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  • Buescher Super 400 Alto Original Lacquer Overhauled 588166

    $ 1,750
  • Conn Transitional Art Deco Tenor Original Silver Plate Overhauled 243357

  • Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone WST-AF with F# Antique Finish NEW

    $ 4,700

    Back in stock September 2023!  These are hard to keep in stock, but I will do my best to keep one around. Every Ishimori saxophone gets a new horn checkup, to make sure that it’s in perfect playing condition before it ships to you!

    One of the most lauded modern horns by people who like vintage horns. This is the Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage tenor in Antique Finish (patinated bare brass) and the dark lacquer version is here: https://www.getasax.com/product/ishimori-woodstone-new-with-dark-lacquer-tenor-saxophone/ Ishimori has long been Japan’s premiere saxophone repair shop. This tenor is their attempt to bring their repair expertise to bear on saxophone design. This horn has a bore and design aesthetic reminiscent of a Selmer Super (Balanced) Action, even down to the engraving and keywork styling. But as a modern horn, it hasn’t seen decades of playing and repairs. It also comes with a good setup done by Ishimori pre-sale. This is the unlacquered version of the Ishimori Wood Stone New Vintage tenor, with beautiful Selmer SBA style hand engraving. These are popular saxophones, but I’ll try to keep one in stock if possible! Ishimori is Japan’s premiere saxophone repair shop, and Mr. Ishimori has been designing, building, and repairing saxophones for many decades.

    These tenors not only sound great, but they stand out from the crowd with their excellent new horn setup done in the Ishimori workshop. The Ishimori New Vintage tenors hold up extremely well over time, and every detail of construction and assembly is optimized for ease of play. The tone on this Ishimori tenor is meant to remind you of a vintage Selmer – to my ear, it plays like a late SBA – not as loud and wide open as some Mark VI’s, but more focused than earlier Selmers also. The neck and the engraving are meant to evoke the Selmer Super Balanced Action, so I suspect that the neck is an SBA bore. The tuning is excellent. This body tube is designed to have the high F# tone hole present, so it tunes well with the high F#, and that’s also just a convenient feature. The finish is a stable patina applied to the bare brass. While it will continue to change in appearance somewhat, it will basically look like this. You get the bare brass finish plus a great unique look to the horn that ages well – much nicer than the completely shiny unlacquered finish that Yamaha does. This looks really classy.

    Ishimori New Vintage tenors play so effortlessly, they sell themselves. Every time one comes in the shop, it sells almost immediately. There’s one in stock at the moment! Get it now!

    See below for our videos on the Ishimori New Vintage Tenor featuring some sound samples on a range of mouthpieces, and an unboxing video.



  • Selmer Mark VI Alto 1962 Original Satin Silver Gorgeous Freshly Overhauled! 106288

    $ 7,500
  • Sold Out

    SML Super 46 Tenor Rare! Original Silver Plate Overhauled Good Condition 5117

    $ 4,500

    The SML Super 46 sounds like what would happen if Selmer and Conn saxophones could be hybridized, so you got some French lyrical core and focus with some Conn full-throated power and dark, room-filling tone. That’s not surprising, since SML was started by Selmer craftsmen who wanted to make a more Conn-like saxophone in France. They did! This one I just had to get completely overhauled, so that it could sing again to its full potential. I don’t see many Super 46’s come up for sale, and this one is much nicer than most. With a fresh overhaul, it’s a lot of saxophone for the money, and plus, if you play this out, you won’t sound like everyone else. It has some saxophone hipster appeal in that way. We actually made a video showing how the Super 46 sounds compared to a more common (and later) SML Gold Medal tenor. To me, the Super 46 is wider and wilder sounding than the Gold Medal, and has a little more Conn in it, where the Gold Medal has a little more Selmer. Either one is a fantastic choice, but this Super 46 is probably my favorite.

    Only one available!