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  • Buffet S1 Alto Saxophone Excellent 23821

    $ 2,100

    This is a nice original lacquer Buffet S1 alto in very good physical condition. The pads are older, but it hasn’t been played a ton so you could probably get it into pretty good playing condition without overhauling it. I overhaul horns by default, so I would say tune it up and play it for a while while you save up for an overhaul, and then you can get the total experience of a horn that feels almost new. This has the full S1 keywork with the excellent low C Eb mechanism and the very comfortable LH pinky keys as well. The intonation is great. The tone is big and wide and operatic – French, refined, not too bright, not too dark. I really like these. Original case and case cover are still in great shape as well. The only real lacquer wear is on the back of the bow, which I think is from the sax being played mostly seated in a chair where the lacquer must have touched the chair in that spot only. Sometimes I get horns in that have individual finger marks in certain places in the lacquer from always being picked up the same way. Anyway, I don’t see any evidence of significant damage or significant past repairs either. It’s a nice, clean example priced low enough to be a great deal even after you spend some money on pads.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1971 Original Lacquer Recent Overhaul Excellent Player! 190655

    $ 7,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto Original Lacquer Excellent 229239

    $ 6,000

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor 1959 Original Lacquer Euro Engraved Excellent! 77960

    $ 16,500

    Here’s a gorgeous, prime serial, 1959 vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor in absolutely excellent condition. It has original lacquer, original pads, original neck in excellent condition, not damaged or pulled down. This is a Euro-assembled Mark VI, so it has the lighter color French lacquer that you typically see on Euro Mark VI’s, and it has the Euro engraving pattern as well. The top coat of original lacquer over the engraving is a little thicker on Euro VI’s, which makes them have a different look from American-engraved VI’s of the same vintage. It’s the same exact saxophone underneath. Only the lacquer color and engraving pattern is different, since all of these Selmer Mark VI’s were manufactured at the same factory in France, and only finished in different places.

    The only past repairs I see on this horn are a ding removed above the octave key, and a small ding removed from the back of the body tube, that is pretty much invisible now. There’s a little light lacquer wear on the back of the body tube, and besides that, you have about 98% of the original lacquer intact and no past repairs or resolders at all. Neck looks great, bell, bow, and body tube are all great. I put this in a BAM Cabine tenor case for photos, since that will keep it safe in shipping, but if you want to discuss getting a vintage Euro Selmer Mark VI tenor case, I might have one I could pair with the horn to complete the set. You won’t find a nicer 1959 Selmer Mark VI tenor for sale anywhere, as this is already in the top 1% of Mark VI’s condition wise. The pads are original, so it’s time for a repad if you want it to play its best, but it’s on consignment, and ‘it’s only original once’ so I’m leaving it original for now. It will be a very easy repad job, as this horn is super clean and nice, and Mark VI’s are easy to work on.

    Only one available!