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  • Buescher Top Hat and Cane 400 Alto B7 Near Mint

    $ 2,950
  • Conn 6M VIII Alto Saxophone Pre-war 1940 Original Lacquer Near Mint Condition

    $ 3,250

    Super Super SUPER Clean original lacquer Conn 6M VIII alto from 1940. This is just about the most perfect pre-war Conn 6M that I have seen. It is completely original with original pads intact as well. If you want the best, then look no further. These altos are SO great with a good overhaul. I just got the 285k 6M VIII overhauled, and it is a fresh reminder just how great Conn saxophones of this period are. Put it next to anything, and it’s not even a fair fight. Even my beloved Super 20’s can’t match the raw power, and the vibration of a Conn. It projects while staying warm and dark, yet still cuts through like an ideal lead alto. Works with lots of mouthpieces, including Meyers, Otto Links, and even Selmer style pieces. If you want the best condition 6M possible, this is the one! It will probably be years before I see its equal!

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    King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone 1957 Near Mint Original Lacquer Overhauled!

    $ 5,950

    ON TRIAL 9/24

    Holy cow! This is one of the nicest examples of a King Super 20 that I have had the pleasure of selling. It just got a complete overhaul! It was original pads 63 years old, when I got it, and now it’s totally fresh, clean, and completely restored. It’s awesome!

    The tone of these horns is just to die for. Powerful, resonant, very loud when pushed (it goes to 11). The solid silver double socket neck gives you extra focus, and a dark core with lots of overtones. The horn overall is bright and projecting, but in a way that stays fat, like only American saxophones can. Ideal for either cutting through a band, or playing the most gorgeous ballads, this is one of my favorite saxophones of all time.

    This tenor has no damage, no dents or dings, and almost all its original lacquer. The solid silver neck even looks odd to King fanatics like me because it still has its original gold lacquer over the silver, which you hardly ever see. There’s some scratching on the back of the body tube from normal use, and a couple of tiny, nearly invisible dings I got removed from the bow, but you’d never notice anyway. It’s as nice as you will ever find. And priced to sell!

    The best demo of a “Series III” Super 20 that I know of can be found here. It’s one of the only cases that I have found where I heard a demo and what I consider the essence of the tone of the horn itself is front and center on display (as opposed to the mouthpiece, the player, or a bunch of other distracting noise. Listen and enjoy! This is the same horn as in the demo, just made a year or two later. 


  • Rampone and Cazzani R1 Soprano Saxophone Gold Plate Near Mint

    $ 3,150

    Real, actual gold plate on this extremely clean, hardly-played Rampone and Cazzani R1 soprano. Basically, these are a Conn bore with big, wide, dark tone, and modern keywork. Build quality is not like a Yamaha, but the cosmetic flaws are covered in gold, so there you go. Great Deal!

  • Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone 103xxx Near Mint American Engraved! Superb

    $ 13,999

    Easily the nicest early 6-digit serial Selmer Mark VI tenor that I have seen in quite some time. This saxophone came from its original owner, who played it for a couple of years in the early 1960’s and then lovingly stored it in a California closet for the whole time since then. It has original pads, no dents, no dings, no resolders. The original (matching) neck is in beautiful, undamaged condition. The back of the body tube is particularly nice and shows only very minor play wear. The original pads are still sealing well enough that you can play this horn and enjoy it for a while before swapping them out, if you want to. The early 60’s Selmer Elkhart factory pad jobs really were top notch and feel great under the fingers. The original, honey-gold lacquer is beautiful and dark, and the engraving is finely cut and looks great. You don’t see that many really clean Mark VI tenors for sale these days. They are starting to get very hard to find in anything like this condition. The early 6-digits like this play just like a late 5-digit 90k. Same exact horn with no design changes. The tone is dark, focused, and very powerful. Not as spread as an earlier 5-digit. Much darker and more focused than a later 6-digit. It’s a sweet spot for tenor saxophone tone. So if what you want is an extraordinarily clean, undamaged, beautiful Selmer Mark VI that is about as close to new as you are likely to find, this is it! These horns are going up in value every year, so you can also play it and enjoy it without losing any of your purchase price if or when you want to sell it later. You can’t say that about most other retail purchases! You just put your money into Selmer Mark VI stock for a little while, and get it back out later. Not a bad deal.

  • Selmer Reference 36 “Flamingo” Tenor Saxophone RARE Near Mint Full Setup

    $ 7,250

    Apparently, this is one of the rarest modern Selmers. Only 40 were sold in North America! This one just got about $500 worth of work on it – basically an overhaul but re-using the hardly-used factory pads. This was bought and kept by a collector. This tenor now plays absolutely beautifully! We took it completely apart, cleaned, oiled, put shellac behind all the pads (the right amount!) and floated them to seal perfectly. Also treated and conditioned the leather, replaced all adjustment materials, corrected the action, and did a full neck fit, lapping the neck tenon in properly, which is crucial to getting the full intended playing experience. This is also the only modern Selmer without a high F# by design. So there really is nothing out there like this horn. It’s darker and more spread than a Ref 54, more like a BA or SBA, but with really good intonation and comfortable ergonomics. It has beauty, tone, rarity, playability, and a very good overhaul all in one package. Only one available!

  • Selmer Reference 54 Alto Saxophone Near Mint Condition Full Setup!

    $ 5,450

    Absolutely the best Reference 54 alto on the market right now. This horn is almost mint condition, plus I just dropped the equivalent of an overhaul into it so that you get to play it how it was meant to sound. As you know from reading around on this site, the Reference horns are great, IF you fix all the weird choices that Selmer makes in the factory setup. This horn just had that done, to my picky standards, and now it rocks.

    What was done? Full disassembly, remove every pad, add lots of shellac behind the pads so that they seal well and will seal well for a long time, clean, change the oil, adjust key heights, swap out many of the adjustment materials for better ones/correct ones, and do a full ‘neck fit’ which means laboriously making the neck/body joint seal perfectly all around. Once you fix all that stuff, these are just about the best modern do-it-all altos on the market. Warmer and richer than the Series II and III, and compatible with jazz mouthpieces (Series II and III seem not to like non-Selmer mouthpieces in many cases). Excellent keywork, comfortable ergonomics, fast response, free blowing feel, and great intonation. You could get a slightly cheaper, more worn Ref 54 on eBay or whatever, but then you’d need someone picky to go completely through it to get the full experience, which is expensive, and not even that likely to go right unless your repairman is willing to do all that stuff to a modern horn that already ‘plays ok’ as is. But it’s worth it! Check out the Reference 36 in the tenors section, which has also just been rebuilt, or the Series II alto just below that had a full overhaul and is also glorious.

    Plus this particular horn got a rich, dark lacquer that I have rarely seen on a modern Selmer. I don’t know whether it was a special order or what, but it’s really nice and dark, almost like a 50’s Mark VI.

    Only one available!

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    Selmer Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone Near Mint Beautiful! Full Setup

    $ 6,250
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    Yamaha YBS-62 Low A Baritone Saxophone Mint

    $ 6,250