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    G by Meyer 5 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece D62

    This is a Meyer 18M for alto saxophone. These mouthpieces have an overall warmer sound than the standard hard rubber Meyers. This piece has a .071 tip opening, a slight rollover baffle, straight side walls, and a medium sized round chamber. There is some wear on the bite plate, but this piece is in great condition.

  • GS NEW YORK Alto

    GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – The Best Meyer

    $ 199

    GS NEW YORK Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Meyer Bros NY Replica

    A great New York Meyer alto mouthpiece just sparkles. The response is clean, warm, and effortlessly free blowing, but centered and with an elusive extra magic to it – even compared to any other version of Meyer.

    The GS NEW YORK is an extremely precise copy of what I think is the best Meyer Bros NY I’ve played. I’ve been collecting NY Meyer alto pieces since I started GetASax, and I just LOVE this particular one.

    I loved it so much, that I spent about a year figuring out how to make an extremely precise copy of it that played with the same magic in each tip opening.

    The GS New York delivers on that goal! People just love to play this mouthpiece. The reviews and emails I receive have been so encouraging to keep this going long-term.

    How does it play? It’s slightly brighter than some NY Meyers, and a little warmer than a NYUSA. Balanced and easy low register and altissimo. Compared to a typical modern Meyer the GS NY will be much more free blowing, less resistant, and will have better projection and sparkle. You can get a Cannonball / Phil Woods vibe going with less effort than on a typical modern Meyer for sure.

    You won’t pick a bad tip opening. They’re all great. People buy the 5 (.072″) , 6 (.076″), and 7 (.080″) tips about equally often.

    People getting their first jazz mouthpiece often ask what to get. I would say, if you’re coming from a Yamaha 4C or S80 C*, get the GS New York 5 tip and try it with a Rigotti 2.5 strong, La Voz medium, D’Addario Select Jazz 3S etc. Or if you struggle with reeds, try a Fibracell Premier 2.5 or 3 for a synthetic reed that doesn’t swell and has a tip profile that fits the GS NY tip shape well.

    Each GS New York is carefully hand faced, including flattening the table, and measuring the facing curve at ten points plus the tip, so you can be sure that the one you get will be just as good as the one that I play personally. If I make a mistake in facing, that mouthpiece doesn’t get sold. Every one that goes out the door measures just how it should. Since the table is flat, consider scraping your reed after soaking for the best results. That one tip changes lots of players’ lives, so I thought I’d highlight it here.

    Due to high demand, I’ve been about a week behind on hand facing lately. But I’ll ship your mouthpiece quickly to make up for that.

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    Jody Jazz HR* 6M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC418 Nice Piece!

    $ 130

    Jody Jazz Hard Rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece in an original 6M facing measuring .081″. This is a nice, balanced alto piece that is good quality for the money. Not stuffy like some of these that I have played. Feels and responds a lot like a Meyer.

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    Meyer 5M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece F52

    Nice older Meyer 5. Beats the great majority of modern Meyers, and is made of better hard rubber too. This is a great all around alto mouthpiece.

  • Meyer 5M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece F54

    $ 189
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    Meyer 5M Medium Chamber USA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece E07

    This is a Meyer 5M for alto saxophone. This is a great all around mouthpiece. It has a .072 tip opening, rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. This piece is also in excellent condition.

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    Meyer 6M Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece E18

    $ 199
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    Meyer New York USA 6M Alto Mouthpiece MPC191

    $ 1,350

    This is a highly desirable Meyer New York USA 6M alto saxophone mouthpiece. This does that Phil Woods warm and projecting tone really easily. It has a rollover baffle, curved side walls, and a medium round chamber. The tip opening measures 0.076.

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    Meyer New York USA Tenor 6 NYUSA MPC234

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    Meyer NYUSA 2M Alto Mouthpiece MPC 206

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    Meyer NYUSA 5M Alto Mouthpiece MPC218

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    Meyer NYUSA 5M Alto Mouthpiece MPC322

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    Meyer NYUSA 6M Medium Alto Mouthpiece MPC343

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    Meyer NYUSA 7M Med Chamber Alto Mouthpiece MPC335