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    Otto Link Tone Edge Florida Straight Sig 8* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC428

    $ 325

    This is a great Otto Link Florida Tone Edge alto saxophone mouthpiece. This is the same as the USA Slant Signature Florida Otto Link, but with the signature changed to straight across. This was made in FL before the Early Babbitt pieces and has a little more warmth to the sound than the true EB pieces do. It was refaced at some point from an original 5* to an 8* tip, or 0.091″. The tip and rails are in excellent condition. From the markings on the rails and very thin tip rail, it appears most of the work was done near the tip, making for a great projection and a little more edge than stock Link. This works great for lead alto or for cutting through a band, but retains much more warmth than you would get with most other larger tip, projecting alto mouthpieces.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1960 Original Lac Fresh Overhaul! Hard to Beat 94108

    $ 7,450

    This is an original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto from 1960 that was one owner for almost its entire life until now. It was played by a pro in FL. He had a pickup installed in the neck, which I got removed and replaced with a ‘flush plug’ meaning the brass is perfectly smooth and matching inside and out. From a playing perspective, it’s the same as if it was never there. I also got this excellent Mark VI completely overhauled.

    The 90k-118k altos are my favorite Mark VI’s of all for tone. This alto has a dark, focused tenor-like tone with tons of power. It makes you want to just play and play and never put it down! With the fresh overhaul, it feels like a brand new saxophone, and plays like one too. Effortless low register, even at pianissimo; dry, snappy pad feel; slightly domed brass resonators (reusable selmer style ones that are $125 a set), italian leather Pisoni pads. It also comes in a new form-fitted BAM Classic alto case, which is designed specifically to protect the Mark VI, and which has a large external storage pocket, hard shell, and just the right kind of protective foam.

    You seldom see a ‘five digit’ Selmer Mark VI alto available for this kind of price. This one is priced lower than a new Selmer, and sounds and plays better, and has a better overhaul. That’s hard to beat if you want an original lacquer Mark VI that will keep playing great for many years to come with only minimal routine maintenance and that will hold its value or appreciate over time. It’s hard to beat!

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1962 Original Lacquer Low A Fresh Overhaul! 106690

    $ 8,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1965 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 129247

    $ 7,750

    Beautiful condition 1965 Selmer Mark VI Alto saxophone with original lacquer and American engraving. The neck has the matching serial number to the body. It has some stand scratches on the bell, and some miscellaneous wear from use, but it is as nice as can be. The pads are in gret condition! This was a one owner horn that was well cared for its entire life. Now it’s ready for a new owner to take care of it for its next 60 years.

    The tone is dark, powerful, and focused with lots of projection. I like the mid 60’s VI altos the best for tone out of all of the VI altos.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1968 Original Lacquer Excellent 160883

    $ 7,000
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    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1963 Fresh Overhaul Excellent Player! 105156

    $ 6,500