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  • New Old Stock Yamaha Purple Logo Baritone Saxophone YBS-62 Mint Unbelievable! Overhauled!

    $ 9,000

    Now comes with a full overhaul!! All new pads and the full deal. That’s a huge added value. It plays EFFORTLESSLY and beautifully, with a warm, complex tone. Take it in a funk direction with an aggressive mouthpiece, and it will bark and cut without thinning out. Take it in a classical direction, and it will do a gorgeous cello-like tone better than any other baritone that I know of. Highly recommended!

    This is an amazing chance to get a new old stock Purple Logo YBS-62 baritone saxophone. This sax was originally a display model that Yamaha brought to the USA for a trade show almost 40 years ago. Yamaha sold the instruments from the display, and they sat in someone’s closet for that entire time. This sax came in the plastic in the case, and I had to take it out to take photos. There are maybe a few of the lightest possible surface scratches not through the lacquer, but aside from that, it looks as new as it could be and be from the early 80’s. The tone is beautiful and warm, rich, and medium focused. Intonation is great. Works with just about any mouthpiece. This horn can play the full range from classical to funk no problem and be as reliable as a Lexus day after day, year after year. This is BY FAR the nicest example of a purple logo 62 baritone that I have seen, and the nicest one we are likely to see.

    It has the case keys, the polishing cloth, mouthpiece and ligature, warranty booklet, and even a set of removable wheels that attach to the end of the case so that you can roll it if you want. First time I have seen that. If you want a beautiful baritone to play that is really special, this is it. And at this price, it’s about the same as buying a modern 62, so you don’t even pay a premium to get the new old stock. That’s pretty great.

  • Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Good Condition Original Lacquer Great Deal C39253

    $ 1,800
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YAS-62 Purple Logo Alto 1980’s Warm, Beautiful Tone Incl Full Overhaul

    $ 2,550

    Just completely overhauled to effortless perfection! This 1980’s ‘Purple Logo’ Yamaha 62 alto saxophone is just so nice to play. The Purple Logo 62s are a sweet spot for alto saxophones in general, because they combine the comfort and ease of modern keywork with a more warm, complex tone than you find on other later Yamahas. This vintage of 62 is more like a vintage Selmer, where the later Yamahas went for a clearer, rounder, brighter tone. This is more middle of the road on the bright/dark spectrum, and it’s not as clear, but more warm and has more complexity to the basic tone. It feels more like a vintage horn also – easier to bend notes around, where more recent ones are just slotted in what-you-get-is-what-you-yet tonally and pitch wise. This lets you do more. It’s a Yamaha with the training wheels off.

    The full overhaul spared no detail of restoring this alto to perfect mechanical and playing condition. There’s just a bit of cosmetic wear from use, and that’s really it for the description of the condition. It’s effortless to play. Low register produces a saturated pianissimo without any trouble. Low Bb is just another note. These usually sell about $400-500 higher, but I’m discounting this one for quick sale to be a great deal for some lucky player. If you get this alto, you never need to upgrade. It will be beautifully performing for you for as long as you want to play it, and with the fresh, high-end overhaul, it will stay in great adjustment with only the most minimal of maintenance! It’s an easy, turn-key purchase on a beautifully playing horn.

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YAS-82ZULPW Rare Unlacquered “Hand Selected by Phil Woods” with Signed Paperwork

    $ 5,900
  • Yamaha YAS-875 Custom Alto Professional – Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 3,150
  • Yamaha YAS-875EXB Alto Saxophone Black Lacquer Plays Great! C86433

    $ 3,250
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YBS-62 Low A Baritone Saxophone Mint

    $ 6,250
  • YSS82ZRSSopranoStockPhotos-3

    Yamaha YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone One Piece Bent Neck Silver Plate! BRAND NEW

    $ 4,750

    Available new by special order anytime. Email me at [email protected] to order. The Yamaha YSS-62R and 62RS are the most desirable vintage sopranos pretty much. Yamaha made an upgraded reissue of this soprano, with improved keywork but the same bore. It’s simply the best.

  • Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Vito Plays Great Just Tuned Up Excellent Cond

    $ 1,175

    If you’re wanting the best first tenor sax you can get for anywhere near this price, get this one! The Yamaha YTS-23 made in Japan like this is as good as it gets in quality for an entry level tenor saxophone. Many pros will tell you they started on a 23, and many still keep one around as a backup horn. These things just play well, and they are built to last.

    This one just got cleaned up and tuned up by my repairman, and it is playing very nicely on a mix of pads. The strong nickel keys look great, and also keep the keywork in good adjustment. The 23 tenor feels good under the fingers, plays easily, and tunes well. If you have been renting one of the store brand chinese tenors from Music and Arts, it’s time to get a real saxophone. The Yamahas like this hold up well, hold their value well, and will be dependably easy to play with only minor checkups over the years. In case you’re wondering, Yamaha made saxophones for Vito sold with Vito on the bell but stamped YTS-23 Japan by the thumb hook, and these are YTS-23’s. I started out on a Vito alto, and it lasted me until midway through high school before I upgraded to a pro Yanagisawa. You can’t do better than one of these for a smart purchase for a newer player, or as a backup for a pro player.

  • Yamaha YTS-52 Tenor Saxophone 1980’s Fresh Overhaul Excellent Condition 5474

    $ 2,350

    This early 1980’s Yamaha 52 tenor is hard to beat for the price. The 80’s ‘purple logo’ 62 saxophones are prized for their warm, more complex tone, and they are among my favorite modern saxophones. The 52 from the same era is virtually the identical saxophone, with the same bore, neck, body tube and everything. It lacks a few higher end features that the 62 has (the ‘fat starfish’ engraving, ribs under some posts), but these don’t matter to most people, so it remains an excellent value. You get all the tone, comfortable ergonomics, dependability and ease of playing of a 62 for less money. Plus, this tenor just got a complete overhaul and is all freshly repadded and ready to go for a nice long time. It won’t need anything more than minor upkeep for the next several years, and it is super easy and responsive across all registers.

    It can be hard to find a tenor that plays this well for anything like this price. And Yamahas like this are also really easy to get worked on down the road and to keep in good adjustment. Compared to later Yamahas, this one is warmer, more complex, and more like a vintage Selmer (which was Yamaha’s starting point for the early 62 it seems to me), but with better intonation and a more even scale. No wonder these continue to be such popular saxophones.

    Only one available!

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    Yamaha YTS-61 Tenor Saxophone Plays Great! Discount Pro Horn! 15936

    $ 2,000
  • Yamaha YTS-62 II Tenor Saxophone Very Good Condition E34283

    $ 2,550
  • Yamaha YTS-62 Professional Tenor Saxophone Very Good Condition 45358

    $ 2,650
  • Yamaha YTS-62S III Tenor Saxophone Mint Condition Original Silver E27710

    $ 3,150