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  • Buffet Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone Near Mint Original Amazing 19756

    $ 2,950
  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Pre-war 300088 Original Lacquer Excellent Condition

    $ 2,250

    BEAUTIFUL example of an original lacquer ‘Pre-war’ Conn 6M VIII Alto saxophone in extremely fine original condition with original pads. It’s about as clean an example as you are ever likely to find. It had one dent removed from the body tube (nearly invisible now), and that’s it for past repairs or damage over its entire first 80 years of existence.

    These altos remain an absolute bargain. They’re among the best playing alto saxophones ever made, with a bigger, wider, more powerful tone than almost anything out there. And yet the keywork is very fast and comfortable, and the intonation is excellent. It’s the perfect lead alto horn. It’s also made in USA at the height of US manufacturing, and has a build quality that has hardly been matched since. This is the desirable version with the VIII stamped neck, which tends to sell for more than the later versions without the stamp. They’re all great, so if you’re on a budget, check out the beautiful 320k post war example that is also for sale. This is original pads, so plan to get it repadded.

    Only one available!

  • King Zephyr Special Alto Near Mint Recent Overhaul 266751

    $ 5,750

    This is about as nice an original lacquer later example of a King Zephyr Special alto as I have seen. This comes from the collection of Theo Wanne, and has a fresh overhaul done for Theo within the last year or two. It has been in his collection, so not played much since the overhaul and is basically fresh and ready to start being played again by someone. My main alto is a Zephyr Special, as is Matt Stohrer’s, and Theo loves and collects them as well. They are among the best sounding altos ever made, and they just do everything pretty well. The tone is warm, powerful, medium spread, and dark and velvety. Not dark like a Conn though – more focus, more projection, and more of a ringing set of overtones, where a Conn is a bit more spread and fat. It’s just an extremely pleasant tone that you get on these. Every single one I’ve ever sold has gone to a buyer who was thrilled with the sound. The keywork is not modern – it’s ‘light flute-like action’ as King described it in its original ads from the 30’s. Not heavy and snappy, but light like a flute, and fairly small amount of key travel to close a tone hole. Intonation is good with a Meyer or really whatever you want to use, though flexible compared to modern horns. You can bend notes around how you want, for better or for worse.

    These are among the most beautiful saxophones ever produced as well. Hand engraving, pearls everywhere you touch, solid silver double socket neck. They’re great. And this one has almost all of its original lacquer intact, which is pretty incredible.

    If you want to join the Zephyr Special club this would be a great way to do it. It’s already overhauled, and still priced very affordably compared to modern altos, with a tone like nothing else!

  • Martin Handcraft Soprano Beautiful Original Silver Overhauled Amazing 83569

    $ 3,950
  • Martin Handcraft Soprano Original Silver Plate Near Mint + Overhauled 67718

    $ 3,850

    Amazing example of a near mint Martin Handcraft soprano saxophone that just got a fresh high-end overhaul through GetASax. You won’t find a nicer sounding vintage soprano! The ergonomics are vintage, but pretty comfortable. I play a 68k Handcraft just like this myself. Warm, balanced, round, medium spread, good intonation, and even not very picky on mouthpiece compatibility.

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1964 Near Mint Original Lacquer Original Pads 116897

    $ 7,950

    This is a REALLY clean original lacquer, original pads Selmer Mark VI alto from 1964. Matt Stohrer uses this horn on is Stohrer Music channel to go over what an original Selmer Mark VI factory pad job and setup looks like. It’s that clean. It had one ding removed from the back of the bow, and there are no dents or dings now, and no past repairs. The neck has matching serial number and is also in excellent condition. This horn sat in the case for almost its entire life so far, as it was owned by a clarinet player who only used it occasionally. It still plays pretty well on the original pads. It has a dark, focused, powerful, tenor-like tone that only the ’63-’64 altos have, and that many Selmer aficionados have also noted about these horns. It has some interesting coloration in the lacquer just from sitting against the case and the lacquer aging differently depending upon which parts made contact with the case and which did not. If you want a time capsule Selmer Mark VI alto from one of my favorite years, that’s what this is. Only one available!

  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1965 Near Mint Original Pads 127335

    $ 8,950

    Super nice Mark VI alto original lacquer. One owner, original pads from 1965. What a gorgeous example! One only sees a VI alto this nice a couple times a year, even at GetASax!

  • Selmer Mark VI Soprano Near Mint Original Lacquer 222370

    $ 6,000
  • Theo Wanne MOKSHA Alto Rare and Super Deluxe Mantra – Fully Engraved 20003

    $ 3,500

    Theo Wanne Moksha alto made mostly of titanium! This was an exciting new model that Theo Wanne wanted to make, but it was too expensive to make. The matching alto and tenor final prototypes were sold by Theo, and they’re on consignment here for the original owner. These have brass keys, titanium bell and body tube, and lots of engraving. They also have ‘tone bridges’ that you can install or leave off as you like, that give an extra connection between neck and body tube, tube and bow etc.

  • Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Tenor Saxophone Near Mint Amazing D04511

    $ 4,000

    This Yamaha YTS-82z Custom Tenor Saxophone is about as close to new condition as it could be. It just got a careful tune up and plays just like a new one as well. This is a few years old at least, so not the 82ZII.  It’s basically impossible to tell any difference in how they play, for me at least. If you’ve been wanting a new Yamaha pro tenor and you want to save some money, but not compromise on condition, here you go. It even smells new. There are some tiny surface scratches near the neck strap hook if you look closely, and that’s really it. Intonation, ergonomics, low register response are all 10/10. You can take the tone lots of directions depending on your choice of mouthpiece and reed. If you want a tenor that just works well, responds easily, tunes well, and is easy to keep in adjustment, that’s what this is! It also holds its value well. The new price on these is getting up there!

    Only one available!