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  • Bundy II Alto Saxophone Good Student Saxophone Low Price

    $ 4,500

    Solid student alto with a mix of pads in good playing condition. About the cheapest that you can get a decent alto. This will require checkups every 6 months or so, as it is not completely repadded, so plan on getting a few pads replaced each semester to keep this in good playing shape.

  • Yamaha YAS-200AD Good Student Alto Just Serviced

    $ 750

    Are you shopping for a saxophone for a student for school band? This is the one you should get. it’s that simple. Just get it. Done. Look no further.

    The Yamaha YAS-200AD (and its sibling the YAS-23) are the best student alto saxophones ever made. A Yamaha like this is what almost everybody my age started out on, if they stuck with saxophone. It almost makes me think that some of the folks who started on junky horns probably gave up music because their horns were so disappointing to play. So if you want yourself or your child to stick with saxophone, it’s worth buying one that will actually play well and hold up well over time.

    The other consideration in buying a student sax is resale value. Among student saxophones, it’s common to hear of folks paying $1200-1600 for a beginner sax that is then practically worthless when they go to re-sell it. I get offered these sorts of horns to buy almost every day, and I have to be the one to break the difficult news that the sax they rented for three years for $48 a month from the local music store is basically a worthless on the used market. The used Yamaha is among a very few student horns that has good resale value. If the pads are good, you can easily resell it and get back 80% of your purchase price, which is so much better than 10% or whatever on new other brand student horns as not to be even comparable.

    This alto just got a bunch of new pads and is now playing quite well, with an easy low register, and a nicely in tune scale. It includes all the stuff in the photos, and I can throw in a Yamaha 4C or help you pick a good beginner mouthpiece to go with it. (Mouthpiece is important.)

    Only one available!

  • Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Vito Very Good Condition Older Pads

    $ 750