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  • Buescher Aristocrat / Bundy Alto Saxophone 527378 Needs Overhaul

    $ 450
  • Buescher Aristocrat 140 Alto Original Lacquer Very Good Condition

    $ 950

    Great deal on a clean, original lacquer, original pads Buescher 140 alto saxophone. This horn has its original snaps and spuds intact, and is a repad shy of being a VERY good player. Minimal wear, minimal past repairs, neck in good shape. This is a clean one that will be an easy repad job for someone. These are among the most undervalued vintage horns right now!

  • Buescher Super 400 Alto Original Lacquer Overhauled 588166

    $ 1,750
  • Buescher Top Hat and Cane Tenor Original Silver Plate Super Rare 356387

    $ 6,500

    This…(Doug Demuro voice) is a 1955 Buescher Top Hat and Cane tenor saxophone in original silver plate finish. It’s hard to overemphasize how rare the tenors are in original silver plate. I have seen three original silver Top hat and cane altos, and one replated silver tenor that started as lacquer. But this is the only original silver one I’ve ever seen! There are probably some others out there, but I doubt that there are very many.

    This rare beast also just got a complete overhaul done, and it has all new pads and is totally ready to go for the long-term, right out of the case. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer example of a Buescher Top Hat and Cane tenor anywhere! I’ve seen a few nice original lacquer examples in recent years, and they sold for basically this price minus the overhaul cost, which means you’re getting the rare silver plate finish for not much extra money compared to a really clean original lacquer one. Tyler did a video on this horn that you should watch with headphones for the best sense of the sound. To me, it plays with a warm, round tone, with lots of power and excellent intonation. These horns are just REALLY FUN to play. That’s the main reason to buy one. It’s great for almost any type of music from classical to rock. The Top Hat tenors work well with even really bright, high baffle tenor pieces, because the big, warm vintage tone can support that bright mouthpiece without getting brittle. The low register is effortless, as is the altissimo. This is a rare opportunity to add this horn to your collection that is both a top player, and very collectible at the same time. It’s one of the most beautiful vintage saxophones as well.

    Only one available!

  • Sold Out

    Buescher True Tone C Soprano Original Silver Very Good Condition 140769

    $ 1,950
  • Buescher True Tone Small Bell Tenor Original Silver Plate 126098

    $ 1,250
  • Buescher True Tone Soprano Gorgeous Original Silver Overhauled 189327

    $ 2,350

    This is an absolutely gorgeous example of a vintage Buescher True Tone soprano saxophone from just about the ideal serial range for tone. Vintage saxophone aficionados (geeks) like me tend to love the TT sopranos around 180-200k serial for their warmth and big sound, combined with really excellent intonation. This gorgeous example came to me with original pads still intact, and I got it overhauled and polished up. I was surprised and delighted to find that the ‘gold wash’ in the bell turned out to be rose gold!! I also love the little ring of engraving above the bell flare that gives this soprano a distinctive look. If you want a vintage soprano that tunes easily and sounds way warmer and fuller than any modern soprano (and that actually has reasonably comfortable keywork), this is it! It’s priced to sell as well. Good luck getting a nicer True Tone soprano and overhauling it for this price.

    Only one available!

  • Buescher True Tone Tenor Saxophone Original Silver Old Pads Great Deal! 126098

    $ 650

    Super deal on an old pads Buescher True Tone in original silver plate needing overhaul. This horn is in good structural condition and it also has almost all of its original silver plate intact. If you’re looking for a very affordable vintage professional tenor saxophone to fix up, this is hard to beat!

  • Buescher-Made (Selmer) Bundy Alto 408990 Good Student Alto Older Pads

    $ 350