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  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone 215535 Full Overhaul

    $ 1,200
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265493A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Saxophone Best Student Sax 265727A

    $ 800
  • Yamaha YAS-23 Student Alto Made in Japan Best First Saxophone

    $ 850
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YAS-52 Intermediate Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition 13471

    $ 1,350
  • Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone Excellent Condition 14727

    $ 4,850
  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YBS-62II Baritone Saxophone Mint Like New with Peg Mount and Wheeled Case 52658

    $ 7,500

    This is as close as you can get to getting a brand new YBS-62II baritone saxophone without paying full price. This horn has not even been broken in yet, and the pads still feel new. Horn smells new. It has all the paperwork in there. I like that Yamaha has added a floor peg mount to the horn, and wheels to the case on these newest ones.

  • Sold OutYamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

    Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone – Backordered until Spring

    $ 799

    Yamaha is facing the same microchip shortage as everyone else, and has run out of microchips to make the YDS-150. They estimate that it will be back available sometime in spring, 2022.

    Buy your Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone before they run out. Yamaha is experiencing production delays and won’t have these available anytime soon after these two are gone.

    The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone is a new kind of digital saxophone. It is more like a real saxophone than any digital saxophone that has come before, because it has regular saxophone keywork. So unlike an EWI 4000S, 5000, or a WX5, you don’t have to switch to a different keywork feel in order to play the digital saxophone anymore.

    This is going to be huge for people who want to practice saxophone quietly rather than people who just want a midi or digital interface sax. You can practice with headphones on and not bother your neighbors at all hours. Or play it quietly on one of the 15 volume settings. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone also works fine as a digital input into whatever sound processing software that you want to use. But it feels more like a regular saxophone under the fingers. I’ve been having fun with digital saxophones ever since the Casio DH-100, and I think like the Casio, this Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone will probably become an instant classic of its genre for the same reason – it feels more like an actual saxophone to play than any similar option.

    In brief (more below) are the main features of the Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone that you might care about:

    1. The Yamaha Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has a speaker in the brass bell, so that the sound you generate vibrates the instrument’s body tube. As you play louder, you feel more resonance.
    2. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has a regular saxophone mouthpiece (basically a repurposed Yamaha 4C soprano piece) and even a ‘reed’ so that it feels like a saxophone in your mouth also. The reed doesn’t vibrate though! You can even swap out the Yamaha mouthpiece for your own mouthpiece, as long as it has a similar bore to a 4C, though this won’t do much to the tone if anything. It might make it feel a little more like ‘home’ to you.
    3. The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone has an advanced breath sensor that responds instantly to small changes in breath support by changing the tone that you generate. Again, you see the theme – feels a bit more like a saxophone to play.
    4. The sound it generates is actual sound samples taken from real Yamaha saxophones. You can switch among Yamaha soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone tones on your Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone. It’s a pretty good idea, thought it still sounds like a midi sax to me. The bari sax model is actually pretty good though.
    5. There’s an app that lets you further modify and control the tone you get from the Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone. The app is actually quite good! And you can also input the sound from your Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone into Ableton or Garageband or ProTools or whatever you like and modify it there, or even run the output into analog or digital pedals, like in our saxophone looping video here.
    6. Interestingly it’s keyed from high F# down to low A so you can use it as a baritone model! And the tuning is adjustable within 5 hz so you can play with a flat piano or in different temperatures with acoustic instruments whose tuning changes with changing weather etc. Not a bad idea!

    Shortcomings of the YDS-150 are as follows:

    1. It’s a bit awkward changing notes with the digital switches on the keys versus the analog feel of a real sax.
    2. Similarly, starting and stopping notes with breath is different from how you articulate them on a real sax. So playing four quarter notes staccato requires you to learn habits that don’t transfer to sax.
    3. Reed doesn’t vibrate, so it doesn’t really feel like a saxophone to play.
    4. Saxophone sound samples don’t sound all that much like a saxophone. See our A/B comparison video for comparison of a Yamaha custom alto vs the YDS-150 alto sound model.
    5. No vibrato or control of tone with embouchure – breath only.

    I’ll put more Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone details and some review videos and sound clips in the long description below, so scroll down for the additional info! And for only $799, it’s not bad even just as a tool to get some late night practice time in.

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    Yamaha YSS-675 Soprano Excellent Condition! 5217

    $ 2,450
  • YSS82ZRSSopranoStockPhotos-3

    Yamaha YSS-82ZRS Soprano Saxophone One Piece Bent Neck Silver Plate! BRAND NEW

    $ 4,750

    Available new by special order anytime. Email me at [email protected] to order. The Yamaha YSS-62R and 62RS are the most desirable vintage sopranos pretty much. Yamaha made an upgraded reissue of this soprano, with improved keywork but the same bore. It’s simply the best.

  • Yamaha YTS-23 Student Tenor Older Pads 98255

    $ 650
  • Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Very Good Condition Plays Great!

    $ 1,400
  • Yamaha YTS-52 Intermediate Tenor Saxophone Excellent Condition 7254

    $ 1,950

    Yamaha 52 Tenor in nearly new condition. This just got a thorough tune up and plays GREAT. This is a near-pro quality horn for the price of a student horn. The 52’s like this were made in Japan and are nearly identical to the much more expensive and highly-coveted ‘Purple Logo’ 62 tenors. They have the exact same neck, bore, and keywork, but only lack some bells and whistles of the finish. So this is a really good one for someone to grab.

  • Yamaha YTS-62 1 Tenor 33267 Good Condition Plays Well!

    $ 2,250

    Just tuned up Yamaha 62 Professional tenor saxophone. Yes, it has some scratches, but that’s because it has been played and plays well! This is the version right after the ‘purple logo’ where they changed the Yamaha logo to a stamped pattern, but left most everything else the same including the neck from the purple logo. This is what gives those horns their warmth and richness that is unmatched by any other Yamaha. Great horn for the money! Cheaper than a new student YTS-26, and it holds its value far better also. Would be about as nice a tenor as you could buy for the money, and it will still be worth around this much if you ever need to sell it. Grab it while you can!!

  • Yamaha YTS-62II Tenor Good Condition Just Tuned Up Plays Great! 68588

    $ 2,500
  • Yamaha YTS-875S Tenor Saxophone Silver Plate Near Mint Condition Fresh Setup

    $ 3,750