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    Conn New Wonder 1 Alto Burnished Gold Stunning Portrait Engraved Old Pads 139214

    Gorgeous original gold plated Conn New Wonder 1 alto with portrait and everything. This alto is made of brass, but it has as thick layer of gold plate over a layer of silver plate over the brass. Conn gave lots of special attention and time to these portrait engraved ‘burnished’ gold examples, and this is a beautiful one that made it through its first 100 years to still be in excellent condition today. These are extremely fun altos to play, with a big, wide, velvety, room-filling tone that is full of warmth and sweetness. If you want an alto that is really lyrical and pleasant to listen to, the New Wonder 1 and 2 are probably at the top of the list. What you sacrifice is modern keywork – this has 1920’s ergonomics, so don’t expect to burn it up on this. The intonation is good but flexible. You can bend notes around, so if you’re a ‘biter’ with way too tight of an embouchure, you will have more trouble than if you play with a relaxed or fairly even embouchure. This one has old pads and needs a repad, but hey- it’s gorgeous, in good condition, and burnished gold with extra engraving, so you’re getting a great deal on a work of art that is also very usable as a modern instrument today.