New Wonder II

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    Conn 10M/NWII Transitional Tenor Beautiful 259600

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    Conn Gold Art Deco Transitional NWII Tenor Rare and Fantastic! 243453

    $ 8,450

    Among the most desirable vintage saxophones of all, are the Conn gold plated transitional tenors with art deco style engraving. I have only seen a handful of these ever, and they all sold for high prices. They were all excellent players as well. This one has a huge voice like I always expect on a Conn of this serial. It has older pads and will need an overhaul soon. If you want that rarity factor with the original gold plate, that’s the reason to get this one. The lacquered or silver ones from the same period also play wonderfully, so you can definitely get the same kind of tone for less money. But if you want to be in the exclusive club of folks who own a gold art deco Conn transitional tenor, then this is your ticket.

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    Conn New Wonder II Alto Saxophone Silver Plate 227313

    $ 950
  • Conn New Wonder II Sopranino Original Silver, Overhauled 153973

    $ 4,950

    This is a rare and beautiful example of a Conn New Wonder II SopraNINO Saxophone in original silver plate. It has a recent overhaul done at Saxquest, and it’s ready to play, right out of the case. They used black kangaroo leather pads and noyek/hollywood waffle style resonators. Black felts complete the look.

    The great thing about Conn sopranos and sopraninos is that they are warmer, darker, and rounder tonally than what you might think of as a typical sopranino or soprano tone. More like an alto and less like an oboe than modern instruments tend to sound, if that makes any sense. These horns tune well with the right mouthpiece. This one doesn’t come with an original Conn piece, but we can discuss options if you don’t have one already.

    It would be hard to find a Conn sopranino in better condition than this. It’s the nicest one I’ve had in years. They’re hard to find in any condition, but original silver and no evidence of past repairs like this is very special.

    Only one available!

  • Conn New Wonder II Tenor Original Silver Plate Old Pads 207044

    $ 2,650
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    Conn NWII / 14M Bass Saxophone Original CASE Fully Restored

    I spent $500+ getting this rare original Conn bass sax case restored, and it’s in really great condition now! Fresh shell reinforcement and repair, internal padding and fabric, added latch, new handle, fresh coat of paint, and case feet. I am tempted to keep it for when I eventually find a nice later Conn bass. NOTE: This case ONLY fits the ‘plumber neck’ version NWII/14M, NOT the NW1 and earlier Conn bass with a neck that looks like a bari sax.