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Ishimori New Vintage Soprano Gold Lacquer Two Necks New

$ 4,500

The Ishimori New Vintage professional soprano saxophone is an extremely well put together and easy to play modern soprano that most people have never played. The Ishimori New Vintage soprano saxophone (notice, I’m using the name a few times for the sake of the search engines) is well worth consideration when you’re considering buying a modern soprano, because it is top quality, but costs quite a bit less than a pro Yamaha or Selmer soprano, and it doesn’t sound like all the other sopranos either. It tunes well, feels good under the fingers, and comes with straight and curved necks, nice engraving, and beautiful gold lacquer. It’s overhauled by Ishimori in Japan, and comes with an excellent setup. I’ve bought Ishimori saxophones like this that had been played heavily for 5-7 years and were still sealing perfectly and feeling like a new horn under the fingers. There are not many brands today that you could say that about. The tone is more wide than a Selmer, and more complex than a Yanagisawa. Brighter than a Keilwerth, but darker than Selmer and Yanagisawa. It is most similar to a Selmer in tone, and that is probably on purpose, but the tuning and keywork are better than, say a Selmer Series III soprano, and the setup is way better (Sorry Selmer, I keep telling you to fix the same old pad work issues on your modern horns…). So if you want a nice do-it-all soprano for less than a Yamaha/Yanagisawa, and you want a Selmer-like tone but none of the Selmer setup issues, then the Ishimori New Vintage Professional Soprano saxophone (;-) might be just the thing!

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Dimensions 28 × 10 × 8 in


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