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  • Buffet RC Prestige Bb Clarinet Excellent Condition! F182061

    $ 3,750
  • King New Voll True Baritone Original Silver Plate Near Mint Insane

    $ 2,250

    Original pads on this amazingly well-preserved original silver plate King baritone saxophone. It has to have an overhaul if you want to play it. But then you will have the nicest King baritone saxophone of this model in the world in all likelihood.

    Only one available!

  • King Super 20 Alto Full Pearls Fantastic Condition w/ Case Cover 318043

    $ 8,000
  • King Super 20 Tenor Full Pearls Near Mint Condition Ridiculous 308965

    $ 9,000
  • LA SAX Soprano Saxophone Great Deal Excellent Condition 1507

    $ 850

    This LA Sax Soprano is in almost new condition and just got a tune up so it’s ready to go right out of the case. It was probably built by Chateau, who makes some of the best quality instruments that are sold at the affordable price range. You get a nice horn for the money here, and it even has the two necks design, so you can put the curved neck on and have the horn hang comfortably on your neck strap. If you’ve been wanting to play around with soprano, but you don’t want to spend much money, this is a great option. It probably won’t last long.

  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano Original Lacquer Near Mint Original Pads 210640

    $ 5,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1961 American Engraved Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 95721

    $ 16,950

    If you’ve been looking for a 1961 Selmer Mark VI Tenor in excellent condition for a while, and have been waiting to buy a really special one, then your wait may be over! I haven’t had one this clean and beautiful in a few years, and I don’t know when I’ll get another! The 5-digit serial Selmer Mark VI tenors have gotten pretty hard to find in clean original condition like this, and prices have been going up. This one is priced on the low side of what I’m seeing people asking at other dealers and on eBay. I was very pleasantly surprised with the condition when it arrived from the original owner. The original lacquer is almost all present, and there is no damage at all – no dents or dings, no resolders, and the original neck with matching serial number is in excellent condition with no pull down or past damage. The American engraving looks great, and the lacquer color is a gorgeous deep honey gold.

    The pads are original, and the horn still plays remarkably well on them, with a huge, powerful tone. It takes air really well and has a big sounding altissimo. It also comes in the beautiful original Chesterfield case. I love how the edge binding on this case is one continuous piece in a sort of figure 8 pattern. The 90k VI tenors have a punchy, dark, focused, powerful tone that is pretty much the tenor sound that most pro players seem to be looking for today. With a brighter mouthpiece, these things project like crazy. With an overhaul, this will be the sort of horn that you just don’t want to put down.

    Only one available

  • Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Excellent Condition 604536

    $ 5,750

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Kookaburra Exc Cond Fresh Full Overhaul! 700124

    $ 5,750

    This Selmer Reference 54 alto is completely overhauled, which sets it far apart from other used modern Selmers that you will find on the market. This is also the Kookaburra edition. I understand they made 340 of these for the US market. They do seem to sell a little higher than the average Reference 54. I love how these horns play once they get a good overhaul. The odd thing is, they can be in nearly new condition, as this one is, and yet still need an overhaul to play well. As you probably know, unless you’re just getting into nice saxophones, an overhaul is a big job, and means that everything is rebuilt and replaced that is disposable on the saxophone. It takes a few days worth of skilled labor and a few hundred dollars worth of materials, so it’s not cheap. The result is a saxophone that plays and feels better than new, as this one does. It’s a deal at this price. The Reference 54 is my favorite modern Selmer.

    Original case is included, also in excellent condition.

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Fresh Full Overhaul – Best First Alto Excellent Condition 378879

    $ 1,450

    Who spends $1000 to overhaul a YAS-23 and sells it for a $50 profit? GetASax, that’s who.

    Almost every good saxophonist I know started off playing a YAS-23. There’s something about the way these horns are designed and put together that just makes them PLAY. If you ever get a chance to play an overhauled 23 alto, don’t turn up your nose. They are great horns. Lively, projecting, in tune, comfortable under the fingers and built like a tank but without being heavy. No wonder they’re the horn everyone recommends to students. Trouble is, most 23’s have 20-35 year old pads at this point, and they need an overhaul. Unlike nearly any other student saxophone ever made, the 23 actually deserves and warrants an overhaul. So if you want the best, for $1000 less than a new YAS-26 (which, frankly, is a silly price for 26 but whatever), then get this! I try to keep one or two around at any given time. Pair this with a GS New York for a great jazz tone. Pair it with the upcoming GS Hyperion (Brilhart Tonalin Great Neck alto copy) and you’ll have a beautiful cool jazz / do-it-all alto tone.


  • Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Professional Tenor Excellent Condition F28037

    $ 4,850
  • Yanagisawa A880 Professional Alto Excellent Condition Overhauled! 137398

    $ 3,650
  • Yanagisawa SWO2 Professional Solid Bronze Soprano Near Mint! 403560

    $ 4,450

    This is a barely used Yanagisawa solid bronze professional soprano that sold new last year to a customer of mine. He has too many horns, and sent me this one to sell for him. It’s a Yanagisawa SWO2 professional soprano saxophone, which is the single piece soprano (fixed neck) version that Yanagisawa currently sells. It’s among the best sounding and most beautiful soprano saxophones ever made, and the price is also lower than pretty much any other comparable quality soprano saxophone on the market. You can checkout some of our soprano saxophone comparison videos on the GetASax Youtube channel if you’re shopping sopranos (one is linked here if you want to take a look).

    It has also become hard to find a Yanagisawa soprano that is in stock these days, as they are very popular and often backordered. This one is near mint and also has the getasax new horn setup done on it, so it plays a little better than a typical new Yanagisawa. There’s virtually no wear, just some fingerprints and evidence of light playing. If you want a great soprano for a discount price that comes setup and ready to go, this is the one for you!