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  • Buffet R13 1985 Clarinet

    $ 1,950

    Really clean, beautiful, easy-to-play Buffet R13 clarinet. Get the best at a superb price, and you’ll never need to upgrade. Might as well sound good now.

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    Buffet R13 Clarinet 158924

  • Buffet R13 Clarinet 370504

    $ 1,800
  • Buffet R13 Golden Age Clarinets Amazing Factory Gold Plated Silver Keys Fresh Repads 1967-68

    $ 5,500

    This is a unique pair of factory gold plated silver keys golden age Buffet R13 clarinets. Bb and A, in original case. Every. Single. Thing. In the case is gold plated – the reed trimmer, the ligatures, the screwdriver. It’s deluxe. Serials are prime 96525 and 89682. Both of these just got repadded with nice cork pads. No repairs, no significant wear. These were babied. Wow do they ever play great. Asking price is cheaper than one boring new R13. Original gold plated keys R13’s from 1966-67 are extremely rare. These are the only two you are likely to see. Includes everything in the photos – the beautiful Lifton-made Buffet double case with zippered cover, two Couf Artist mouthpieces with gold plated ligatures, the works.