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  • King Super 20 Tenor 1974 Eastlake Old Pads Great Deal! 510174

    $ 1,750

    Great deal on a pro tenor at an affordable price. This is an Eastlake King Super 20 with single socket neck, and it will blow the walls down. It has old pads and the lacquer is likely not original (but could be original, as the later ones look like this sometimes). It needs a complete overhaul right now in order to be able to play it. So you should budget (in the USA) around $1000 on top of the purchase price in order to get it all ready to make music. It is, however, a fantastic deal as is. It also has a musty smell so you would probably want a new case, or you can use a combination of sunlight and enzymatic cleaner etc to deodorize it. The smell will disappear from the sax when the pads are removed and the horn is washed and degreased in the overhaul process. But it’s priced to move, and you’ll be getting a ton of horn with modern-ish keywork, and the unbeatable King tone and projection for a bargain price.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Excellent Player! 190655

    $ 7,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1972 Original Lacquer American Engraved 194784

    $ 6,750

    This beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto is just getting a complete overhaul right now, which means it will be back to all new pads, corks, felts, completely clean, new oil, thorough setup and everything feeling like a new horn under the fingers. An overhaul means it’s almost like buying a new saxophone, in terms of upkeep, playability, feel, reliability etc. The Mark VI is one of the best built saxophones ever, and it is also one of the easiest to repair, so if you’re comparing this to a new Selmer or a Yamaha or Keilwerth or whatever, this horn actually wins in the reliability and build quality departments. And the tone is also much nicer! The later serial VI’s are just about the best of the Mark VI altos. You get a warm, gorgeous, medium focused, medium bright, flexible tone. Great intonation (better than the early VI’s), excellent ergonomics, easy altissimo, saturated effortless low register, and the delight of playing what is basically THE professional saxophone. From classical to jazz to commercial music, the VI has a versatility that lets you do it all on one horn better than anything else ever made (including to this day). And the later VI altos are less expensive than the earlier ones too. This one costs less than a new Selmer and gives you better everything, even including the cost of the complete overhaul. Plus it goes up in value while you play and enjoy it. It is really hard to beat all those considerations taken together when you’re thinking about what professional alto saxophone to buy.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1973 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 208643

    $ 5,000
  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1975 Worn Original Lacquer Great Deal! 237791

    $ 3,950
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Original Pads 234158

    $ 6,750
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    Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1974 Original Lacquer Very Good Condition Recent Overhaul 220324

    $ 7,000

    Pending 2/14 This is a beautiful original lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor saxophone that also has a fresh Ken Beason overhaul with large metal resonators (‘Beasonators’) and leather pads. The action is nice and snappy under the fingers, and the horn feels as nice to play as a brand new saxophone. It has beautiful lacquer and American engraving, and there are no dents or dings. As far as past repairs, it looks like the neck was flexed enough over the years to lose a little lacquer on the sides, but it’s not pulled down, and it looks like it was a very minor thing – like what happens when you move your mouthpiece while on the neck. The neck receiver has some lacquer loss around that area, and the back of the body tube has some lacquer loss in one spot. I think the neck receiver was resoldered when Ken overhauled the horn, by the look of it. This needs to be done on a horn when the solder has a leak or if the socket is loose for any reason. The tone on this one is big, powerful and projecting. Late VI tenors like this are beasts, and the resonators also help it to put out a ton of sound. Intonation is easy; low register comes out effortlessly, and altissimo is also easy!

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VII Alto Original Lacquer American Engraved 256747

    $ 3,450