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  • Conn 6M VIII Alto 311k Original Silver Near Mint Old Pads

    $ 2,350
  • Selmer Cigar Cutter Super Sax Alto Original Gold Plate Near Mint Low Miles Matt Stohrer Overhaul

    $ 9,500
  • Selmer Series III Soprano Saxophone Near Mint!

    $ 4,250

    This is a gorgeous, near mint example of a Selmer Paris Series III soprano saxophone. It just got tuned up, and it plays as well as any new Series III, if not better. It tunes beautifully, and the tone is centered, lyrical, and refined. You can play jazz on it, but Selmer designs this to be a classical soprano. It likes to have a Selmer mouthpiece – either an S80 or a Concept. I have a very nice Concept that I can include with the instrument for a big discount if you need a mouthpiece. The keywork feels great, and everything is just nice. So if you want a soprano you can just pick up and play, that is world class and can accomplish whatever you can think of, then check this one! It’s over $2000 off the new price, and it has hardly been played at all since new. Probably has been played less than some new instruments sitting in stores right now! Only one available!

  • The Martin Baritone Low Bb Original Lacquer Near Mint Original Pads

    $ 3,950
  • Yamaha YTS-82ZM Tenor Rare 1 of 50 Matte Gold Lacquer Finish Near Mint

    $ 3,950

    The Yamaha 82ZM Tenor saxophone is one of the main go-to professional tenor saxophones in today’s market. It’s the Lexus of pro saxophones – it’s beautiful, stylish, dependable, and it just plays easily. Intonation is easy; keywork is easy. It’s easy to get a nice tone, and it works well with almost any mouthpiece that you pick.

    The Yamaha 82ZM tenor saxophone almost always comes in regular lacquered brass finish. Any other finish in an 82Z is rare, and most alternate finishes have to be special ordered. THIS one is not even available by special order. I had never seen a Yamaha in this ‘matte gold’ lacquer finish before. The Yamaha USA Pro Shop told me that this is one of only 50 that Yamaha made as a special limited edition run. So it’s definitely one of the rarest finishes you can get on the Yamaha 82Z tenor.

    This Yamaha 82zm tenor is in excellent condition. It almost could pass for a new saxophone, but it has been played at least a few times and shows very minor signs of use. It’s just tuned up, plays great, needs nothing, and is about as close to new condition as one could hope for. If you’ve been looking for a Yamaha 82Z Tenor saxophone, and you want something extra special, then this could be the one for you!

    Only one available!

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    Yanagisawa B880 Baritone Near Mint Condition Best I’ve Seen!

    $ 5,950
  • Yanagisawa S880 Elimona Soprano Near Mint My Favorite

    $ 3,450