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  • King Super 20 Alto 1953 Full Pearls Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul! 323895

    $ 5,200
  • King Super 20 Alto 1954 Full Pearls Relacquer 340636

    $ 3,850

    Hard to beat how much alto you get per dollar with this beautiful lightly-relacquered King Super 20 alto with full pearls and solid silver double socket neck. This is the same version of Super 20 that Cannonball Adderley played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else, and if you pair it with a GS New York in around a 5 tip with a soft reed and relaxed embouchure you can get pretty close to that tone (with practice of course). This is the same model of King that I play on alto as well. They’re really hard to beat for a do-it-all pro alto that feels just great to play, projects excellently well, has wide, fat sounding palm key tone, and a rich, saturated mid-register. Good intonation, beautiful build quality and construction. The fact that this got a new coat of lacquer at some point saves you thousands on the price. Great deal on this one!

  • King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Original Lacquer Fresh Matt Stohrer Overhaul 339681

    $ 8,000

    One of the best altos ever made, overhauled by Matt Stohrer, who does the best overhaul on a Super 20 I’ve played. This is also one of the best Super 20’s I’ve played! It’s excellent in every way. This is the one you want. Full pearls, silver double-socket neck, engraved bell keys. This is the vintage that Cannonball played on Kind of Blue and Somethin’ Else. I play one exactly like this myself (within a few hundred serial numbers). Super clean and it even has a lot of original lacquer left on the neck, which is kind of a status symbol among King owners. If I write any more about this, I’m going to convince my self I have to keep it, but I can only play one at a time! With the overhaul, it’s a great deal. Original case is also in good shape.

    Only one available!

  • King Super 20 Tenor 1974 Eastlake Old Pads Great Deal! 510174

    $ 1,950
  • King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Very Good Condition Good Pads 308996

    $ 6,500

    This is the Super 20 that most people want. This is the version with the more modern LH pinky (spatula) keys, but that still has ‘full pearls’ on all the key touches, double socket, solid-silver neck, and engraved bell keys. It has had a recent repad, and I just got it freshly checked out and setup, so it’s playing quite well. There aren’t many original lacquer Super 20’s from this most desirable serial range in the world. Far fewer than people realize! There are about 10x as many 5-digit Mark VI’s as there are full pearls Super 20’s.

  • Sold Out

    Powell Silver Eagle SE10 Alto One of 18 Made – all options solid silver +Matt Stohrer Overhau

    For your viewing pleasure, this is one of the 18 Powell Silver Eagle saxophones made. Powell conceived of an ambitious project to bring back an American-made saxophone of the highest quality. Inspired by the Super 20 SilverSonic, the Silver Eagle reproduces the bore while adding solid silver soldered tone holes and modern keywork. Powell sadly ended their project after making only 18 saxophones, despite high demand, due to the high cost of production. This horn plays like a good super 20 but a little more evenly, and has been completely overhauled by Matt Stohrer. This is the ultimate collectible among modern saxophones, and it is also a burning player. Asking price is just what these cost new, plus a little extra since it got a $1500 overhaul on top of that! It’s not even inflated for the collectibility value, which is probably not smart of me, but there it is. If you want to discuss all the details of this project, I can put you in touch with the people who built it. These were most definitely a new saxophone bore and neck design, inspired by the best King Super 20 SilverSonic altos, both according to them and according to the folks who bought the tooling and mandrels when the project ended. The keywork is modified from tooling bought from B&S, which accounts for the pinky table that sticks out farther than it would on something like a Yamaha.

    There is most certainly only one available. This one has all the possible factory options, which only a subset of Powell Silver Eagles had – including the solid silver tone holes and even cryo treatment. Of the 18 saxophones built, I know at least a couple of them were brass bell, and some others lacked other of these features. This is one of the ones with everything, which makes it even more collectible. Includes the original accessories, case, and paperwork.

    Just for fun, here’s Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview from when he overhauled it.