BAM France Panther Cabine Alto Saxophone Case

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BAM France hit a home run on this BAM Cabine Panther Alto saxophone case. It’s like the delightfully slim regular Cabine cases (I like the Red cabine best of those by the way!), but it has new, redesigned latches, and a great-looking anti-slip exterior material. It comes with a mouthpiece pouch, a neck bag that goes in the bell, and backpack straps. This case weighs half what a wood Selmer Series III, or Yamaha Custom case weighs, and it is super easy to carry around. It’s called “Cabine” because you can easily bring it as a piece of carry on luggage in the airplane ‘cabin.’ You won’t believe how light and protective this case is. It keeps your horn in better adjustment than any of the factory cases that come with new horns today. The internal foam is soft and form-fitting. You save in repair more than you spend on the case. The cover just looks super great, and the rubberized feel keeps the case firmly where you put it.

The BAM Cabine Panther Alto Case fits the same range of horns as the Cabine, which includes all Yamaha, Selmer, and Yanagisawa new saxophones, as well as Taiwanese/Chinese copies of these 🙂 It doesn’t fit Eastman 52nd street with the large bell, Cannonball “Big Bell” or Keilwerth saxophones.

It also DOES fit vintage saxophones including all King Zephyr Special and King Super 20, Selmer Mark VI, SBA, BA, RI, Super, New Largebore etc. Buescher Aristocrat, Big B also fit. If you want to know if a vintage sax will fit, email me at [email protected] and I’ll try one in there for you. I have a 10% off promo going on right now with code tenoffcases Thanks!

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 8 in


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