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    Dukoff Miami D5 alto saxophone mouthpiece G03

    Dukoff D5 alto saxophone mouthpiece. Original facing measures .072, equivalent to a modern Otto Link 6/ Meyer 5 tip. This mouthpiece features a large baffle. These were made famous by David Sanborn, who gets his signature sound by projecting on. One of these.

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    Dukoff Miami D5 Soprano Mouthpiece MPC327

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    Dukoff Miami D6 Large Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece F41

    This is a Dukoff Miami D6 tenor mouthpiece. It has a .093 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. There is some wear from age, but no issues that will affect playability.

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    Dukoff Miami D7 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece E10

    This is a Dukoff Tenor Super Power Chamber D7. These mouthpieces began production in 1972 and are still made today. This piece has a .100 tip opening, a high baffle, a medium chamber and straight side walls. These Miami pieces are the most desirable version, because they were better made than the current production models out there. The sound of this piece is bright-but-full-bodied in a way that makes it great for any playing setting where you need to be able to project or cut through at all. Nice piece!

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    Dukoff Miami M 7* Baritone Mouthpiece MPC332

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    Dukoff Stubby 5* Tenor Mouthpiece MPC326

  • Dukoff Supersonic / Selmer Elkhart Alto C48

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    Dukoff Supersonic made for Buescher Alto Mouthpiece E22

    This is a Dukoff Supersonic 3 made for Buescher that Brian Powell opened up to a .072. These mouthpieces were made with a very high quality rubber and the blank used for them was also used by Geo. M. Bundy and Selmer Elkhart NY. This piece has a slight rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. This is a great alto piece for the money.

  • Dukoff Supersonic Penn Los Angeles Tenor E38

    This is yet another iteration of a mouthpiece that I have been collecting quite a few of lately – the Dukoff Supersonic/Zimberoff blank that was made for a number of other companies by Dukoff around the middle of last century. These are excellent mouthpieces for getting a dark, burning jazz or all around tenor sound. They are great opened up to larger tips, which is why I have several listed in different tip openings. Besides the above mentioned names, you also find this piece as Selmer Elkhart NY, Geo M Bundy, and even Buescher. This one just got opened up by Brian Powell, and it is an outstanding player.

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    Dukoff Supersonic Selmer Elkhart Tenor BP 8 110 D33

    $ 375

    This is a Selmer Elkhart tenor piece that Brian Powell refaced. It has a .110 tip opening, a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a large round chamber. There is some discoloration, but other than that it is almost as good as new.