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  • Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Excellent 23821

    $ 2,100
  • Conn 26M VIII Connqueror Alto Original Lacquer Excellent! 292445

    $ 3,550

    This is a beautiful example of a rare Conn Connqueror 26M Alto saxophone with original lacquer and VIII stamp. The Connqueror is the most mechanically sophisticated saxophone that Conn ever made. It is a pre-war 6M body tube and neck, with all new keywork design, extra engraving, and solid silver on all the key touches that are not pearl. The ‘permadjust’ system is the big development on the Connqueror altos. You can read about that on Matt Stohrer’s website, or watch his repairman’s overview of the 26M on Youtube. This one has its bits and bobs intact, and is in very good condition. It just got overhauled before I bought it, so the pads are all new! ┬áCosmetically, this horn is just great, with only some minor lacquer wear. It has to be one of the nicest 26M Connqueror altos out there. Definitely the nicest one for sale currently, and priced very reasonably. I really like this one.

    Only one available!

  • Conn 6M Alto 1931 Excellent Condition 257159

    $ 3,000
  • SML King Marigaux Soprano Saxophone Gold Medal 2 Excellent 25321

    $ 2,000

    This is a gorgeous example of an SML soprano saxophone with original lacquer. It’s a Gold Medal 2, meaning it has straight tone holes, but it has nearly all of the other features of a Gold Medal 1 and is practically the same. Many of these were distributed by King and have the King name on the bell along with the Marigaux (The ‘M’ in SML). I have the matching tenor to this soprano also for sale now. These are some of the best values around in vintage saxophones today. The SML saxophones play basically like a Conn/Selmer hybrid, with a bigger, darker tone like a Conn, but with easy modern feeling keywork like a Selmer, and a a bit of French saxophone in the mix. If you want a soprano that isn’t reedy and nasal, but tends towards a wider operatic sound, even in the upper register, then Conn, Martin, and SML are your main options, and SML is the most modern feeling under the fingers of the three.