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    King Soprano Saxophone Original Gold Plate Excellent Condition Rare! 99847

    $ 1,600
  • King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone Original Silver Plate Excellent Condition 202108

    $ 1,950
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    Selmer Mark VI Tenor Original Lacquer 103142 Gorgeous! Matt Stohrer Overhaul – Power!

    $ 12,500

    This is one of the most powerful VI tenors you are going to find. It plays just like a late 5-digit, of course, since it is exactly the same version of VI as a 95xxx, for example. The sound is dark and focused, but with a bright edge when pushed. And this horn wants to be pushed. It’s setup for a player who wants to get a lot of power and volume out of the horn, but still have it be free blowing and instantly responsive. Matt Stohrer just finished overhauling it the very end of August 2019, and it feels like a brand new saxophone – better than new. The spring tension is nice and snappy, but not too heavy, and the Pisoni pads are medium firm and very nice under the fingers. It has the high-end TenorMadness domed metal resonators that make the horn look great, and that are re-usable and based on the metal resonators that Selmer used in the early 50’s. They’re great. You’re not going to find a better overhaul, because Matt does all of the little details that take these horns from good to great. The adjustment materials are clean and logical, the action is the same across every key, and there are lots of other small things that add up to a great result. For example, he pays special attention to the neck/body connection and spends a long time getting the neck ‘fit’ even all the way around the neck tenon inside the receiver so that it fits smoothly on every side. You may not be aware of it, but this one thing can really transform the response and eliminates resistance or stuffiness that can easily come from a non-optimal neck fit even on horns like this that are in such great original condition.

    Condition wise, this horn is about a 9.5/10, with 10 being near mint. The only past repairs are a couple of small dents removed. One sort of near the Bb keyguard on the bell, but it’s very hard to see, one on the back of the bow, again very hard to tell at all now, and a little line in the upper body tube which is actually just a scratch from the inside of the tube where someone got a stuck sax swab out and scratched the inside while removing it. Not at all a big deal, but makes a little line on the lacquer outside. So when you see the horn, it looks nearly perfect, and it has about 98% of the original lacquer remaining. Bell flare and neck are perfect and undamaged. There are no resolders or past repairs. No posts pushed in, body tube is straight. Original case is beautiful. This is one of the nicest VI’s out there at present.

    Since it also comes with a totally great overhaul, there’s really nothing to worry about buying it. It’s fantastic. Only one available!

  • Yamaha YAS-62 II Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Professional Great Deal!

    $ 2,150
  • Yamaha YAS-82ZUL Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 2,950
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    Yamaha YSS-875EXHG Soprano Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,450