Made by Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire.

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  • SML Coleman Hawkins Special Tenor Super Rare! Recent Overhaul 5349

    $ 6,000
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    SML Super 46 Tenor Rare! Original Silver Plate Overhauled Good Condition 5117

    $ 4,500

    The SML Super 46 sounds like what would happen if Selmer and Conn saxophones could be hybridized, so you got some French lyrical core and focus with some Conn full-throated power and dark, room-filling tone. That’s not surprising, since SML was started by Selmer craftsmen who wanted to make a more Conn-like saxophone in France. They did! This one I just had to get completely overhauled, so that it could sing again to its full potential. I don’t see many Super 46’s come up for sale, and this one is much nicer than most. With a fresh overhaul, it’s a lot of saxophone for the money, and plus, if you play this out, you won’t sound like everyone else. It has some saxophone hipster appeal in that way. We actually made a video showing how the Super 46 sounds compared to a more common (and later) SML Gold Medal tenor. To me, the Super 46 is wider and wilder sounding than the Gold Medal, and has a little more Conn in it, where the Gold Medal has a little more Selmer. Either one is a fantastic choice, but this Super 46 is probably my favorite.

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