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  • GS NEW YORK Alto

    * GS NEW YORK Alto Mouthpiece Meyer Bros NY Replica

    $ 199

    Introducing the GS NEW YORK alto mouthpiece! This is an extremely precise copy of my favorite Meyer Bros New York alto piece from my collection of New York Meyer mouthpieces.

    A great New York Meyer just sparkles. The response is clean, warm, and effortlessly free blowing, but centered and with an elusive extra magic to it – even compared to any other version of Meyer.

    What you get: The Best Meyer Ever

    If you’re not a vintage mouthpiece geek, you probably didn’t know that there are three different mouthpieces that are stamped Meyer Bros New York (not incuding the Tru-Flex or the NYUSA). The first is a rather stubby, fat bodied one. Then this one that the GS NEW YORK copies, with NEW YORK on the same side as MeYeR and ‘medium chamber’ in small font on the table side. The last version has a fatter body again, and has MEDIUM on the same side as MeYeR and NEW YORK on the table side. The following photo makes this clear.

    Some folks prefer the third version. I prefer the second, though we may offer the third version as a GS mouthpiece someday as well. The one we copied has just the right balance of warmth and projection to stand out as the one, holy grail, best-ever (in my opinion anyway) do-it-all alto mouthpiece that you need. There are lots of other great alto mouthpieces on the market, but to my knowledge nobody has actually successfully produced an exact copy of a Meyer Bros NY like this before, until now.

    These also all get hand faced by me. That’s the main slow step in getting them to you, but I’m facing them as fast as I can while keeping the facing work perfect. The hand facing is a step that you can’t skip. If you try to make a replica mouthpiece and you don’t replicate a really excellent facing, you might as well not bother. So you get my favorite 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 facing that I’ve played so far, on whichever tip mouthpiece you request. Tips are as follows: 4= .069″   5= .072″   6= .076″   7= .080″ 8= .085″.

    The baffle on each tip opening is placed just where Meyer would place it relative to the tip rail and chamber, so each one is a really good copy of the appropriate tip of Meyer Bros. One big advantage we have is that we make these entirely in house, so we can keep improving them until they are perfect. By using biocompatible dental resin and 3D printing for the complex, organic chamber and baffle shapes, we can keep improving and iterating the model until each one is perfect. We spend a LOT of time and effort on that, and I hope that it shows in the quality of mouthpiece and the playing experience that you get.

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    G by Meyer 5 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece D62

    This is a Meyer 18M for alto saxophone. These mouthpieces have an overall warmer sound than the standard hard rubber Meyers. This piece has a .071 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, straight side walls, and a medium sized round chamber. There is some wear on the bite plate, but this piece is in great condition.

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    Jody Jazz HR* 6M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC418 Nice Piece!

    $ 130

    Jody Jazz Hard Rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece in an original 6M facing measuring .081″. This is a nice, balanced alto piece that is good quality for the money. Not stuffy like some of these that I have played. Feels and responds a lot like a Meyer.

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    Meyer 5M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece F52

    Nice older Meyer 5. Beats the great majority of modern Meyers, and is made of better hard rubber too. This is a great all around alto mouthpiece.

  • Meyer 5M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece F54

    $ 189
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    Meyer 5M Medium Chamber USA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece E07

    This is a Meyer 5M for alto saxophone. This is a great all around mouthpiece. It has a .072 tip opening, rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. This piece is also in excellent condition.

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    Meyer 6M Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece E18

    $ 199
  • Meyer New York USA 6M Alto Mouthpiece MPC191

    $ 1,350

    This is a highly desirable Meyer New York USA 6M alto saxophone mouthpiece. This does that Phil Woods warm and projecting tone really easily. It has a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. The tip opening measures 0.076.

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    Meyer New York USA Tenor 6 NYUSA MPC234

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    Meyer NYUSA 2M Alto Mouthpiece MPC 206

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    Meyer NYUSA 5M Alto Mouthpiece MPC218

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    Meyer NYUSA 5M Alto Mouthpiece MPC322

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    Meyer NYUSA 6M Medium Alto Mouthpiece MPC343

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    Meyer NYUSA 7M Med Chamber Alto Mouthpiece MPC335