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    Buffet R13 Clarinet Excellent Condition Very Clean

    $ 1,950
  • Buffet RC Prestige Bb Clarinet Excellent Condition!

    $ 3,750
  • Conn 8M C Melody Unbelievable Condition Fresh Overhaul Original Silver Naked Lady 274636

    $ 6,000

    This is a wonderful and extremely rare example of a very late serial Conn 8M C Melody saxophone with the ‘Artist’ / ‘Naked Lady’ engraving pattern on the bell. It’s gorgeous original silver plate finish with gold wash in the bell. It just got a full top-shelf overhaul with Italian leather Pisoni pads and nice sent of screw in reusable flat metal (brass) resonators. If you want a really good C melody for less money, look for a late New Wonder II Conn – around 200k serial if you can find one. This particular late serial version is ultra-rare — I’ve only seen 7 of them ever. This is the latest one I’ve ever sold. The cool thing about the later Conn C melody saxophones is that the tone opens up and gets really big and projecting like a tenor. If you use a GS RESO C Melody mouthpiece on this horn, you can get a tone that you just can’t get on any other type of saxophone. It’s in C but it’s fat and full and open like a tenor, but it concert pitch. Nothing else sounds like this. I had Tyler do a demo with one of my Conn C melodys and the GS RESO, so that you can get a basic idea of what it can sound like. Tyler had never played a C melody before, so I think he did pretty well for his first time!

  • Conn Connstellation Alto Saxophone 28M Excellent Condition Original Lacquer 338006

    $ 2,250

    The Conn 28M will always have a special place in my heart.  It represents the last time one of the great American saxophone manufacturing companies tried something wholly new, and although the horn never really found a market and not many were made, they are fantastic instruments that besides being unique and historically interesting, play *really* well.  

    These saxophones were redesigned, utilizing many ideas from Allen Loomis (Conn’s resident saxophone visionary) and Hugh Loney, with input from Santy Runyon, with the aim of creating a saxophone that had extremely slick keywork and a very balanced scale.  The keywork, although familiar under the fingers with regard to placement and layout, is mechanically quite different from any other saxophone and has been built from the ground up with the goal of reducing mechanical friction. There are no pivot screws anywhere on this saxophone, instead the long rods have a very long hinge rod with the middle machined down so only the ends touch.   The G# has a very unique torsion mechanism to provide a G# feel that is smooth throughout the range. The side keys are designed so that the angle and distance of travel is the same for each key. There are adjustment screws on the upper and lower stacks as well as the left hand pinky table. The bell keys are on the left side, and the pants guard/bell keyguard is a large acrylic plate that was designed with the idea in mind of allowing the horn to vent properly regardless of playing position or clothing choice.  The octave mechanism has three pips (octave vents), one on the neck and two on the body, which has the end result of a very clear middle D and no hiss on the A or G#, as well as excellent intonation. The keywork in general is very light, and the pearls are larger than usual for Conn and a little flatter. The overall feeling is of a very light horn, extremely slick, easy to play, excellent intonation, and very even throughout.

    This Connstellation alto has its original plastic pants guard in great shape. The guard is about as good condition as they come, fully present with only a few small cracks radiating from around the screw holes, which is common.  However none of the cracks are large and it is not broken in two or missing any pieces, which is not common! And believe it or not, I have experience shipping these so you can rest easy knowing I will remove it for shipping, wrap it separately, and it will arrive to you in good condition.  

    This instrument plays quite well on older pads, with a strong, moderately bright, cheerful voice.  The clarity of the tone is notable, and it is a lot of fun to play with a unique look and feel and timbre that would lend itself easily to classical, big band, or small group jazz.  The lacquer is original and nearly flawless, with no evidence of past repairs or dents or resolders of any kind. It is also a unique and interesting piece of saxophone history, in exceptional condition, and whoever owns this instrument next will have a lot of fun being its steward for the next generation.  

  • King SilverSonic Super 20 Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 411063

    $ 5,750

    This beautiful, original lacquer King Cleveland SilverSonic alto is getting an overhaul starting end of March 2022, and that is INCLUDED in the price.

  • Martin Home Model Unbelievable Condition! C Melody Simplified Collectible!

    $ 1,000
  • Martin Magna Alto Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 206422

    $ 2,950

    Beautiful original lacquer Martin Magna Committee III Alto Saxophone. This has original pads, and I’m working on getting the thumb rest screw replaced with an authentic one. That is included in the price, and will be ready pretty soon. This is as nice an example of a Magna as you are likely to find! I have only seen a couple that were cleaner than this, ever.

  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone 154k Original Lacquer Excellent Condition No Neck

    $ 6,750
  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Kookaburra Exc Cond Fresh Full Overhaul!

    $ 5,950
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    Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Excellent Condition 446339

    $ 3,650
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    Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Excellent Condition 570324

    Gorgeous example of a Selmer Series II alto that plays really well on a fresh setup. The pads were and are in excellent condition, so they’re mostly original. It pops nicely, and plays easily throughout the full range. This would be an excellent classical alto, and the price is about half what you play for a new one. Plus this is better made than the current production anyway.

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    Yamaha YSS-875 Custom Soprano Excellent Condition 3282

    $ 3,250
  • Yanagisawa A880 Alto Saxophone My Favorite!

    $ 2,500

    This is a beautiful, time capsule Yanagisawa A880 Alto. It’s just about as close to perfect cosmetically as it could be and still be from the 1980’s. The pads are original, so plan on a repad, or get one done through GetASax as part of a purchase if you like (I don’t make any money on overhauls or pad work, but I’m happy to help you get it done.). It plays on the barely-used original pads, but they’re dried out. The Yanagisawa A880 is my favorite Yanagisawa version, because the tone is warmer and more complex than any other model, and the keywork is modern and comfortable, intonation is great. It’s a 10/10 winner of a saxophone. I love the new Yanagisawas as well, but the 880 will always have a special place in my heart. I have one myself!