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  • Conn 12M Transitional Baritone 1932 “First Lacquer” or Old Relacquer Excellent Cond. 253372

    $ 5,250

    This is about as clean as you will ever find a vintage Conn Transitional 12M Baritone. At this serial, we are just before Conn started lacquering its own instruments at the factory, and there’s no engraving besides the Conn logo, so it’s hard to say whether this is a very old relacquer done with vintage nitrocellulose lacquer, or whether it was sold unlacquered, and then lacquered with this finish when it was first sold (a ‘first lacquer’, as we call it). Either way, it was extremely well cared for over its entire first 90 years of life, and it deserves to get the best possible care in its next 90 years of existence. I don’t see any evidence of major damage. Maybe some minor dent work on the back of the body tube that was done well, and the neck receiver was resoldered, which I have to have done on 100% of these Conn baritones that come through the shop anyway, so it’s convenient that it’s done already. The pads are older Selmer style leather ones with brown plastic resonators, and the horn still makes saxophone noises on them, but it’s time for an overhaul. I suspect that it will be on the easier side of jobs for a vintage baritone, because this horn was so well cared for and has virtually no damage – just a couple of tiny dings. The original neck is still in great shape as well.

    The reason people love these horns is the tone. The 12M and 12M transitional (which in this case is just a 12M, since there are no real changes to the design that happen after this serial besides the front F that appears around 298k, and everything post 260k or so is called a 12M officially and is identical to this horn– anyway, the 12M’s like this are the most desirable low Bb baritones ever made. It’s wild that you can still buy one for less than an intermediate modern horn. This horn feels like a tenor to hold and play, and the tone is warm and round and velvety. Think Gerry Mulligan or Harry Carney, who both played this model (Mulligan also played a late NWII which plays like this but warmer and more spread, with less comfortable keywork). It’s hard to beat the sound you get one one of these, and the weight difference versus a modern low A is nothing to sniff at. This feels like a horn you could play for hours. A YBS-62 does not, no matter how fancy of a strap you get.

    If you want to play baritone, and to own the best baritone ever, and you’re ok getting this overhauled by a vintage saxophone repair shop that loves to work on Conns (I can refer you to one in your area), then this is absolutely the horn for you. Like I said, it’s wild that you can get one for so little money relative to other baritones on the market. The original case is even still in great shape.

    Only one available!

  • EchoMaster Baritone Ligature LARGE For Selmer, Vandoren, Yanagisawa, Gale and Similar Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    EchoMaster Baritone Saxophone Ligature for larger bodied baritone saxophone mouthpieces. This is what Brilhart might have made if they had ever made their incredibly popular BB screws ligature for baritone saxophone, instead of just for alto and tenor. Thanks to EchoMaster, now you can play one of these on your baritone mouthpieces too! There are two sizes that fit baritone mouthpieces, so check the photos. I tried this on lots of baritone mouthpieces to see what kinds of them it fits, and I took lots of photos showing fit. Check the slim body baritone ligature listing as well, to see if your mouthpiece falls into that category instead, and email me at [email protected] if you are not sure. This ligature is stamped BT on the side, and it fits larger body mouthpieces. However, it does not fit really large vintage baritone mouthpieces from the 1920’s like the old Conn Eagle, or vintage Lelandais, Martin, Buescher etc. If you have a vintage hard rubber Otto Link, here are a few notes on fit. The very oldest Otto Link Slant Tone Edge like this has a huge body almost like a bass sax mouthpiece, and will not fit this ligature. The Slant immediately after, like this, will fit this ligature. And the modern Tone Edge also fits this ligature, unless it is really slim like a Meyer, in which case you need the Slim body baritone ligature instead.

  • EchoMaster Baritone Ligature Slim, Mouthpieces For Berg Larsen, RPC, Meyer and Similar Hard Rubber

    $ 165

    EchoMaster Brilhart style ligatures for BARITONE Saxophone now available! If you’re here, you probably know about these ligatures already, but basically, these are an extremely good reproduction of the most desirable vintage ligature that was made by Brilhart in the 50’s and 60’s. This is a special new product sized for baritone saxophone mouthpieces, which Brilhart never made.

    I’ve been holding off listing these for a while, because I wanted to figure out which ligature fits which types of mouthpieces. Bari mouthpieces have a lot more variation in diameter than alto or tenor mouthpieces do. The LARGE (BT-stamped) ligature, listed separately at this link, fits Selmer (S80 and Soloist), Otto Link Tone Edge, Gale / MC Gregory, Vandoren, Yanagisawa hard rubber, Rousseau classical and similar.

    The SLIM size ligature listed in this listing (T-stamped) fits RPC, Berg Larsen Hard Rubber, Rousseau Jazz, Rico Metallite, Meyer, and other slim baritone saxophone mouthpieces. It also fits most hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpieces, which could be handy for some people.Soon, I will add a listing for metal Otto Link baritone mouthpieces soon, but this is the ligature that fits metal link bari pieces, and a lot of other similar bari pieces, if you’re curious.

  • King New Voll True Baritone Original Silver Plate Near Mint Insane

    $ 1,950
  • Selmer Balanced Action Baritone American Engraved Fresh Overhaul Stunningly Gorgeous 21083

    $ 15,500
  • Selmer Case Only Mark VI Baritone Mint Unbelievable

    $ 650
  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone 1978 Low Bb Original Lacquer Excellent Condition Original Pads 278790

    $ 7,500
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    Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A 175659 Fresh Full Overhaul! WJ Case!

    $ 11,500

    Gorgeous original lacquer Selmer Mark VI baritone saxophone with a great Walt Johnson case! This was a one-owner horn its whole life, and was babied by a pro multi-woodwind player in NYC. This was his favorite horn out of his entire collection, and I am currently getting it completely overhauled and back to new mechanical and playing condition with all new pads, corks, felts, complete cleaning, and extensive hand polishing and mechanical improvement everywhere, plus a thorough setup. Just the case sells for $1000+. If you don’t want the Walt Johnson case, I’d be happy to keep it and sell it separately. It’s very rare to find such a great Mark VI baritone that looks this good, has a top shelf overhaul freshly done, and that will play effortlessly for you while it goes up in value!

    Only one available!

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    Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Very Good Condition Plays Great 14341

    $ 5,150
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    Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Very Good Condition Plays Well 14987

    $ 4,850

    The Yamaha YBS-52 baritone is a modern classic. It is the go-to baritone of virtually everybody who wants the best quality modern baritone saxophone, and who doesn’t want to spend $8-12k on it. The YBS-52 has many traits to recommend it to prospective baritone buyers. Firstly, it’s built like a tank. These horns take a beating and just keep playing great. They’re easy to repair, they feel great under the fingers, and they tune well too. Compared to a much more expensive YBS-62, you are only missing the high F#, and who cares about that on baritone?

    Yamaha just stopped making the YBS-52, ostensibly because it was too expensive to produce and turn a profit on. So they came out with the cheaply made and inferior  YBS-480 to fill their intermediate baritone position on the roster. But you should most definitely get a YBS-52 instead of a 480, as anyone who knows about saxophones will tell you.

    This particular one is in great shape, and was a one-owner horn that was sold only to cover some expenses, but would have been kept otherwise. It’s in very good playing condition and it also comes with a nice, SKB contoured baritone case with wheels. The SKB reduces the weight of the horn by about 10 lbs versus the wood case that the 52 normally comes in, and it protects the horn better too, so it’s a valuable upgrade for anyone, and especially for a student. The YBS-52 always holds its value extremely well, and even moreso now, when there is bound to be increasing demand and there is no longer the option to buy one new.

    Only one available!

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    Yanagisawa B992 Baritone Mint Nearly New Condition + Setup 364566

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    Yanagisawa BWO10 Baritone Saxophone Brand New Fantastic Deal!

    $ 8,350

    Brand new Yanagisawa BWO10 professional baritone saxophone that is here and in stock now, ready to ship. These are backordered almost everywhere, whether it says that when you checkout or not. Good luck getting one from the places I find when I google this model. They’re not actually there – if you get one elsewhere, you will likely have to wait for it to be manufactured and then drop shipped from overseas. Which isn’t what you really want when buying a saxophone this big. You want a shop to do a new horn checkup on it, like this one got, and make sure everything is playing perfectly and setup properly, so that you get the full joy of playing a brand new baritone saxophone. The low register experience is incomparable – the low Bb and A just come out like any other note! Intonation is fantastic. Ergonomics likewise.

    Unfortunately there is only one available. So once that’s sold, it may be some time before I get another one, with the long backorders there are for new Yanagisawa saxophones at present.