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  • Buescher True Tone C Soprano Rare Original Gold Plate! Old Pads 86473

    $ 2,150
  • Conn New Wonder II Tenor Original Gold Plate Recent Overhaul 1929 228150

    $ 3,250

    Price Reduced July 21 2021! Get it while it’s available!

    This is a desirable late example of a Conn New Wonder II Tenor Saxophone ‘Chu Berry’ in original gold plate! Gold plated Conns are the hardest to find of all the finishes, and they are the favorites of many players and collectors all over the world. The 11 Karat ‘coin gold’ used on Conns like this is a harder alloy, lighter in color, and is a durable finish that looks gorgeous and takes a long time to tarnish. This horn has some lacquer over the gold to protect it in some places. It would shine up and look more even with the lacquer removed, but it’s on consignment, and I’m not authorized to get that done at the moment. You could have it done for $200 by a repairman and the horn would go up a couple of notches in cosmetic condition. It has been played a lot, as you can see – wear on the touch points, some key guards and posts resoldered from popping off over time. This happens on 80 year old instruments, and its no big deal. There’s nothing major to report repair wise, except that the neck on this horn is from a New Wonder 1 Im’m told. Conn necks aren’t numbered or marked, so it’s not like you can really tell, but the gold is a slightly different look in person. The neck plays great! The NW1 necks sometimes feel a little wider and wilder to play than the NWII’s, and this horn has that wide, room-filling quality to it for sure.

    This gold NWII tenor had a complete high end overhaul in the last couple of years, and it plays great on it! It resonates throughout the whole body tube, and it feels ‘dry’ and snappy under the fingers, like a Conn should when overhauled properly. An overhaul like that costs a lot of money, and you’re getting it nearly for free at this price, so this should be an excellent deal for someone! I mean, for the price of a new ‘name brand’ Chinese horn at Sam Ash, you can get one of the best tenors ever WITH a top shelf overhaul, in actual gold plate.

    Only one available!

  • Conn NW1 C Melody Straight Neck Burnished Gold Portrait Engraving 76817

    $ 999

    Wow! This is a beautiful, nearly 100% gold PLATED Conn C melody saxophone. People are always confused about this, but this is very thick, actual gold on this saxophone, not lacquered brass finish. And the burnished gold is thicker than regular gold plate as well. Conn reserved this finish for a select few special-ordered instruments that were given the best, most beautiful, most durable finish that Conn offered. These also got a ‘portrait’ or some kind of special engraved scene. This one seems to fall into the mythology category, and shows maybe a wind god? Apollo was a popular portrait theme, as the god of music, but this may be Zephyrus, the god of Wind. Almost looks like a Loki variant, with the horns 😉

    This C melody has the more desirable straight neck that plays better, and it has rolled tone holes. It has original factory pads, that are nearly 100 years old, so definitely plan on getting this cleaned up and repadded. The gold is basically totally intact, so it will look like new again with a gentle hand polish. It’s hard to communicate just how beautiful these instruments are when they’re polished up. Even with 100 years of tarnish, it’s a beauty. With the GS RESO C Melody mouthpiece, Conn c melody saxophones sound way better – basically a tenor type tone but in concert pitch. Check out our C melody / RESO sound clip here.

    Only one available!

  • King Alto Saxophone Original Gold Plate Old Pads Beautiful Engraving 105999

    $ 1,200
  • Sold Out

    King Soprano Saxophone Gold Plate Fresh Overhaul Amazing! 99847

    $ 3,250

    Just freshly overhauled!! This got a full restoration, so it’s back to like new mechanical condition.This is the vintage soprano you should get!

    This amazing gold plated King soprano saxophone will blow the walls down. It is in excellent condition, with nearly all the original gold plate intact. It has just received a full overhaul and restoration, which is not a small job on a 90 year old instrument. It is now back in like-new playing condition and ready to make music for many many years to come.

    King sopranos are rare, and were only made in low pitch (regular concert pitch). They tune nicely, and have a big, warm, medium-focused tone that is less polite sounding than a Buescher, and really fills a room with ease. This example in gold plate and in such amazingly good condition is extremely rare. The great depression in 1929 spelled the end of most of the saxophone market, and marked the end of most makers building sopranos in any kind of quantities. So it’s not surprising that you don’t see a King soprano later than this serial. This is one of the very last ones made, and the latest serial I have seen. The later the better is my motto on vintage sopranos generally speaking, so getting a late one also in gold plate is really exceptional.

    Only one available!

  • Selmer Cigar Cutter Super Sax Alto Original Gold Plate Near Mint Low Miles Matt Stohrer Overhaul

    $ 9,500