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  • King Super 20 Alto 1953 Full Pearls Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul! 323895

    $ 5,200
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    King Zephyr Special Tenor Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Recent Overhaul 209710

    As I’ve said many times, the King Zephyr Special tenor is both the most beautiful vintage saxophone ever made, and one of the best sounding and most fun to play. Everything about it is deluxe and tastefully designed: Double socket, solid silver neck with a deco octave key design, delicate starburst engraving on all of the bell /bow key cups, beautiful bell engraving. You also have the extra pearls on the side keys, palm key touches, and G#, the three ring strap hook, and general styling that says “this was made when people really cared about how things were made.” The tone is gorgeous as well. It’s dark and velvety warm, but with a special combination of wideness and punch when pushed that you only find on Kings. It will shake the walls while sounding effortless and relaxed somehow. The action is easy and light under the fingers, but still plenty fast. It’s a comfortable horn to play. If you join me and many other saxophone lovers on team ‘Zephyr Special,’ I think you’ll be very happy you did. Whether this is your only tenor or just one of a small collection, it may quickly become your favorite, because it just does everything well, and it does it well in style.

    This particular Zephyr Special has pads in great condition and no significant past repairs to report. It has some ‘honest wear’ from playing, because it plays well, but it has always been well cared-for, and it shows,. The overhaul was done through GetASax about 5 years ago, and then it just had a fresh full COA to get everything back into shape for the next 5+ years of playing. Response is effortless, low register is easy, intonation is good. It comes in a BAM Classic case that fits it well and will keep it safe in shipping. It’s one of the best horns on the site, despite not being nearly the most expensive. Fantastic horn!


  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Beautiful 24710

    $ 6,000

  • Selmer Balanced Action Alto Recent Overhaul Amazing Condition! 24352

    $ 8,500

    This Selmer Balanced Action alto is about as nice an example as I have seen. It has a recent complete overhaul and plays great! The tone is the reason to buy a BA. I play one myself. They’re really hard to beat for the warm, lyrical, sweet, medium spread tone. It’s not extremely dark – kind of medium between bright and dark on the spectrum, but just warm, spread, and pleasant to listen to. The sound sample below gives you the flavor on a GS New York alto piece, which is a copy of my favorite vintage Meyer Bros NY alto mouthpiece. You could sound cooler and more mellow and Desmond-like on an MC Gregory or Brilhart. I’d love to do another sound sample on that to show the difference if time allows. You won’t find a nicer BA alto for sale as far as I can tell. If you’re a BA junkie, I actually have 5-6 of them right now, everywhere from 21k serial up to 31k serial, and most of them are overhauled! It’s a great time to come play some BA’s.



  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Excellent Player! 190655

    $ 7,000

  • Selmer Radio Improved Alto Original Lacquer, Recent Overhaul 19276

    $ 4,250

    This is a fantastic, overhauled, original lacquer Selmer Radio Improved alto in excellent condition! If you read around on here a bit, you’ll see that I love Selmers from the 1930’s and the Radio Improved in particular. This one has most of its original lacquer intact, and is in quite good condition. it is also in great playing condition with a recent overhaul done by Jack Finucane from a few years or so ago before he stopped doing overhauls, and feels nice and snappy under the fingers. The resonators look like a Reso-Tech set made to match the vintage Selmer Tonex resos, but slightly oversized, and very slightly domed. They are a good match for the horn, and they almost look like vintage Selmer resonators. This has barely been played since the overhaul and is all fresh and nice.

    The tone of a Radio Improved alto is the reason to buy it. It’s like a Selmer blended with a Conn almost- delicate lyrical core that reminds me of an SBA, but with a wider, warmer, more spread feel like a Conn. The keywork is not modern. This is before the ‘Balanced Action’ keywork improvements, so you will have to get used to the left hand pinky keys if you haven’t played a vintage horn before. If you have, then it’s no problem. I barely notice keywork differences anymore after playing all the different styles out there. This one is more comfortable than most, and I like the direct action bell key mechanism.

    The original lacquer is in beautiful shape and looks great – deep honey gold. The only spot that isn’t original lacquer (and you’d have to really look closely to tell this) is at the neck receiver, where it looks like Jack had to resolder the neck receiver and then mix up some matching lacquer to over spray there. The only way to tell is that there’s just a little sign of overspray of the new lacquer on top of the original lacquer just below the receiver. That resolder often needs to be done on a 30’s Selmer to make the neck receiver strong again after 80+ years of use. (It was done on my personal RI, so I specially look for it). These horns are very uncommon, and this one is nicer than the great majority of RI’s out there. Only 1140 RI altos were made, and this is probably in the top 10% of those.

    Only one available!

  • SML Coleman Hawkins Special Tenor Super Rare! Recent Overhaul 5349

    $ 6,000