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  • Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone 1948 Original Lacquer Old Pads

    $ 2,750
  • Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone Pre-War Original Lacquer Exceptional Player Matt Stohrer Overhaul

    $ 5,350

    One of the best playing tenors on the entire site right now. This has a huge, effortless, resonant voice. Vibrates in your hands and comes to life easily even at low volumes. It’s a joy to play. You can’t beat Matt Stohrer’s work on one of these. He did a full overhaul a few years ago, and it hasn’t been played much since. He just did a full-day full disassembly, cleaning, and re-setup, and it’s as good as new.

    What superlatives should I choose to get across what a great tenor this is? In my opinion, the Conn 10M is a serious contender for the best tenor saxophone ever made. It has a full, medium dark tone that is wider and richer than vintage Selmers. I’m not just saying the Conn is the best of the less expensive tenors, and leaving SBA’s and Mark VI’s to the side. I actually think the Conn is the superior player – more fun, better in tune, more even scale, sounds better on recordings and in person. That’s me. I love vintage Selmers also, but there’s a reason why Conns are what you more and more see when you go to live shows – the keywork is quite comfortable once you get used to it, and they do everything really well.

    And this is one of the best of the best, so to speak. It got the sort of individual attention that takes these (very consistently manufactured) instruments from good to exceptional. Get this one and get playing. Or if you want one that looks nearly perfect and is also overhauled, check the 271k. It’s also fantastic, and looks nearly new. But this one is my personal favorite.

    Only one available!

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    Conn 26M VIII Connqueror Alto Saxophone Pre War Original Lacquer Very Good Condition

    $ 3,650
  • Couf Superba 1 Alto Original Lacquer Fresh High-End Overhaul Plays Great

    $ 2,350

    The H. Couf Superba 1 is one of my favorite vintage saxophones. They remain one of the best options for a great sounding alto sax with modern keywork and a rich, interesting tone. Darker and fatter sounding than a Yamaha, with rich, wide upper register, and a full, projecting low register, this alto will do it all. If you are looking for a great all-purpose alto, or even for an ideal smooth jazz or commercial sounding alto, the Couf Superba 1 fits the bill. I just sold one of these to a smooth jazz player who loves the fat sound that stays warm when brightened up with a bright mouthpiece. And he loves the comfort of the keywork. These are among the only saxophones that sound this full and rich and also have modern keywork. (Modern saxophones have, as a rule, moved towards a clearer, rounder, more contained sound, and can’t deal with as much air as a Superba 1 can take.)

    This alto came with its original pads still intact, and it is getting a full mechanical overhaul right now, which means it will be back to like new, or better-than-new condition mechanically, and playing wise. If you’re not used to used saxophone lingo, that means that a highly-skilled woodwind repairman is going to be spending about 30 hours of labor on this horn going over every detail, and replacing everything that can be replaced, (all new pads, corks, felts, mechanical work, setup, play testing, neck fit, full disassembly, cleaning, fresh oil etc.) so that it’s totally rebuilt and ready for its next many years of playing. That’s a big added value for you, because you don’t have to worry about the horn needing more than minor occasional maintenance to play its best for many years to come. It also means that it will play effortlessly, and saturatedly at low volumes, in the low register. Low Bb is just another note, even if you want to play it at pp.

    I have no trouble selling a Couf Superba 1 alto as soon as anyone plays one with the fresh overhaul. It’s really hard to beat, regardless of price. And at this price, it is really hard to beat.

    Only one available!

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    King Super 20 Alto Saxophone Full Pearls Series II 319xxx Original Lacquer

  • Martin The Martin Alto 155469 Unbelievably Beautiful Dark Original Lacquer

    $ 2,350

    This is just about the most beautiful Martin Committee III that I have seen. It is incredibly rare to find the dark early original lacquer examples in anything like this kind of condition. If you have always wanted one of these Committee III saxophones, you can’t beat this one. And the price is still a bargain compared to anything of nearly this kind of quality. Original pads, original case, the works. This is the real deal. Only one available. I might keep it for my little collection. It’s even nicer in person.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Near Mint Original Lacquer Original Pads 216700

    $ 5,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer Very Good Condition 164xxx Fresh Overhaul!

    $ 6,750
  • SML Rev D (Gold Medal 1) Tenor Saxophone Original Lacquer 11774 1954 Needs Overhaul

    $ 1,950

    This original lacquer SML Rev D tenor saxophone is the same as an SML Gold Medal 1 Tenor. (The Rev D is what won the ‘Gold Medal’ so that they named it ‘Gold Medal’). This horn needs an overhaul, but it is original lacquer and it is in good condition with no dents. The neck receiver and one foot of the Eb key guard have been resoldered, and some dent work is evident on the back of the body tube (by the serial number, thumb hook, strap hook, and under the D palm key foot). There are no dents now, and the horn is ready to be overhauled. When these horns are all ready to go, they just sound fantastic, with a Selmer-Conn sort of tone – lyrical core like a French saxophone, but big, wide, and lush like a Conn. Palm keys stay nice and fat and full sounding, and don’t thin out, and the tone is nice and medium dark. It brightens up beautifully with a bright mouthpiece, giving you the sort of sound that many players are going for on Conns, but with the SML keywork and other special features that set these horns apart. This has rolled tone holes and is currently original pads. It was one owner until now. Once it’s all overhauled, you will have a top notch pro tenor that feels good under the fingers, tunes well, looks great, and sounds extremely good. I have an SML much like this in my collection, and it’s one of my favorite horns. They usually sell for much more than this price, even with old pads. I have seen a few go for more than twice this price on eBay not too long ago.

    Only one available!