s because I decided to keep it. These altos are really hard to beat, and among the best ever made.

    Only one available!

  • King SilverSonic Tenor Solid Silver Neck and Bell 433140 Very Good Condition

    $ 4,950

    This is a very early Eastlake King Super 20 SilverSonic tenor saxophone with solid silver neck and solid silver bell. It plays reasonably well on older pads and comes with the original case in good condition. Many players love the early Eastlakes for their huge, powerful tone and comfortable keywork. They’re also priced a lot lower than a typical Cleveland SilverSonic (despite the early Eastlakes being the exact same horn). If you want to get into a beautiful vintage professional King Silversonic tenor that doesn’t break the bank, this would be an excellent option.

  • King SilverSonic Tenor With Full Pearls 1952 Relacquered Nice Shape! 328630

    $ 11,500

    This is one of the 200 or so King ‘Full Pearls SilverSonics’ that were made (or Full Pearled SilverSonics if that’s how you learned it). This is a ‘Series II’ Full Pearls, which is the version with the later and more desirable keywork. This is the first one of these I have had for sale on the website in many years, and it is in quite good condition. It has been relacquered, and there were some dings removed before the new coat of lacquer, so you can see some waviness in the reflections around the bow area in a few places, but it’s nothing serious. The horn looks original on first inspection, because it has seen minimal buffing and the engraving is still very sharp, even on the bell key cups, which tend to be buffed harder than the bell engraving. The bell engraving almost looks untouched, and the little bit of gold missing from years of use could be restored if you want (I can point you in the right direction and arrange things for you in that case.) But I would leave it as is, as it looks great already. The pads are older, so it’s time for your favorite saxophone repairer to get this horn back to blowing the walls down again. These horns are kind of the ultimate saxophone collectible because they have both qualities that usually are mutually exclusive – they’re the best version of the Super 20 that King made, and they’re also ridiculously rare at the same time. In the early 50’s King was focused on selling brass bell Super 20 saxophones, and it seems you had to know somebody to get them to make you a SilverSonic, so it rarely happened. I don’t know of any other example of a saxophone that is the best of its class and similarly rare. The Conn saxophones in F are rare and are fun to play, but they’re not like THE best saxophone Conn ever made (that would be the rolled tone holes 10M/30M). The Mark VI C melody is similarly rare, but also not the best C melody ever made, nor particularly outstanding just in itself. But these Series II King Full Pearls Silversonics should please the person who wants both a really rare, collectible investment sort of saxophone, and the person who wants a great playing horn. Anyway, to get back to this horn, it has the original case in nice shape, and the original solid silver neck with matching serial number, also in excellent condition. Also on the website at the moment is the most perfect brass bell Series II Super 20 tenor I’ve seen. If either of these rare Kings drops of the site suddenly, it’s because I ended up being able to afford to keep them. Until then…

    Only one available!

  • King SilverSonic Tenor with Full Pearls and Gold in the Engraving Special Order Fresh Overhaul! 406210

    $ 10,500

    This is an amazing King SilverSonic Tenor with full pearls on the side and palm keys, but with a later serial than you normally see for full pearls. Basically, this was a factory special order with the pearls – one of a handful that I have seen over the years. It has the solid silver neck and bell, the gold in the engraving on the bell, and it has a complete mechanical overhaul done by Aaron Barnard of Barnard Repair in Iowa (who does great work!). This horn had been played a lot, and it had several dings removed from the neck (which now looks great). It has the distinction of being the loudest, wildest sounding SilverSonic that I have ever played. It really goes to 11. It just blasts, and even at low volumes it feels powerful and saturated. You will absolutely fall in love with this tenor. It gets my coveted ‘exceptionally fine player’ distinction. It comes in the beautiful original case as well. Priced on the high side, but the full pearls ones always demand a premium, and this late serial full pearls is extremely rare. Only one available!

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    King Super 20 Alto 1946 Series 1 Full Pearls Relacquer 283007

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    King Super 20 Alto 1950 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Full Pearls Excellent Condition 313044

  • King Super 20 Alto 1953 Full Pearls Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul! 323895

    $ 5,200
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    King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Fantastic Condition w/ Case Cover 318043

    $ 8,000
  • King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Original Lacquer Fresh Matt Stohrer Overhaul 339681

    $ 8,000

    One of the best altos ever made, overhauled by Matt Stohrer, who does the best overhaul on a Super 20 I’ve played. This is also one of the best Super 20’s I’ve played! It’s excellent in every way. This is the one you want. Full pearls, silver double-socket neck, engraved bell keys. This is the vintage that Cannonball played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else. I play one exactly like this myself (within a few hundred serial numbers). Super clean and it even has a lot of original lacquer left on the neck, which is kind of a status symbol among King owners. If I write any more about this, I’m going to convince my self I have to keep it, but I can only play one at a time! With the overhaul, it’s a great deal. Original case is also in good shape.

    Only one available!

  • King Super 20 Tenor 1953 Full Pearls Amazing Condition Original Pads 331197

    $ 7,500
  • King Super 20 Tenor 1974 Eastlake Old Pads Great Deal! 510174

    $ 1,750

    Great deal on a pro tenor at an affordable price. This is an Eastlake King Super 20 with single socket neck, and it will blow the walls down. It has old pads and the lacquer is likely not original (but could be original, as the later ones look like this sometimes). It needs a complete overhaul right now in order to be able to play it. So you should budget (in the USA) around $1000 on top of the purchase price in order to get it all ready to make music. It is, however, a fantastic deal as is. It also has a musty smell so you would probably want a new case, or you can use a combination of sunlight and enzymatic cleaner etc to deodorize it. The smell will disappear from the sax when the pads are removed and the horn is washed and degreased in the overhaul process. But it’s priced to move, and you’ll be getting a ton of horn with modern-ish keywork, and the unbeatable King tone and projection for a bargain price.

  • King Super 20 Tenor Cleveland Relacquer Older Pads 400149

    $ 3,000
  • King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Near Mint Condition Ridiculous 308965

    $ 9,000
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    King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Great! 339845

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    King Zephyr Special Alto Factory Relacquer (Looks Original) Mix of Pads Great Deal 209889

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    King Zephyr Special Tenor Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Recent Overhaul 209710

    As I’ve said many times, the King Zephyr Special tenor is both the most beautiful vintage saxophone ever made, and one of the best sounding and most fun to play. Everything about it is deluxe and tastefully designed: Double socket, solid silver neck with a deco octave key design, delicate starburst engraving on all of the bell /bow key cups, beautiful bell engraving. You also have the extra pearls on the side keys, palm key touches, and G#, the three ring strap hook, and general styling that says “this was made when people really cared about how things were made.” The tone is gorgeous as well. It’s dark and velvety warm, but with a special combination of wideness and punch when pushed that you only find on Kings. It will shake the walls while sounding effortless and relaxed somehow. The action is easy and light under the fingers, but still plenty fast. It’s a comfortable horn to play. If you join me and many other saxophone lovers on team ‘Zephyr Special,’ I think you’ll be very happy you did. Whether this is your only tenor or just one of a small collection, it may quickly become your favorite, because it just does everything well, and it does it well in style.

    This particular Zephyr Special has pads in great condition and no significant past repairs to report. It has some ‘honest wear’ from playing, because it plays well, but it has always been well cared-for, and it shows,. The overhaul was done through GetASax about 5 years ago, and then it just had a fresh full COA to get everything back into shape for the next 5+ years of playing. Response is effortless, low register is easy, intonation is good. It comes in a BAM Classic case that fits it well and will keep it safe in shipping. It’s one of the best horns on the site, despite not being nearly the most expensive. Fantastic horn!


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    Powell Silver Eagle SE10 Alto One of 18 Made – all options solid silver +Matt Stohrer Overhau

    For your viewing pleasure, this is one of the 18 Powell Silver Eagle saxophones made. Powell conceived of an ambitious project to bring back an American-made saxophone of the highest quality. Inspired by the Super 20 SilverSonic, the Silver Eagle reproduces the bore while adding solid silver soldered tone holes and modern keywork. Powell sadly ended their project after making only 18 saxophones, despite high demand, due to the high cost of production. This horn plays like a good super 20 but a little more evenly, and has been completely overhauled by Matt Stohrer. This is the ultimate collectible among modern saxophones, and it is also a burning player. Asking price is just what these cost new, plus a little extra since it got a $1500 overhaul on top of that! It’s not even inflated for the collectibility value, which is probably not smart of me, but there it is. If you want to discuss all the details of this project, I can put you in touch with the people who built it. These were most definitely a new saxophone bore and neck design, inspired by the best King Super 20 SilverSonic altos, both according to them and according to the folks who bought the tooling and mandrels when the project ended. The keywork is modified from tooling bought from B&S, which accounts for the pinky table that sticks out farther than it would on something like a Yamaha.

    There is most certainly only one available. This one has all the possible factory options, which only a subset of Powell Silver Eagles had – including the solid silver tone holes and even cryo treatment. Of the 18 saxophones built, I know at least a couple of them were brass bell, and some others lacked other of these features. This is one of the ones with everything, which makes it even more collectible. Includes the original accessories, case, and paperwork.

    Just for fun, here’s Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview from when he overhauled it.