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  • EchoMaster Baritone Ligature LARGE For Selmer, Vandoren, Yanagisawa, Gale and Similar Mouthpieces

    $ 165

    EchoMaster Baritone Saxophone Ligature for larger bodied baritone saxophone mouthpieces. This is what Brilhart might have made if they had ever made their incredibly popular BB screws ligature for baritone saxophone, instead of just for alto and tenor. Thanks to EchoMaster, now you can play one of these on your baritone mouthpieces too! There are two sizes that fit baritone mouthpieces, so check the photos. I tried this on lots of baritone mouthpieces to see what kinds of them it fits, and I took lots of photos showing fit. Check the slim body baritone ligature listing as well, to see if your mouthpiece falls into that category instead, and email me at [email protected] if you are not sure. This ligature is stamped BT on the side, and it fits larger body mouthpieces. However, it does not fit really large vintage baritone mouthpieces from the 1920’s like the old Conn Eagle, or vintage Lelandais, Martin, Buescher etc. If you have a vintage hard rubber Otto Link, here are a few notes on fit. The very oldest Otto Link Slant Tone Edge like this has a huge body almost like a bass sax mouthpiece, and will not fit this ligature. The Slant immediately after, like this, will fit this ligature. And the modern Tone Edge also fits this ligature, unless it is really slim like a Meyer, in which case you need the Slim body baritone ligature instead.

  • EchoMaster Baritone Ligature Slim, Mouthpieces For Berg Larsen, RPC, Meyer and Similar Hard Rubber

    $ 165

    EchoMaster Brilhart style ligatures for BARITONE Saxophone now available! If you’re here, you probably know about these ligatures already, but basically, these are an extremely good reproduction of the most desirable vintage ligature that was made by Brilhart in the 50’s and 60’s. This is a special new product sized for baritone saxophone mouthpieces, which Brilhart never made.

    I’ve been holding off listing these for a while, because I wanted to figure out which ligature fits which types of mouthpieces. Bari mouthpieces have a lot more variation in diameter than alto or tenor mouthpieces do. The LARGE (BT-stamped) ligature, listed separately at this link, fits Selmer (S80 and Soloist), Otto Link Tone Edge, Gale / MC Gregory, Vandoren, Yanagisawa hard rubber, Rousseau classical and similar.

    The SLIM size ligature listed in this listing (T-stamped) fits RPC, Berg Larsen Hard Rubber, Rousseau Jazz, Rico Metallite, Meyer, and other slim baritone saxophone mouthpieces. It also fits most hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpieces, which could be handy for some people.Soon, I will add a listing for metal Otto Link baritone mouthpieces soon, but this is the ligature that fits metal link bari pieces, and a lot of other similar bari pieces, if you’re curious.

  • King New Voll True Baritone Original Silver Plate Near Mint Insane

    $ 2,250

    Original pads on this amazingly well-preserved original silver plate King baritone saxophone. It has to have an overhaul if you want to play it. But then you will have the nicest King baritone saxophone of this model in the world in all likelihood.

    Only one available!

  • P Mauriat Low Bb Baritone Near Mint Perfect Condition 0651421

    $ 5,950
  • Selmer Case Only Mark VI Baritone Mint Unbelievable

    $ 650
  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A 1962 Original Lacquer Plays Great! 99457

    $ 14,500
  • Selmer Mark VI Baritone Low A Near Mint Fresh Overhaul Incredible! 262323

    $ 13,500

    This is a nearly pristine original lacquer Selmer Mark VI baritone with low A. It has literally everything you could want in a baritone: almost all the original lacquer is intact. It’s American engraved and gorgeous. The intonation is great. The pad feel under the fingers is like a brand new saxophone, as it has a fresh overhaul with very little play time on it. The pads are Italian leather Pisoni, and everything about it is deluxe. The case is a nice, new protective MTS with wheels and soft foam interior that makes this safe in shipping and easy to get around with. This is one of the most perfect Selmer Mark VI baritones I have seen, and it is really not even priced much differently than a new Yanagisawa BWO20 or something. And this Mark VI has to be the better player with a complex, colorful Selmer tone, and it should also hold its value or go up in value nicely over time while you play it and enjoy it.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Low Bb Baritone Extra Engraving Beautiful! 254784

    $ 6,000
  • Selmer SA80 Series 1 Baritone Clean Original Amazing Shape! 373693

    $ 8,500

    This is a near time capsule Selmer Series 1 Baritone saxophone from 1985 with low A. It has a little lacquer loss on one spot on the bell from the rubber pad of a baritone sax stand, but besides that it’s in excellent condition. No past damage, no dents or dings. Silver plated keys. This bari was purchased in person in France in 1985 and brought back to the USA by the original owner, who sold it to me. I like the Series 1 Selmers better than any of the more recent models, and they are also the best built modern Selmers. If you want a top quality low A baritone that is in excellent condition for an affordable price (for a pro baritone) then that’s what this is! Only one available.

  • Sold Out

    Yamaha YBS-61 Baritone Low A Original Lacquer Great Deal! 7578

    $ 3,999

    Great deal on an original lacquer professional low A baritone by Yamaha. This is the YBS-61 from the late 70’s and has the ‘purple logo’ mostly intact on the bell. It just had 14 pads replaced and a thorough playing condition job, and now it plays well!  It has had some dents removed, like from the upper bow, but it’s in quite good shape now with minimal dents or dings, and just lacquer wear from regular use over the years. If you’ve been looking for that elusive fully professional baritone under $4k, this is it. Yamahas are built to last, and they’re also among the easiest baritones to work on, so if you put in the money to restore it, you should have a dependable and great playing bari for a discount price. The 61’s remind me of Yamaha trying to sound like a Selmer Mark VI but with a little clearer tone and a little better intonation. Only one available!