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    Buffet HR C2 (5 tip) Classical Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC435

    $ 125

    This vintage Buffet mouthpiece gives you a dark, round, cello-like tone, but it has a tip opening that is not too closed to allow some dynamic range. It’s a good choice for a classical alto player or concert band setting where you don’t want to sound like everybody else who is playing the square Selmer chambers. This gives you a fuller, rounder, wider tone than a Selmer classical piece.

  • Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet 62605

    $ 1,650
  • Buffet RC Prestige Bb Clarinet Excellent Condition!

    $ 3,750
  • Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Excellent 23821

    $ 2,100
  • Buffet Senzo Professional Alto Solid Copper Near Mint 42001

    $ 4,250

    This is a fantastic Buffet Senzo professional alto saxophone made of solid copper! The Senzo is one of the best modern alto saxophones for classical sax ever. It has a gorgeous tone that is different from everything else out there – big, wide, ‘operatic,’ medium between bright and dark. The solid Copper gives it an obvious buzz and complexity compared to the brass Senzo or the S-1 that came before it. Also, if you’ve been wanting a vintage Buffet Prestige alto in solid copper but couldn’t find one, or couldn’t find one in good shape, the Senzo is the horn for you! I’m sure it will be collectible in the future as well. There aren’t many of these out there, and this particular one is in excellent condition. It was one owner and well cared-for. The pads are in excellent condition and can’t have been used very much since new. This horn just got a thorough checkup too, which was basically a new horn setup plus a bit of leak checking and pad reseating, and it plays better than new now. The original case is nice also!

    Only one available!

  • Buffet Super Dynaction Alto 16883 Original Lacquer Good Condition Old Pads

    $ 1,250

    Buffet Super Dynaction alto saxophone with original lacquer. This alto came from a collector who favored Buffet saxophones, and it is priced to sell, in good condition. It has had some dings removed, and the pads are old, but you’ll get an excellent pro alto for a bargain price if you get this and get it overhauled. It has the ‘sparkle’ lacquer that the earlier serial Buffet Super Dynaction saxophones have. The earlier ones like this also play darker, and look great too. The original case comes with it. They’re one of the few saxophones along with the Mark VI and the Couf Superba 1 that have a complex, interesting, vintage tone, but keywork that feels more or less modern under the fingers. Intonation is also typically quite good, as you might expect from Buffet Crampon Paris.