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Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone Pre-War Original Lacquer Exceptional Player Matt Stohrer Overhaul

One of the best playing tenors on the entire site right now. This has a huge, effortless, resonant voice. Vibrates in your hands and comes to life easily even at low volumes. It’s a joy to play. You can’t beat Matt Stohrer’s work on one of these. He did a full overhaul a few years ago, and it hasn’t been played much since. He just did a full-day full disassembly, cleaning, and re-setup, and it’s as good as new.

What superlatives should I choose to get across what a great tenor this is? In my opinion, the Conn 10M is a serious contender for the best tenor saxophone ever made. It has a full, medium dark tone that is wider and richer than vintage Selmers. I’m not just saying the Conn is the best of the less expensive tenors, and leaving SBA’s and Mark VI’s to the side. I actually think the Conn is the superior player – more fun, better in tune, more even scale, sounds better on recordings and in person. That’s me. I love vintage Selmers also, but there’s a reason why Conns are what you more and more see when you go to live shows – the keywork is quite comfortable once you get used to it, and they do everything really well.

And this is one of the best of the best, so to speak. It got the sort of individual attention that takes these (very consistently manufactured) instruments from good to exceptional. Get this one and get playing. Or if you want one that looks nearly perfect and is also overhauled, check the 271k. It’s also fantastic, and looks nearly new. But this one is my personal favorite.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 10 in


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