Tenor Metal Otto Link Mouthpieces – OT-BB size all metal with BB Screws EchoMaster Ligature

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$ 165

Introducing a new EchoMaster ligature. This is the OT-BB size that fits metal Otto Link mouthpieces and is all-metal with BB screws. This is one versatile and beautifully built ligature.
It’s one ligature for almost all metal tenor mouthpieces. It also fits all Dukoff metal and Berg Larsen metal mouthpieces among many others. I took photos of almost every version of Link as well as Dukoffs and a Berg if you want to scroll through. It also fits metal Yanagisawa on the slim side, and even metal 10MFan and MacSax on the fat side. Quite useful, as you get a tight reed seal, where most Link ligatures are impossible to tighten. This one is easy.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

3 reviews for Tenor Metal Otto Link Mouthpieces – OT-BB size all metal with BB Screws EchoMaster Ligature

  1. Robert F Johnson (verified owner)

    I’m a long time Link user with my Selmer Ref 36 and have found the perfect ligature solution. I was immediately impressed with the quality and workmanship out of the box and even more impressed how well it played at first try’ This is the best solution for a Link in my opinion! Once you try it you will never use your original link ligature again and can sell it on ebay. Today’s machining techniques allows for a much better robust and reliable, easy to adjust and stabile design overall and looks good too!

  2. George D. Davidson (verified owner)

    In over 40 years of playing I’ve used and experimented with literally hundreds of ligatures. For the past ten years I’ve strictly played tenor. I’m set on one horn and one mouthpiece, but until this iteration of the Echo Brass ligature, I’d never been completely satisfied with a ligature. I’ve tried ones that are considerably more expensive than than this EB and have tried almost every vintage ligature out there. Lots work adequately, some work quite well, but not one was, well, perfect. I was looking for a solid seal on every reed and a clean, clear full response with no “weak” notes. I like the first iteration of the Echo Brass, but the bulbous screw heads are difficult for old hands to tighten, and I wasn’t totally happy with the plastic piece on the bottom. When this model came out I had a feeling it was going to be the kicker for me. indeed, as soon as it got here I put it on and immediately the response was lively, rich and crystal clear. Everything about this ligature works splendidly – screws are easy to reach and grip, the metal on the bottom improves response tremendously and provides slightly more volume and an edge that is appealing. It is simply marvelous and for me the perfect solution to a lifelong ligature quest. If you play a metal Link or similarly sized metal tenor mouthpiece, you will be thrilled with this ligature. It is simple, elegant and amazingly efficient. The litmus test of a great piece of equipment is that it makes your instrument “disappear.” By that I mean it allows you to completely forget about the horn itself, the mouthpiece, or the ligature…you play and you get lost – because you do not have to worry about anything. It’s all gone except for you!
    If you are on the fence for any reason, price, performance, whatever, I highly encourage you to try this ligature. It just might be the last one you ever buy. Thanks to Getasax for carrying this gem!
    This review is voluntarily submitted because this is a terrific product! Thanks. End of story.

  3. Clive Astle

    Besides metal mouthpieces, this lig is a perfect fit for Theo Wanne hard rubber mouthpieces as Theo’s recent hard rubber versions are made in the same shape as his metal mouthpieces. I find Theo’s provided lig fiddly where as this EchoMaster lig is easy to put on and adjust. For my old eyes, the EchoMaster lig is perfect for Theo Wanne hard rubber Tenor mouthpieces.

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