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  • Buescher True Tone Curved Soprano High F Original Silver Excellent Condition 215581

    $ 2,000
  • Buffet Senzo Alto Excellent Condition Solid Copper Fantastic!

    $ 3,650
  • Conn 6M VIII Original Silver Plate Pre-War Rare Version 285404 Excellent Condition

    $ 2,650

    Incredible Pre-war Conn 6M VIII in silver plate. You rarely see silver plated instruments before WWII stopped conn production in mid 1942. This one from 1938-39 is in gorgeous condition with original silver plate nearly 100%. The pads are older. Plan on a repad. The neck is great condition also with no damage. No past repairs. Interestingly, this appears to have been special ordered with a second strap hook, which makes the horn balance like a modern alto. I have never seen this before on a Conn, but I’m certain that this is factory original, as the plating matches and there is no sign of aftermarket soldering at all. Pretty cool!

    Only one availble!

  • King Silversonic Tenor Excellent Condition Original Lacquer Silver Neck + Bell + Treypack 448262

    $ 5,650
  • King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone Original Silver Plate Excellent Condition 202108

    $ 1,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1967 146243 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition!

    $ 10,500
  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1969 176329 Original Lacquer Original Pads Excellent Condition

    Beautiful example of an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone. This instrument had only one owner, who took great care of it. It still has almost all of its original pads, and it has never been repaired. There are no dents, no dings, and no resolders. The neck is in excellent condition and has not been pulled down. A few small dings were removed when I got it – one on the bell, and a couple on the back of the bow area. They are quite hard to see now.

    The Mark VI altos made in the late 60’s are probably the best overall buy among pro altos today for people who want the Selmer style keywork. It wasn’t till the mid 60’s that Selmer finally figured everything out on its Mark VI alto. The early VI’s are good too and have a darker, more compact tone, but by the mid 60’s you get a real sweet spot of one alto with the following features: excellent intonation, including low register and including with a classical or concert setup; even scale; a warm, medium bright tone that is neither brash, nor shrill, nor stuffy; great response and projection. Take all that, and add the basic Mark VI ‘French’ lyrical core tone, and the comfortable Selmer keywork, and unbeatable build quality, and you have a really superb alto saxophone.

    It’s a good buy for all of the above reasons, and because it will definitely continue to go up in value over time. Higher-end Taiwanese horns are now selling for $4500+ new, when you can get a beautiful, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI for not much more. It’s kind of wild. And it’s a good time to buy a vintage Selmer for that reason, among many others. Nothing is more all-around satisfying to play and own, and nothing has stood the test of time better than the Mark VI.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Radio Improved Alto Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Getting Overhauled Now

    $ 4,950

    Original lacquer Selmer Radio Improved alto saxophone! This is a rare beauty among vintage Selmers, with a sweetness and beauty all its own. The keywork is comfortable as well, which is why Jimmy Dorsey wanted to keep this style of keywork even after Selmer changed to the ‘Balanced Action’ design shortly after. These are just beautiful players – warm, spread, lyrical, and sweet – most of what you want in a top quality vintage alto. Plus this one is in beautiful original lacquer with minimal past repairs and comes with a fresh, full overhaul! Radio Improved Selmers are very popular these days, and getting more popular all the time, as alto players catch on to the unique tone that you can get on one. This is a great purchase that you will enjoy playing for many years with minimal upkeep, and that will go up in value while you own it. There are not many nicer Radio Improved alto saxophones out there!

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Great Deal! 759265

    $ 4,450
  • Yamaha YAS-62 II Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition Professional Great Deal!

    $ 2,450

    If you want a Yamaha 62 that has all new pads and feels like a million bucks, this is it. It really plays great, with super-flat, snappy pad seats. This horn got a full repad, which means all new pads, but it didn’t need a mechanical overhaul (keywork didn’t need restored), and it didn’t need all new corks and felts, though it has many new corks and felts. That’s simply to keep the cost down and get you a horn that is totally ready to go and will not need significant work for many years, besides just occasional check ups. The Yamaha YAS-62 is a great value, because it’s a professional alto, but sells for less money, and is easily good enough to last you all the way through college or for as long as you want to play it. You never need to upgrade. And you save a lot of money versus buying new, and the saxophone also retains all or most of its resale value. Especially with the kind of pad work this one has. Just play it, and it sells itself.

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YAS-82ZUL Alto Saxophone Excellent Condition

    $ 3,150