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    Haynes Commercial Closed Hole Solid Silver Flute ‘The Doubler’s Delight’ 24619

  • King SilverSonic Tenor Cleveland 433140 Very Good Condition

    $ 5,350

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    Powell Silver Eagle SE10 Alto One of 18 Made – all options solid silver +Matt Stohrer Overhau

    For your viewing pleasure, this is one of the 18 Powell Silver Eagle saxophones made. Powell conceived of an ambitious project to bring back an American-made saxophone of the highest quality. Inspired by the Super 20 SilverSonic, the Silver Eagle reproduces the bore while adding solid silver soldered tone holes and modern keywork. Powell sadly ended their project after making only 18 saxophones, despite high demand, due to the high cost of production. This horn plays like a good super 20 but a little more evenly, and has been completely overhauled by Matt Stohrer. This is the ultimate collectible among modern saxophones, and it is also a burning player. Asking price is just what these cost new, plus a little extra since it got a $1500 overhaul on top of that! It’s not even inflated for the collectibility value, which is probably not smart of me, but there it is. If you want to discuss all the details of this project, I can put you in touch with the people who built it. These were most definitely a new saxophone bore and neck design, inspired by the best King Super 20 SilverSonic altos, both according to them and according to the folks who bought the tooling and mandrels when the project ended. The keywork is modified from tooling bought from B&S, which accounts for the pinky table that sticks out farther than it would on something like a Yamaha.

    There is most certainly only one available. This one has all the possible factory options, which only a subset of Powell Silver Eagles had – including the solid silver tone holes and even cryo treatment. Of the 18 saxophones built, I know at least a couple of them were brass bell, and some others lacked other of these features. This is one of the ones with everything, which makes it even more collectible. Includes the original accessories, case, and paperwork.

    Just for fun, here’s Matt Stohrer’s repairman’s overview from when he overhauled it.

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    Yanagisawa A-9933 Elite Alto Solid Silver with Gold Plated Neck 214725

    $ 3,950
  • Yanagisawa TWO-37 (!!) Solid Silver Tenor Saxophone New + Setup

    $ 13,750

    Do you want the Lexus of modern tenor saxophones, and you want it fully loaded with all the options? Then the Yanagisawa TWO-37 may be the horn for you. No modern horn is better built or easier to play than the Yanagisawa Elite series, and no other modern horn has this level of finish with solid silver neck, body tube, bow, and bell, as well as extensive engraving throughout. This horn is brand new, and it also comes with an optional full new horn setup done by Matt Stohrer, which is not really necessary, but hey, it’s a special horn, and Matt does the best new horn setup I know of, so if you want the best, you might as well get the best setup too if you want it. I’ll get that done when the horn sells, assuming the buyer wants it done.

    It’s pretty hard to beat this horn for beauty, rarity, quality, and playability.  (It takes a year waiting on a special order in order to get one!) These will be instant collectibles, and should hold its value better than about any other modern tenor I can think of. I have this one priced below retail, and it also includes the $400 setup if you want it, also for no extra charge for you. There’s only one available. Like I said, I had to wait a year for this one!

    Here’s a little video Tyler did on this horn. We had trouble doing a video of it that didn’t look like a mirror just showing the camera, so we did a black room video with moving spotlights. It looks black in the video for that reason, but it’s this exact horn getting played and filmed.