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  • Buffet R13 Golden Age Clarinets Amazing Factory Gold Plated Silver Keys Fresh Repads 1967-68

    $ 5,500

    This is a unique pair of factory gold plated silver keys golden age Buffet R13 clarinets. Bb and A, in original case. Every. Single. Thing. In the case is gold plated – the reed trimmer, the ligatures, the screwdriver. It’s deluxe. Serials are prime 96525 and 89682. Both of these just got repadded with nice cork pads. No repairs, no significant wear. These were babied. Wow do they ever play great. Asking price is cheaper than one boring new R13. Original gold plated keys R13’s from 1966-67 are extremely rare. These are the only two you are likely to see. Includes everything in the photos – the beautiful Lifton-made Buffet double case with zippered cover, two Couf Artist mouthpieces with gold plated ligatures, the works.

  • Sold Out

    Selmer Mark VI Alto From 1967 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Low A!

    $ 8,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone 1961 5-digit Serial 96xxx Fresh Overhaul! Relacquer

    $ 5,950

    This very clean refinished Selmer Mark VI 5-digit serial number alto saxophone is just received a high-end, full mechanical overhaul, and turned out to be an amazing player! It already played well on the old pads, with a dark, powerful, projecting, focused tone that feels almost like a tenor saxophone. Now, it’s one of those horns you just don’t want to put down. Medium dark, free blowing, effortless low register, as softly as you want to play, easy altissimo. The key feel is nice and snappy, and feels like a brand new horn. This horn had never been damaged at all, and is super clean, apart from the new coat of paint it got at some point. You can read around on here to see what a big job a full overhaul is on a vintage horn. The short of it is, this horn is totally restored. The clock is turned back to new mechanically, and it will need only routine checkups to play its best for many years to come.

    I keep meeting so many good players who, it turns out, have never played a sax that was actually¬†right all the way through. This one will is. It’s a joy to play!

    The resonators are the expensive TM Custom ones, that are slightly domed brass reusable resonators like the 50’s Selmers originally came with before they went to plastic. They look good and work just right on these horns.

    Only one available! Whoever grabs this is going to be in a really good place alto wise! If you want to get it with a new BAM case, I’ll sell you one at a great discount as a package deal.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto MK 6 Original Lacquer for sale

    Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Overhauled Excellent! 165069

    $ 6,950

    This is one of those altos you don’t want to put down. It’s just gotten a complete overhaul / mechanical restoration, which means that it feels and plays like new or even a bit better. I wanted to get this horn overhauled, because I had a really good feeling about how it played even on the original pads that it had when it got here. If you want a VI that will be problem-free for many many years, and plays better than any modern horn on the market, (and will go up in value) this is what you want!

    This was a one-owner horn that was well cared-for for decades before now, and now it is getting a good start on a new life with a top shelf overhaul. This thing has a beautiful voice. Medium between bright and dark, rich, and resonant. The late 60’s Mark VI’s are my favorites for all-around Selmer altos, because they do basically everything well. Intonation is good, scale is even, low notes are saturated even at pianissimo, upper register screams. This has the ‘medium bow’ if you’re wondering about such things, which means the low register tunes the best of the Mark VI’s. You can’t beat a Mark VI alto like this for build quality and all-around satisfying playing experience. You get the beautiful, unbeatable tone of a Mark VI, the comfortable key work, the excellent intonation, and the feel of a new horn under your fingers, and all for less than a (let’s be honest) comparatively poorly made new Selmer alto. Plus this holds its value and appreciates, while your new horn is going to be worth approximately half the new price in about one second after you unbox it (gasp).

    Comes with the original case, and you can add a great BAM case for a big discount if you contact me.

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 1968 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 151919

    $ 7,950
  • Selmer Paris Series 9* Bb Clarinet 60’s R13 / Series 10 Equivalent

    $ 850