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    Buffet HR C2 (5 tip) Classical Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece MPC435

    $ 125

    This vintage Buffet mouthpiece gives you a dark, round, cello-like tone, but it has a tip opening that is not too closed to allow some dynamic range. It’s a good choice for a classical alto player or concert band setting where you don’t want to sound like everybody else who is playing the square Selmer chambers. This gives you a fuller, rounder, wider tone than a Selmer classical piece.

  • Buffet R13 Bb Clarinet 62605

    $ 1,650
  • Buffet RC Prestige Bb Clarinet Excellent Condition!

    $ 3,750
  • Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Amazing Condition Great Player

    $ 2,450
  • Buffet S1 Super Dynaction SDA Transitional Alto S1 Keywork 22035 Original, Recent Overhaul

    $ 1,950

    So this is basically a Buffet S1 Alto based on the keywork, but it still has Super Dynaction engraved on the side. That’s why it is listed as transitional between the two models. You could also just think of it as an early Buffet S1. It has a fresh overhaul done before it came into the shop, using white kangaroo leather pads and brown plastic resonators. The pads are sealing just fine, and the horn feels good to play. As you can probably see, this horn had a crease removed from the bell flare. The work was done ok, but the flare still looks weird if you stare directly at it. I don’t see any other signs of past dent work or other problems. It’s priced quite attractively I think. The S1 is one of those desirable horns that have a vintage tone with nearly modern keywork. The S1 keywork is quite comfortable once you get used to it, and the way the pinky keys on both hands are designed is very smart. It’s quite fast and easy to get around on. I like the double hinged low Bb that makes it easy to rock from B or C# to low Bb. And the low C/Eb mechanism is brilliant. Someone should bring that back on a horn today.

    Only one available!