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  • New Old Stock Yamaha Purple Logo Baritone Saxophone YBS-62 Mint Unbelievable!

    $ 9,000

    This is an amazing chance to get a new old stock Purple Logo YBS-62 baritone saxophone. This sax was originally a display model that Yamaha brought to the USA for a trade show almost 40 years ago. Yamaha sold the instruments from the display, and they sat in someone’s closet for that entire time. This sax came in the plastic in the case, and I had to take it out to take photos. There are maybe a few of the lightest possible surface scratches not through the lacquer, but aside from that, it looks as new as it could be and be from the early 80’s. The tone is beautiful and warm, rich, and medium focused. Intonation is great. Works with just about any mouthpiece. This horn can play the full range from classical to funk no problem and be as reliable as a Lexus day after day, year after year. This is BY FAR the nicest example of a purple logo 62 baritone that I have seen, and the nicest one we are likely to see.

    It has the case keys, the polishing cloth, mouthpiece and ligature, warranty booklet, and even a set of removable wheels that attach to the end of the case so that you can roll it if you want. First time I have seen that. If you want a beautiful baritone to play that is really special, this is it. And at this price, it’s about the same as buying a modern 62, so you don’t even pay a premium to get the new old stock. That’s pretty great.

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    Yamaha / Ishimori Woodstone 82ZWS 2 Custom Necks Alto Saxophone D76004

  • Yamaha Purple Logo YAS-62 Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Overhauled!

    $ 3,450

    Yamaha 62 ‘Purple Logo’ or Purple Label alto saxophones are Yamaha’s first real professional saxophone from the 1980’s. They remain one of the best options for a great sounding alto sax with modern keywork and a rich, interesting tone. The YAS-62 Purple Logo has more warmth and complexity to the tone than the later 62-II or III versions (which are more clear and round).

    So many players are looking for that one alto that does everything well, and sounds warm and interesting. The 62 Purple Logo is one of those rare horns that really does do everything well. It tunes great, feels really comfortable under the fingers, and just responds effortlessly. This particular example could hardly be nicer. It’s in excellent condition with no past repairs and no damage.

    This alto is getting a full mechanical overhaul right now, which means it will be back to like new, or better-than-new condition mechanically, and playing wise. If you’re not used to used saxophone lingo, that means that a highly-skilled woodwind repairman is going to be spending about 30 hours of labor on this horn going over every detail, and replacing everything that can be replaced, so that it’s totally rebuilt and ready for its next many years of playing. That’s a big added value for you, because you don’t have to worry about the horn needing more than minor occasional maintenance to play its best for many years to come.

    I have no trouble selling these Purple Logo Yamaha 62 altos as soon as anyone plays one with the fresh overhaul. It’s really hard to beat, regardless of price. Plays circles around new Selmers that cost twice as much, unless they too have been overhauled!

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YAS-62 II Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Professional Great Deal!

    $ 2,150
  • Yamaha YAS-62-III Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition V1 Neck Superb!

    $ 2,500
  • Yamaha YAS-82Z Custom Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 2,950
  • Yamaha YAS-82ZUL Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 2,950
  • Yamaha YAS-875 Alto Saxophone Beautiful Balanced Player New V1 Neck! 4356

    $ 2,800

    The original Yamaha 675 will always have a special place in my heart, because an alto just like this one was my first fully professional saxophone that I saved up and bought many years ago. The Yamaha Custom line is built to be the best of the best. It does everything pretty well, and it is just effortless to play and to keep in good adjustment over time.

    This horn is in very good playing condition and feels great under the fingers. Yamahas come with fairly stiff action, and they need the spring tensions adjusted lighter if you intend to play them for very long at a time. This one had that done, and got the pads all tuned up also. It also comes with a brand new upgraded V1 neck. The V1 is easily the most popular Yamaha neck on the market today, and it represents a nice upgrade. It has a focused, projecting, medium tone between bright and dark. It’s what comes with both the new 82Z and the new 875EX-II, so it does both jazz and classical well, and people love it for both.

    All in all, you’re getting a great, fully professional Yamaha Custom alto built to outlast anyone who may be reading this description. It tunes great, it feels great, and it just plays so easily. The horn gets out of the way so that you can make the music that you want. And the tone itself is beautiful, round, warm, and medium dark. Works great for jazz with a Meyer style piece, or for classical with just about anything you want to use. Getting a used pro alto like this is a smart move. It holds its value and is satisfying to own. Way better decision than buying a new student instrument or a Taiwanese sax that will instantly lose half its value as soon as you buy it! This plays better and holds up much better over time. Top quality.

    Only one available.

  • Yamaha YAS-875S Alto Saxophone Original Silver Plate M1 and G1 Necks Excellent

    $ 2,950
  • Yamaha YBS-62 Purple Logo 1980s Low A Baritone Saxophone Very Good Condition

    $ 6,000
  • Yamaha YSS-475 Soprano Saxophone Near Mint Condition Made with YSS-62 Tooling

    $ 1,650

    The YSS-475 is made with the tooling from the YSS-62 and plays just like a coveted Yamaha 62 purple logo soprano, but costs less. This makes it by far the best entry-priced soprano saxophone. It’s really a professional soprano for an intermediate price. Tunes great, sounds warm and pleasant, keywork is comfortable, and the price is low. What’s not to love?

    This one has been played only a tiny bit since new, and it looks almost like a new instrument. It includes everything in the photos – nice original case, mouthpiece, and some other accessories. It comes with a fresh checkup to make sure the low-miles pads are sealing their best.

    These always sell quickly. Get yours before it is gone.

  • YSS82ZRSSopranoStockPhotos-3

    Yamaha YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone One Piece Bent Neck Silver Plate!

    $ 4,751

    The Yamaha YSS-62R and 62RS are the most desirable vintage sopranos pretty much. Yamaha made an upgraded reissue of this soprano, with improved keywork but the same bore. It’s simply the best.

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    Yamaha YSS-875EXHG Soprano Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,450
  • Yamaha YTS-475 Intermediate Tenor Saxophone Good Playing Condition Great Value! 298213

    $ 1,600

    Great deal on one of the best intermediate tenor saxophones on the market. The Yamaha 475 is made in Japan and plays a lot like a YTS-62, but costs less. This tenor has been played a fair amount. The pads are sealing pretty well right now, but it is a mix of older and newer pads. The neck had a dent removed, and it was done well, so it looks good now. If you want a very well-built tenor, that feels good, tunes well, and is easy on the budget, this is it. Don’t waste your money on a new no-name sax. Those will be worth peanuts as soon as they are used. Yamaha horns are quality and hold their value really well. You can basically play it and enjoy it and sell it later for right around what you paid. Hard to beat.

  • Yamaha YTS-62 II Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition Great Deal

    $ 2,350
  • Yamaha YTS-82ZUL Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,500
  • Yamaha YTS-875 Tenor Saxophone Very Good Condition

    $ 2,950

    Nice condition Yamaha Custom 875 Tenor Saxophone in very good shape. This horn is nice and clean and comes with the original case also in good condition. Great deal for a fully professional Yamaha tenor saxophone that will serve well for any level of playing from a serious beginner player through a full professional career. This horn has a medium dark, rich tone compared to other Yamaha saxophones. It tunes well, and it feels great under the fingers. Good purchase!

    Only one available!