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  • Couf Superba 1 Soprano Saxophone 91912 Excellent Overhauled! Grover Washington

    $ 3,450

    Photos are before overhaul. This rare later Couf Superba 1 soprano with Front F key (only the later ones have that) is the same version Grover Washington Jr. played on most of his most famous recordings. Then he switched to an early SX-90 which I also have at the moment!

    These Couf Superba 1 soprano saxophones were made for Herb Couf by Keilwerth, and they are fully professional instruments of very high quality. This one is in great shape, with just some minor lacquer wear from use. It is currently getting a full overhaul. You can almost never buy a properly overhauled Couf/Keilwerth soprano, because people don’t want to sink the money into a top shelf overhaul. Well, in this case, you do! It’s the best of the best in terms of modern soprano saxophones with a warm, full tone.

    Only Keilwerth maintained the big sound of vintage Conn / King / Buescher sopranos. And Keilwerth improved the intonation and added modern, comfortable keywork and ergonomics to the offering. If you want to have a fat soprano sound with modern keywork and great build quality, then this and the SX-90 are basically your only options.

    Get this one and enjoy the soprano as it can be at its best! The overhaul is absolutely great, with all the little details that take a horn from good to great attended to. It will be ready soon, so go ahead and buy it and reserve it for yourself!

    Only one available!

  • Holton Soprano Saxophone Original Silver Plate Great Deal 17402

    $ 800
  • Keilwerth SX90 Soprano Saxophone Original Lacquer Good Pads Liebman Era 103943

    $ 2,750

    Just tuned up. Liebman era Keilwerth SX90 soprano. If you love that big, fat, warm, round soprano tone that isn’t thin and reedy like a VI or clear and bright like a Yamaha, then you can’t do better than this Keilwerth. Grover Washington Jr played one like this too. It has a recent overhaul and is ready to go.

  • King Saxello Soprano Bent Neck and Bell Original GOLD Plate Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 5,000
  • Sold Out

    Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Soprano Excellent Condition! 480938

    $ 3,750

    ON HOLD 12/14/20

  • Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano Very Good Condition Getting Overhaul Now

    $ 3,500

    The most iconic and desirable modern soprano model, plus a fresh top shelf overhaul to make it play its best. All of these 62 purple logo Yamaha sopranos are around 35-40 years old at this point, which means it’s time they had new pads and a good overhaul. That’s what this one is getting right now!

    If you want a soprano saxophone that plays effortlessly with a warm, medium bright tone with some complexity to it, that’s what the Yamaha 62 does so well. Plus it tunes easily, and it sounds great with a wide range of mouthpieces. You can waste a lot of time and money trying to find a cheap soprano that is playable. I have dealt with many people who have tried. The Yamaha 475 is the best of the bunch in the cheap-but-good soprano category. But, rather unsurprisingly, it is actually built with the 62 soprano tooling, meaning it’s basically a modern remake of the 62 without a few more expensive options. And the Yamaha 82 soprano line is ALSO a remake of the 62, with slightly modified keywork (tilting low Bb). So you see how influential the original design has been. It’s hard to beat.

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YSS-875 Custom Soprano Saxophone 2908 Excellent Condition!

    $ 3,150
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    Yanagisawa S990 High G Soprano Saxophone Exceptional! 201090

    $ 3,250

    Just about my favorite soprano ever. It’s hard to beat these Yanagisawas from the 90’s with the high G key. They play warmer and more complex than the modern Yanagisawas, and this is just about the nicest, most perfect one I have seen. It just got tuned up and it’s ready to go on a mix of pads. The original pads are mostly present, as it hasn’t been played a lot.

    I use the slightly curved neck, because it brings the weight of the horn down onto the neck strap. The keywork is super comfortable. The tuning is great. Tone is beautiful and balanced. You really can’t beat these horns, almost regardless of price. I like the modern EXHG by Yamaha a lot too, but the S990 high G will always have preeminence in my heart.

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    Yanagisawa SC-800 Curved Soprano Saxophone 129593 Great Deal

    $ 2,100