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  • Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone 335466 140

    $ 1,150

    This basically pristine vintage saxophone from 1951 is the same as the Buescher Big B, just with less elaborate engraving..  These professional quality saxophones are known for their good intonation, sweet and mellow tone, and excellent build quality.  This particular example is from the very beginning of the model run just after the end of the Big B model, and is in nearly mint condition.  It still has its original pads (and Snap-on resonators), and even plays a bit on them, but you will want to get an overhaul.

    These play very well when set up- just listen to Johnny Hodges play his Big B to get an idea of what you can sound like on this horn with an overhaul, 50 years of practicing, and a knee-buckling load of raw talent.  Also, as an added bonus (“at no additional charge!”) this horn comes with a wooden clarinet in the case of unknown potential labeled “Revelle Master”.

  • Buescher Aristocrat Series 1 Tenor Amazing Near Mint Overhauled Nicest I’ve Seen 280857

    $ 4,000

    This is a 1938 Buescher Aristocrat Series I tenor saxophone in pristine physical condition with a very well done fresh overhaul that retained all of the original Snap-on resonators.  The lacquer is original, nearly flawless, and this horn appears to have sat in its original case for much of its life until very recently, when it had the good fortune to be overhauled very well by someone who obviously knows Bueschers.  

    These horns are known for their excellent intonation and rich, sweet tone- but they can also roar given the right mouthpiece, and they are quite mouthpiece friendly in my experience.  The ergonomics are quite good, and when done well- as this overhaul was- they are light and slick under the fingers.

    The engraving is the proper “art deco” style for this model, and like the rest of the horn is in exceptionally fine condition.  

    This is the nicest Aristocrat tenor I have ever seen, and it plays exceptionally well.  This horn is in the shape you want, with an overhaul that is ready to play well for years from the moment you open the case.  If you’ve been thinking of owning a pre-war Buescher Aristocrat tenor, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one.

  • Buescher Aristocrat Tenor Saxophone 156 Relacquered Good Shape 351021

    $ 850
  • Buescher Big B Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer Good Condition 324407

    $ 1,600

    This is a 1949 Buescher “Big B” Aristocrat, so named for the ornate engraving of a, well, a Big B on the bell.  This horn is in very good condition, and the typical wear around the fine engraving of the B on the bell is not present, which indicates that this horn has led a life mostly in a closet somewhere.  There are no resolders or past dentwork to speak of, and it plays *way* better than it should on some very old pads, but you would want to get this repadded to play like it can, which is very, very good!  

    These horns are undervalued in my opinion.  I mean, you can get this one in such great shape with all of its original Snap-on resonators and overhaul it for not a whole lot more than a new Yamaha student model in total- seems like a good buy to me!  Johnny Hodges famously played one of these, and his tone is a very good example of the blend of sweetness and power these horns possess.

  • Buescher Big B Tenor Small Bell Orig. Lacquer Saxophone Getting Overhauled!

    $ 3,500

    This original lacquer Big B tenor with the desirable small bell is getting a full mechanical overhaul right now. When I got it, it had new pads, but the pad work was not that good, so it is getting all that completely redone with all new pads, corks, felts, the works. The keywork is in great condition – nice and tight. Very little play wear at all. It had a bow dent removed, obviously. That is now fixed, and the rest of the horn is quite nice. This will be a fantastic player once the overhaul is done. Already, on current pads, it has a centered, warm tone with excellent response and intonation. These horns work well with a wide range of mouthpieces, and they can do anything from classical to jazz to R&B. Plus, it’s one of the most beautiful vintage Bueschers, with the extensive engraving, and the dark nitrocellulose lacquer. They don’t make them like this anymore.

    Only one available. Buy it now to reserve it, and we can do the overhaul to your specifications. Otherwise, it will be how I like, which is also good.

  • Buescher Top Hat & Cane Alto Saxophone Great Deal 359118

    $ 750

    This is one of the very last “Top Hat & Cane” Buescher 400 alto saxophones made- the model run ended around serial number 360,000.  The lacquer is not original, though it has not been overly buffed, and about half of the relacquer remains. The keys are nickel plated, which I imagine was not original, but it was very well done.  The original Snap-On resonators and amber rollers are present, and the horn is in pretty good physical condition. It will need an overhaul, but it is a pretty solid sax with no major damage or dents, and the price is considerably less than most Top Hat & Cane altos.   

  • Sold Out

    Buescher Top Hat and Cane Alto Saxophone Super 400 Near Mint Superb 323836

    $ 3,150
  • Buescher Top Hat and Cane Tenor Saxophone Fresh Overhaul Factory Relacquer 300849

    $ 3,750

    This highly-desirable Buescher Top Hat and Cane tenor is in excellent condition, AND it just got a complete restoration, which means an overhaul of everything that can be done. This looks like original lacquer, but is actually a factory relacquer job done with basically no buffing or changes to the brass of the horn. Probably just a chemical strip, hand polish, and re-spray. It looks really good, and plays great too!

  • Sold Out

    Buescher True Tone C Melody Saxophone Super Rare 2 necks incl straight 143626

    $ 1,250

    This Buescher C Melody has a straight Buescher neck along with the curved. It’s nuts!

  • Buescher True Tone Series IV Soprano Saxophone 218533

    $ 750

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