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  • Yamaha YAS-23 Alto Fresh Full Overhaul – Best First Alto Excellent Condition 378879

    $ 1,450

    Who spends $1000 to overhaul a YAS-23 and sells it for a $50 profit? GetASax, that’s who.

    Almost every good saxophonist I know started off playing a YAS-23. There’s something about the way these horns are designed and put together that just makes them PLAY. If you ever get a chance to play an overhauled 23 alto, don’t turn up your nose. They are great horns. Lively, projecting, in tune, comfortable under the fingers and built like a tank but without being heavy. No wonder they’re the horn everyone recommends to students. Trouble is, most 23’s have 20-35 year old pads at this point, and they need an overhaul. Unlike nearly any other student saxophone ever made, the 23 actually deserves and warrants an overhaul. So if you want the best, for $1000 less than a new YAS-26 (which, frankly, is a silly price for 26 but whatever), then get this! I try to keep one or two around at any given time. Pair this with a GS New York for a great jazz tone. Pair it with the upcoming GS Hyperion (Brilhart Tonalin Great Neck alto copy) and you’ll have a beautiful cool jazz / do-it-all alto tone.